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“This place is a real treat, Visited before but this review comes from 14/11/14 visit. The access road is long dark and in places narrow. I brought a Leyland National bus down here a few years ago and god knows how I got it out looking at it. The building has to be seen to be believed, with the mining subsidence many many moons ago causing the main building to lean somewhat. Its plays havoc with the mind inside. The main pub is 2 rooms although the bar was locked off on this visit, with the level restaurant behind. There are 5 sticks, with one real cider, a Wychwood beer and Banks’s Mild and Bitter. The Mild was off and got returned. For a Friday night it was very quiet, which is a shame. Worth a visit.“
47574xeCD 2506 days ago
“One of the most delightful oddities in the pub industry in Britain, this brick house in the middle of a leafy area with some industrial premises located along the same road is both leaning and propped up by supports due to extensive subsidence in the locale. Due to extensive mining in the area the oldest part of the building is completely at an angle which when you walk through messes with the mind, nor does it help that the photos and pictures on the wall have also been placed at an angle. I was not nor got drunk in this place but it must be very strange in here if you are given the walls and floors are not on a level setting. There’s two rooms either side of the main entrance like this although the newer restaurant area addition to the rear has been built with a spirit level to hand so you can eat or drink in here if it gets too much in the pub area. The pub is part of Banks’ brewery so stocks a full range of Marston associated brews that include seasonals over three different serving areas. There’s a car park and outdoor area here.“
ManVsBeer 2705 days ago
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