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62 /100
29 Package Store (Beer Store)
4132 HWY 29 NW
“Doesn’t exactly cater to the best part of town. I drive by it on occasion while working though. Store is pretty small but they have a surprisingly good beer selection for where they are. Decent selection of bombers as well as plenty of cold sixers from craft breweries around the country. They’ve got a handful of European options as well. They’ve always got a few different Ayinger beers on the shelf which I appreciate. Staff keeps to themselves for the most part. The guy who I’m assuming is their "beer guy" is friendly though and will ask you if you are looking for anything special if he sees you wandering around the beer area. Can’t beat the prices. It probably has the best beer selection on that side of town, but there are definitely better selections in the metro area.“
dunn4040 3053 days ago
86 /100
29 Package Store (Beer Store)
4132 HWY 29 NW
“Just when I thought I had to drive far to find a good selection! 29 Package has it. The staff is awesome and very helpful. I was able to get my first bottles of: KBS, and Hopslam here, when no one else has it. Awesome place.“
BeerCh3f 3432 days ago
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