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66 /100 5877 BUFORD HWY
“Beer is in the back right corner. If using acart, be careful: the floors are not level and our cart will usually move on its own. Fairly good selection of single bottles, including some small bottles, as well as 4-, 6- and 12-packs. Good prices, in general.“
chinchill 3710 days ago
72 /100 5877 BUFORD HWY
“Good liquor store on Buford Hwy in Atlanta just outside the perimeter. Service is helpful, but they don’t seem to know alot about beer (store sells lots of wine and liquor as well). They do have a pretty good selection of craft beers and foreign beers - six packs and bombers; some 12 oz singles, but not too many. They tend to get some alotments of special releases, but seems like very small quantities (i.e., if you are not there when the truck arrives you are out of luck).“
deaconmike 4083 days ago
58 /100 5877 BUFORD HWY
“Huge store, but it is obvious that craft beer is not the priority here. The beer is in the back, next to stacks of cases of macrobrews. The selection isn’t bad, and they have comprehensive selections of many breweries. There were even a few Belgians that I’ve never seen before. The prices are good. Overall, this isn’t exactly a craft beer store, but the selection is good enough to merit a visit.“
GTAEgeek 4373 days ago
80 /100 5877 BUFORD HWY
“I thought this place actually had a slightly better selection than what I found at Green’s on Buford a half hour later. I was asked within a minute if there was anything in particular that I was looking for. I also saw some that I hadn’t seen in ages (Ballantines XXX Ale.) I think the tunover is maybe a tad slower on some items (dusty bottles) but that’s why they stiull had a few of what was sold out elsewhere all over town.“
SpringsLicker 4677 days ago
72 /100 5877 BUFORD HWY
“Nice clean store with an ok selection of beer. No one came over to see if we needed help. Honestly if you are looking for a great selection, head to greens.“
daknole 5446 days ago
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