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72 /100 3123 WATSON BLVD, STE 200
“Visited on 8/13/16. A Growler/Crowler shop with 45 taps and single bottles for sale. You can enjoy a pint on premise and had a decent selection of the various styles on tap. It was a nice place to visit as someone from out of state because I was able to try items that we normally dont see up in NY. The server was very friendly and knowledgable. An Important word...Crowlers. Picked up Terrapins Watermelon Gose for under $10, which I considered a bargain....Crowlers.“
merc7186 1607 days ago
64 /100 3123 WATSON BLVD, STE 200
“Stopped in here because of the good reviews but ended up a bit disappointed. Pedestrian bottle area, with some decent taps available and a nice little sitting area but really just felt like a fast food beer joint. The better beers on tap (Prairie Bomb & MooHooChiato) weren’t available for growlers. Service was fine, but lots of out of date IPAs crowding up the shelves in the bottle area. Stop in if you want a beer on tap, but scroll past for bottles.“
BMMillsy 2248 days ago
70 /100 3123 WATSON BLVD, STE 200
“Good selection, sells singles. Cozy atmosphere. A little hard to find off I-75, but that was my @#$! navigation device. Parking can be a little tight. Lots of taps, folks sitting around like it was a coffee shop. Interesting nook“
Aurelius 2279 days ago
82 /100 3123 WATSON BLVD, STE 200
“Cool place in an area that lacks many beer bar options. Place itself is in the middle of a small, 3-shop strip mall. Now that they’ve expanded to include on-premise drinking things fell a little cramped. That said, on normal nights, the crowd wasn’t big enough to make finding a seat an issue. Large tap selection and sampler trays/flights are available. They also have a good selection of bottles. Most 6-packs are sold as singles, so the prices get driven up some, but that’s not a bad thing if you goal is more ratings. No food sold there, but they’re totally cool with you bringing your own food in, which is great. Overall a cool place to shop or hang out with good staff.“
sonnycheeba 2356 days ago
88 /100 3123 WATSON BLVD, STE 200
“Visited here in late February ’14 on my way through Warner Robins, saw the billboard advertising craft beer on I-75 and decided to give them a try - glad I did. Has 45 taps for pints or growlers - priced accordingly - some pints as low as $3.95. Excellent selection - found Choc from Oklahoma (first OK rate) - enjoyed that on tap while I perused the bottle selection. Has a pretty solid selection of crafts and imports - wasn’t hard to find a dozen that I needed - only complaint - they need more six-pack holders! Friendly service, laid back atmosphere, bright well lit-storefront. Will be a regular stop on my to an from Atlanta - just about 3 miles off of I-75. Great new find!“
PorterPounder 2525 days ago
84 /100 3123 WATSON BLVD, STE 200
“Really impressed. Very high quality selection of bottles. They also did a good job of having a variety of taps for the growlers. Very helpful staff. A bit unexpected for middle Georgia.“
aracauna 2597 days ago
100 /100 3123 WATSON BLVD, STE 200
“I’ve been to this growler a few times and have yet to be disappointed. They have a great selection of craft beer on tap and everything is decently priced. The salespeople are friendly and helpful. You are allowed 4 samples before purchasing your beer. They also sell individual bottles, home brewing equipment, beer glasses, and T-shirts. I highly recommend this growler store if you are in the Warner Robins area.“
ttroha 2603 days ago
88 /100 3123 WATSON BLVD, STE 200
“Usually has a variety of styles. Decent prices. Now sells bottles as well, and, thankfully, you can break 4 and 6 packs. Was simply an okay place before, but with the addition of bottles (pretty good bottles that you can’t find around the middle GA area), my rating has gone up a bit. It’s going to be very interesting to see how they improve in the next few months.“
JHeath99 2639 days ago
46 /100 4993 RUSSELL PARKWAY, STE 130-A
“Started off years ago as one of the few places to get craft brews locally. However, as the years have gone by, other stores have introduced craft brews and now host a much larger selection. What they do have, though, they usually have the best price in town. Would definitely like to see them expand their selection more, though.“
JHeath99 2755 days ago
56 /100 4993 RUSSELL PARKWAY, STE 130-A
“About as good as it comes in Middle GA. Limited selection, but if you don’t want to drive to Atlanta for craft beer it’s definitely worth stopping in. Carry four/six packs, bombers, and a few sampler packs.“
sonnycheeba 3312 days ago
52 /100 4993 RUSSELL PARKWAY, STE 130-A
“Nice shop, but they dont carry alot of local brew. The ones they do, only come in 6 packs. No breaking them up!. I guess for the middle of georgia, in a semi dry county its a as good as they can do.“
sjolles85 4330 days ago
68 /100 4993 RUSSELL PARKWAY, STE 130-A
“Very nice bottle store on the corner of 41 and Russell Parkway. The best place in Warner Robins to get craft Georgia beer. All the Sweetwaters, Terrapins, and a ok selection of singles, with some belgians and other nice craft beers. Staff is very friendly and offered to order anything that i wanted that they didnt have right then. Not the best selection in the world, but it is a nice alternative to having to drive all the way to Atlanta.“
BigMilly8 4710 days ago
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