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74 /100 THE CLIFFS
“This is the famed cheese shop which sells cheese made in Cheddar and aged within the caves. It also stocks an array of local beer and cider from a number of local producers, unlike the Legbender cider shop down the road which exclusively stocks Rich's Cider. They sell their own-branded cider made in Hewish, which I assume to be Crossman's Cider. Worth a look when visiting the caves.“
minutemat 81 days ago
66 /100 THE CLIFFS,
“Small cider shop run by Rich's Cider (named after Rich's Legbender cider). As you'd expect, it exclusively stocks the full range of Rich's cider, bottle and plastic tub. Fine for a cider shop, geared towards tourists, but a shame that it only stocks Rich's cider.“
minutemat 84 days ago
58 /100 THE CLIFFS,
“Now it also stocks beers from Cheddar ales at 2.80 a 50cl bottle“
deanso 780 days ago
50 /100 THE CLIFFS,
“We happened upon the Leg Bender Cider shop on out visit to Chedder Gorge. It is right there near the start of the gorge next door to the Chedder Cheese Company. We were greeted by a friendly enough guy offering samples of mulled cider, which seemed popular. The shop seems to have some association with Rich’s Cider and this is the main cider they stock in dry, medium & sweet varietals. You can buy them in mini bottles for ticking all the up to polypins I dare say. In addition to Rich’s there are some other local cider and ale options. Not a place I would go out my way for by any means and it is pretty touristy, but if you happen to be visiting Cheddar gorge, why not?“
Scopey 2807 days ago
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