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60 /100
Kubus Polish Shop (Grocery Store)
“This shop is rammed. Surprised that some of the ailse widths got passed thr fire regs. Perhaps 50 different lagers, radlers and ciders. However unlike othet shops in the area it's bit just limited to Polish and Romanian options. I picked up beers from Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia. Worth checking out ofr Eastern European ticks. Friendly staff. Gave the boy a free sweet.“
BeardedAvenger 94 days ago
70 /100 4 LAWRENCE WAY
“It took just under 15 minutes to drive here from work so not sure why I have never been here before! The main issue with the journey was finding somewhere to park because the 8 or so places out front were all taken. Hint: exit the road that Ascot is on, turn right and then take the first road on the left and head pat Selco. I used to work here 20 years or so ago so I vaguely remembered that there were no yellow lines down there and I was correct. There is no sign on the foor of the industrial unit they habit, but brewing equipment was visible through the doors on the right so I headed through the left hand side door and up the stairs. The tap is then on a large mezzanine floor. Bierkeller style seating - the benches seemed quite rickety. 20 taps - mainly there's plus around 4 guest beers (BBNo, Merakai, Neckstamper, Salopian) and 1 guest cider. A couple of fridges with more of their beers and one or two Belgian classics. Pretty much guaranteed ticks unless they donlt bre any new beers of their own. You know you are in a brewery because the whole place smelled like an Explosion in an Horlicks factory. Later the scent of their pizza wafted over and that smelt pretty good too. Very helpful and friendly staff. Gave me a beer to taste when the keg ran out and then bought me over a replacement beer when they had changed the tap. On a Friday lunchtime there was a group of about 10 guys in their 50s plus a couple of other people. Will certainly be back - will probably mix it up with visits to Elusive.“
BeardedAvenger 427 days ago
62 /100 16 PARK STREET
“Small chain of burger joints. Lots of dirty fries and all that. They also have a couple of beers brewed for them by Phantom. No guest bottles/cans available on this visit despite being mentioned on the menu. Very friendly American waitress.“
BeardedAvenger 536 days ago
80 /100 4 LAWRENCE WAY
“Visited with James on Friday evening, 13/08/21. Upstairs seating comprised of large benches within the brewery allied to outdoor seating. Probably seats a good 50 or more inside and there's a small stage opposite the bar for musical acts/comedy and toss in a pool and table football table and there's plenty going on. The place was pretty quiet for 6pm Friday, perhaps 10 or so other punters, but James tells me it can get rammed on a Saturday ... I imagine it's out of town industrial estate location doesn't help on football. At the business end the bar carries 20 taps with the bulk from Ascot and Disruption Is ... their Craft arm. Toss in a few guests (Mondo and Unity spring to mind) and 3 ciders and there's something for everyone. The Disruption Is beers were new to me and Decent...3.6/7 kind of average for me. A large fridge to the left of the bar stocked a good 8 or 9 of their own beers, about half of which weren't on tap, plus guests. Service was prompt and super friendly. A definite revisit for me in a few months time!“
Theydon_Bois 839 days ago
54 /100
Fat Ox Prime (Grocery Store)
“Brazilian shop with a small selection of beers. Managed to pick up 2 from Brazil and 1 from Portugal. “
joe19612 866 days ago
60 /100
Kubus Polish Shop (Grocery Store)
“Polish Shop with a large selection of Polish and a few Hungarian beers. Some of the beers are available in cans and bottles.“
joe19612 866 days ago
58 /100 77 - 81 HIGH STREET
“Visited on a Friday evening not to busy, disappointed with all the beers that was on offer all major breweries. Did however have one local on which was Ascot Ales.“
joe19612 3078 days ago
56 /100 71 - 73 HIGH STREET
“Visited on 12/04/14 around 2 weeks after opening. This was formerly ’Yates’ and is located next door to the Claude du Vall (JDW). Modern clean lined appearance with wooden flooring and tiling around the bar area. Seating is a mix between high and low, stools and benches, plus diner style booths to the left hand side as you enter on the same side the bar is located. The place was pretty empty at 11.30 but 7 or 8 people had trickled in, many eating a full English breakfast which was available for £4.95. At the business end 5 cask lines offering nothing of any real rarity, St Austell Tribute, Old Speckled Hen, Bombarder, Hogs Back TEA and a Hogs Back seasonal which was a new tick for me, so felt worth adding for that alone and especially as it’s bang next door to the Spoons where you always stand the chance of picking up a new one. Keg taps and bottles comprise the usual macro humdrum. Service was fine but not at all busy during my visit. Nice and clean venue, good first impressions in this respect, prices (£3.40 a pint) keep the Spoons ’owd men’ away so it seems. Not a go to destination (there aren’t any in Camberley) but worth combining with a trip to the Claude Du Vall.“
Theydon_Bois 3520 days ago
50 /100 77 - 81 HIGH STREET
“UPDATED 01/02/14. Service ok today, picked up a few ticks from Wibblers and Lymestone. Selection +1, Service ok+1. UPDATED 27/10/12. Visited for the festival. I think 3 Fest beers were showing as being on, one had already gone dispite having its clip up and the Avery Collab was available soon. Average service as per previous visit. Not a good Spoons IMHO - probably only finds itself in the GBG due to the local branch needing to meet some quota system! Original Review:- Average JDW but has cask acredition and usually 2 or 3 guest beers per visit, allied to the stock JDW permanent cask beers. On my last visit (Aug ’12) beers from Beartown and Moorhouses. Clientele can be a little less than salubrious. At 11.30 am Saturday there was one old codger ranting and swearing to his mate, loudly at the bar and two younger drinkers were necking spirits and chasers ... so yeah - typical spoons! Beer was well kept but only somewhere I’d pop in for a quicky if I was passing. service also a little slow on my visit, 1 person serving, 4 waiting whilst another staff member seemingly doing nothing!“
Theydon_Bois 3590 days ago