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72 /100 1226 OCEAN BLVD
“Visited here in late April '21 on a Saturday afternoon while on the Island for a wedding. Has kind of a bleached wood beach cabin look to it. tight quarters inside, bar and restaurant area. Big tent covers the outside patio. Have about eight of their own on tap with a few guest taps. Standard styles, no boundary stretchers, the three I had were fair to average. Tight menu, sandwiches, salads and such. Bartender recommended the pork chop sandwich and it was pretty solid. Good place to spend a few hours on a rainy Saturday.“
PorterPounder 391 days ago
82 /100 115 LONGVIEW PLZ
“Visited a few times during gigs, including early April, 2018. Cool enough place, kinda small in a strip mall-y type area right next to the best store in town, so go ahead and hit up both if you're around here. Lots of good local and regional beers on tap, which made me really happy as I was ticking as much Georgia beer as possible at the time. Bartender was prompt and friendly. New clean place. I'd definitely be back if in the area!“
drowland 1252 days ago
“Great stop if you're on the island or in Brunswick for some reason, but otherwise note a destination stop. It's right by the growler store, so it's good to pop in and hit both!

Looks like a typical liquor store, but seems clean and well kept. The staff was extremely friendly and though perhaps not super into beer knowledge, knew where everything was and could point me to Georgia beers, showed me where the mead was, etc.

Great selection of beers for the area, particularly if you're from out of town and looking for Georgia beers to rate. They have all the cold GA beer in one cooler for easy perusal.

Average prices for the area.

Like I said, overall, this isn't going to be a destination place, but if you're in the area, it's worth a stop and it's right by the growler store, so hit them both up!“
drowland 1686 days ago
78 /100
Southern Soul BBQ (Restaurant)
“Visited on 6/6/15. Ambiance: Place looks like a reclaimed gas station. The interior is tight and seems to fill up really quick. The bar can hold about 6-7 patrons with some tabesl along the one wall. There is also banquet style picnic tables out front, which can handle the bulk of patrons Service: Pretty efficient and as fast as possibly can be expected. When we went, the place was packed and there was a line out the front door. Took less than 10 minutes to place order and get drinks and another 10 minutes to have them deliver food. Selection: They had about 8-10 taps, some common craft beers and other regional selections. Decent can selection of also common crafts and regional selections. It was nice to get to try some of the smaller, regional breweries that i didnt see anywhere else. Best selection on the island for sure Food: Outstanding. Had a Rib Sandwich where the meat was nicely smoked, fell off the bone. also an order of fried pickles with an awesome fried green tomato, best I have ever had. Value: Lunch and beer for the two of us was under $30. Worth it IMO. Overall...solid place for food, very busy though. If you are going there to slay whales, you are in the wrong part of the state for that but if you are visitor, like I was, nice selection or regional beers that you dont see anywhere, which i enjoy.“
merc7186 2531 days ago
70 /100
Southern Soul BBQ (Restaurant)
“Visited for lunch on Thursday 19/02/15 around 1.30pm. This place is a well renowned BBQ shack. Inside the tumble down building around 30 folks squeeze in to eat, there’s also room for about the same outside where we sat on a rather brisk February’s day alongside the old smoker. The place was absoultly packed on the inside and there was no let up in the 45 minutes or so we were there. Service was very good and prompt and they call your name out over an intercom (also wired up outside) and you simply pop back in to collect. This place is all about the food but they also carry a decent enough beer list, largley in the form of cans, 20+ of the usual canned suspects from Oskar Blues, 21st Amendment etc etc. Food was really good, I had the mixed platter where you get to choose 3 cuts of meat with 2 sides and a chilli soup with bread. No go to beer destination but Xolid Que and a decent enough beer list to keep you interested.“
Theydon_Bois 2605 days ago
“Definitely the main spot for beer in the area. Nice selection, really good focus on the South Georgia breweries when I visited. They also own the Growler Factory across the parking lot, so definitely a craft beer-focused place.“
aracauna 2746 days ago
“Visiting Jekyll Island on vacation. After a Google search, this seemed to be the best place in the area for craft beer selection. Conveniently located across from Weber’s Growler Factory. This place did have an impressive selection of craft beer located in the back of the store, along with the wine selection. What looked to be a good selection of other spirits in the front of the store. A little cramped, but nicely displayed. Seemed to be about equal parts cold and warm beer, with most selections available as both warm and cold. Prices were fair and typical ($8-$12 per 22 oz bomber, $9-$12 per six pack). I don’t remember if they had any singles or if you could break up a six pack though. Nice selection of Ga. breweries, as well as numerous other American and import craft beers. Definitely worth the trip.“
jhp40219 2855 days ago
82 /100 115 LONGVIEW PLZ
“The place is really new, but looks like a lot of effort and money was put into the place’s appearance from the logo to the interior. Luckily, the beer selection is also really food. Wide variety of styles and brewers. Bottle selection is small, but definitely high end. This is definitely aimed at the beer geek. The person working the tap wasn’t the friendliest, but she did the work quickly and well. My only concern is that Saint Simons isn’t the biggest town in the world and Brunswick isn’t exactly a huge metro, but if this concept can work anywhere in the state outside of metro Atlanta and Athens, then St. Simons is one of the more likely spots. My main complaint is that unlike the Growler stores around Atlanta that will fill anyone’s growler as long as the government label is on there for legal purposes, Growler Factory will only fill their growlers. This may change as the get some experience. It’s not been open long.“
aracauna 3291 days ago
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