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“Quirky, odd, shabby chic place on Weston Super Mare railway station. It's part cafe, part pub with a metal gate between the two. Entry to the pub is only possible from outside the station rather than via the platform as apparently GWR were losing thousands through folk leaving the station through this premises (there are ticket barriers in the station). Two beers on cask plus some macro ciders on keg. Nothing too exciting“
Cheeseboard 685 days ago
62 /100 15 MEADOW STREET
“The inland Wetherspoon amongst the commercial shops of Weston-Super-Mare. This pub has the very regular ’Spoon’ appearance with lots of soft furnishings and traditional wooden furniture and paneling and is convivial enough with a decent ale selection to be found. Head right to the back of the pub if you want to watch television or warm up, or even both as there’s a large screen above the open fireplace between two bookshelves and it’s a nice place to sit and relax.“
ManVsBeer 2333 days ago
“At the end of a row of hotels perpendicular to the seafront, but also facing it. This is still a hotel, although the pub area has clearly taken up some of the former rooms on the upper levels which includes a balcony overlooking the Bristol Channel and a terrace with glass wind shields. There’s ground level outdoor seating here too so it’s in a prime position for the better days in the summer months. It’s a decent enough place to find ales in Weston, although it’s quite a tight affair inside with lots of different defined areas to sit including plenty of ship and nautical themes including a video simulation of being at sea whilst sat in a pseudo below-deck of a galleon area. There’s been some thought and money put into this one by Wetherspoons.“
ManVsBeer 2333 days ago
66 /100
Waverley (Bar)
“The Waverley is a cosy, very friendly bar upstairs in an unusual building at the end of a little parade of shops set in a residential area of Weston, 10 or 15 minutes walk from the centre of town (or you can get the number 7 bus). It’s owned by the same people as the Criterion and although the beer range isn’t huge the atmosphere was great when I was there and I felt very much at home. Incidentally, it’s named after the world’s only surviving passenger carrying paddle steamer, which still occasionally ploughs its way up, down and across the Bristol Channel in summer. (Visited 23 March 2013).“
Boudicca 2653 days ago
64 /100 15 MEADOW STREET
“The Dragon - not to be confused with the Dragon Kiss, a Chinese restaurant nearby, which I almost went into by mistake - is quite small and dinky on the outside but large, long and low on the inside; a typical ’Spoons in fact. The beer selection was rather good and different to that in Cabot Court, the other Wetherspoon pub in town and just a stone’s throw away. (Visited 23 March 2013).“
Boudicca 2653 days ago
50 /100 22-24 LOWER CHURCH ROAD
“The Regency was full of locals when I visited but it felt like the kind of place that might normally be filled with holidaymakers in the summer season - perhaps it was the piles of tourist leaflets by the door that gave me this impression. At the front it has a mock Regency style bay window with bottle glass panes and at the back there’s a garden. In between, it’s traditionally decorated circa 1970 with a typical red patterned carpet, blue velour seating and black and white photos of old Weston on the walls. Although I’d heard (mainly) positive things about the place it was perhaps my least favourite of the few pubs I visited on a little crawl of Weston. It felt a bit soulless and the beer selection was quite limited. (Visited 23 March 2013).“
Boudicca 2656 days ago
56 /100
Criterion (Bar)
“I really liked the Criterion, despite it only having three of the six handpumps in use when I was there so that the choice of beer was limited. It’s a friendly, down to earth sort of place with no frills and no pretensions; a traditional local that feels worlds away from the touristy area of Weston down on the seafront. (Visited 23 March 2013).“
Boudicca 2656 days ago
“Cabot Court is on the seafront near the Winter Gardens and has a sign up saying that in severe weather you should enter by the side door. It was a blustery March day when I visited but not windy enough for the side door to be in use although I noticed that the wraparound balcony was closed and noone had been tempted to sit at the trestle tables outside on the pavement. Inside it was quite cosy, perhaps because the main bar is rather small for a Wetherspoons. It has a nautical feel and there’s a mezzanine area reminiscent of a poop deck, with spindly wooden rails and a ship’s wheel, plus a second bar upstairs with some interesting scenes of old Weston around the walls. The choice of beer was quite good, with a few local and not so local brews alongside the usual ’Spoons staples. (Visited 23 March 2013).“
Boudicca 2656 days ago
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