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“Small bar area with several couches and high-tops. Lots of patio space. Eclectic decor. The bartender was very friendly and knew his selection. He clearly had several regulars at the bar, but managed to make us feel included. The taps are a great spread of styles, and includes some serious gems. The prices seemed fair. This is a wonderful place, especially for this area.“
GTAEgeek 759 days ago
“Visited July 2018. Great little place with an awesome selection of GA beers, which is what I was looking for! Friendly and knowledgeable staff! I’d definitely be back if I was in the area!“
drowland 834 days ago
“A great growler/bottle shop that feels more like a bar than not. A big outdoor patio to sit on, with a nice indoor bar area. Great selection, with many things you wouldn’t expect to find in the area; they also hold some kegs around for special releases that are almost unheard of. Definitely stop here if you live anywhere in between Athens and Atlanta, or are traveling through.“
jbruner 1393 days ago
100 /100 2280 HENRY CLOWER BLVD SW
“Interior has the feel of a neighborhood bar more than a growler store. Man behind the counter is very friendly and helpful. Selection of taps and bottles is out of this world, and prices are reasonable. This is a must if you live anywhere in the Atlanta area, especially on the east side of the swamp.“
Cybercat 2114 days ago
“Need Home Brew supplies? Got it. Need Craft Beer? Got it. Need your Growler filled? Can do that also. How about a Fine Cigar? Yup. Need to sample before you buy that Growler? Sure can! The Lincoln just about does it all, the staff can direct you in the direction you need. Friendly, knowledgeable, clean and a great place to talk about craft beer or Lincolns. “
Clamphat 2212 days ago
76 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“Summits was a mainstay when I lived in the Snellville area and I still go out of my way on occasion to visit. The food is great for a sports bar and the beer list is extensive. Plenty of options on draft, including some hard to find rarities that pop up every now and then. Beer is a little on the expensive side though. Waitstaff is pretty knowledgeable about beer which is always nice. The atmosphere is typical sports bar, a little more on the family friendly side though. Not the best place to catch a game. Their TVs are pretty old and it can be frustrating trying to watch a football game or something in there. Even for big games they don’t really seem to put the volume up either. Overall though its a fun place to eat some wings and have a beer.“
dunn4040 2477 days ago
52 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“Dark, open restaurant with TV’s, neon signs, concrete floor, and an open ceiling. The servers were attentive. The beer list is extensive, but nothing really rare or unusual. The prices are very high, thogh. The food is good bar fare, but nothing that special. Overall, this is a good sports bar, especially for the area, but nothing to go out of your way for.“
GTAEgeek 2949 days ago
82 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“Family-style pub with open seating at the tables or the bar and TV’s everywhere you turn. There’s a little patio for the smokers, I guess. Never bothered me. Very good service and food. Never a bad experience in a half-dozen or more visits. Trivia is fun. A happening place.“
yackery 3131 days ago
92 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“I don’t make it out to the burbs much but this is one place we hit every month or two. Great beer selection, knowledgable staff and better than average pub grub“
jolomo 3409 days ago
86 /100
Niko’s Corner (Beer Store)
“This beer store is a bit hard to find, but worth finding. I was hoping to score a particular beer, but though I was disappointed in that endeavor I was not disappointed in their selection, or the quality of service. The man there was glad to help point me towards the kind of beers that I most like. They have a great selection of craft brews and imports, and occasionally get recherche beers, so if you live in or near Snellville keep an eye on this place!“
Cybercat 3424 days ago
94 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“Since the Sandy Springs location closed in early 2006 I’ve been forced to make the drive out to Snellville to see my favorite bartender/general manager Kevin. While it’s located in a somewhat vacant strip mall in the suburbs the service and food make it worth the trip. You can catch whatever your favorite sports team is all while enjoying above average bar food and a selection of more than 100 draft beers and 120 additional bottled beers.“
hopsdiva 3514 days ago
84 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“A regular hangout for the guys on my softball team, church friends and trivia group; staff is well-rehearsed on beerstyles, and their recommendations are always a winner. Kitchen can be slow, but the menu is large and varied, portions large, and the quality of food (although occasionally they have an "off" night) is surprisingly good - the way good local pub food is supposed to be. I signed up for the Passport Club 7 months ago, and I’m a third of the way to achieving Tier 1 status (100 different draughts), which earns me: a personalized 16 oz mug hung from the bar which they fill at the 12 oz prices. I love this place!“
RedBing 3568 days ago
48 /100 2000 MAIN STREET EAST
“Typical Mellow Mushroom. Fun, chill atmosphere. The waiters don’t really know beer, but the selection is so minimal that they don’t really have to. They have a couple interesting seasonals, and have a few local brews. The pizza is, of course, excellent, and for a reasonable price. Overall, nothing special, but better beer than you would get at your average restaurant.“
GTAEgeek 3643 days ago
42 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“This place does have a massive selection of taps, but you don’t know what you’re paying till you get the bill - prices are not posted. Food is terrible; I actually got food poisoning from eating there once! Ambience is typical lame sports bar. Service was friendly enough, if you want to be served overpriced beer and e-coli. Not much of a choice in the Snellville/Lilburn area. Save your money and make the drive to Decatur. Thank god i moved 1.5 miles from the Brick Store!!“
Caligulove 3885 days ago
74 /100
Niko’s Corner (Beer Store)
“This place is really cool. He has a good, solid selection of beers alongside a good bunch of wine, interesting food, cigars and some organic-type products. Nowhere near the beer selection of Greene’s but if you are in this part of town, it’s awesome. The guy is always open to beer-talk and will get a line if people ask for it. He just got Bells, some of the New Belgium’s, Stone and a few Belgians and high-gravity standards. I really like this place.“
Hangover 4264 days ago
88 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“One of my favorite watering holes in the Atlanta area. Their beer selection is nothing short of awesome, their waitstaff is very efficient and helpful, and the food is darned good. It is easy to find, and parking is more than adequate - there is plenty up front, and more in the back. Whether there are just a few people, or whether the place is packed for a sports event like the Super Bowl, it is a fun place to be. I recommend that serious beer lovers join their passport club and drink 100 different draughts to earn a personalized mug - then continue to the second and third levels. It is a labor of love, and worth the effort just for bragging rights!“
Cybercat 5124 days ago
84 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“I’ve never seen so many taps in one place. Damn! Some of the taps are for crap beer and some are dry. I ordered 2 different beers that were listed on their menu, but they “were out of that.” I did get to try the Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and the Rogue Old Crustacean barley wines. My date, who is not a hop head, fell in love with Sweetwater’s Sweet Georgia Brown. Our server was very knowledgeable to the point that when I ordered the Bare Knuckled stout (whose tap had been staring at me since we sat down) my server told me it was an AB product. I quickly dismissed this and asked him what he suggested, the response, “Terrapin Wake-n-Bake” Excellent choice. The food was decent and I’m going back tomorrow with my brew buds to try the wings. I’ll update this review after. Also you can join their Passport Club. Drink 100 beers get some freebies and that is just Tier I. They have 3 tiers and to reach the third tier you’ll have to drink 500 different beers there. Oh, and they have a large selection of bottled beers in case you can’t find what you want on tap. “
rebelbrewer 5442 days ago
68 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“Massive amounts of beers on tap including high gravity. High priced but don’t know of many other places in Atlanta to get all those beers on tap.“
shp555 5624 days ago
70 /100 3334 STONE MTN. HWY.
“As is typical with paces that have massive selection of draft beers, prices are high and quality is hit or miss. This place is basically a mediocre sports bar with a huge selection of beer. A great number of the 100 taps are devoted to crap but there is still a good selection of beer to be had. One beer we ordered (Rogue I2PA) was old and quite terrible. All of the others that we had were fine. I did find my first ever Lambic-Faro here; sorry to say it was the Chapeau Faro. The food is above average bar fare and the service is average. Worth a stop if you a cursed to be in the godforsaken area.“
jeffc666 5851 days ago
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