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64 /100
Wild Beer (Beer Store)
“So I visited this place on a recent holiday down in Wiltshire when we ventured to Glastonbury. It is quite literally in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the rural countryside. The brewery is based here and then there is a cheese makers next door. Together they have a shop at the front of the farm. Not entirely sure why this is listed as a brewpub, because it’s just a brewery shop. Also, when I went the only one I could get which I hadn’t had before was Raconteur. Good to get some Ninkasis, Whiskeybeests and Wildebeests though. Prices are same as you’ll pay anywhere else for bottles. I nipped around to the brewery at the back whilst I was passing but they’d all gone to lunch, so a guy from the cheese makers served me. Bought some of the cheese and that was pretty good too. You can also buy cheeseboards, cheese knives, Wild Beer Co glasses, and printed 4 bottle beer carriers. Can’t drink beers on the premises though, so this listing is not really correct.“
EdKing 2926 days ago