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“If you live in or near Guildford - this is pretty much the only place you can get some decent craft beers on Tap. You will often find beers from the Kernel and BBNo - and now I've been in a few times - I can see that having less taps (6 here) than some tap rooms is actually an advantage - as there are always some new beers to try - as the rotation is quicker. They have a couple of staple beers on tap - but are always getting new ones in to try on the other 4. The owners are very friendly, warm and welcoming. Always happy to help and for me it's always nice to support a fully independent set up - when Guildford is full of corporate owned pubs serving the usual beers. Also if you are not in the mood for beer - there is some great locally sourced coffee and also a reasonable selection of Gins. When I'm in town and want a good beer - this is where you will find me!“
bruharoo 1095 days ago
36 /100
Row Barge (Bar)
“This place no longer appears to have an unofficial link to Ascot. Standard sports/locals pub which I suspect is owned by Greene King. Bog standard macro offerings. It's the pub for one of the bigger council estates in town but otherwise would be a nice roomy pub with riverside setting.“
BeardedAvenger 1101 days ago
“Visited around midday on Saturday 11/05. Small converted shop unit. On right as you walk in there are two double fridge units and on the left hand wall there are some solid looking wooden shelves. As someone was looking in the fridges I strolled over to the shelves, around the three or four tables at which a couple of customers were sat. The shelves seemed quite barren but as soon as I got there the show owner came over an explained that they'd sold a lot of stock so the majority had been put in the fridges. Six taps are available to drink in or for growler re-fills. They do flights. I've been keeping an eye on their Twitter feed and it seems that the tap options are pretty much always from Firebird, The Kernel and BBNo, in fact it was one from the latter, then two beers and finally three. Plenty of these breweries bottles and cans were also in the fridges - alongside some more standard stuff like Beavertown, Magic Rock and Tiny Rebel - and at first I spotted this and thought that choice was a bit limited. However when I took a closer looked I spotted some more smaller London breweries. Cider seemed limited to Garden and Gospel Green. Prices are not too bad for craft but find the fact that they advertise beer in 2/3 and 1 pint servings a bit random, especially as the latter seemd to be about £2 more. The owners (well, half of the married couple that own the place) was very helpful and friendly to me and the other people she served. Less choice then Inn At Home but when Guildford had The Kernel and BBNo on tap then arguably an improvement. Would have liked to have seen some more local beers but I guess a lot of customers will be after the more fashionable craft stuff. Will head here when in Guildford but not go out of my way. One nice point is that they did not have their own branded plastic bags but recycled them from other shops.“
BeardedAvenger 1101 days ago
60 /100 8 HIGH STREET
“Really nice setting and cosy ambience, I like it as a pub, although with just the fairly standard Fuller's range can't recommend it as a beer destination.“
kwik-lime 1539 days ago
60 /100 1-10 BRIDGE STREET
“Large Wetherspoons on multiple levels, a short walk from the station so often good for a tick or two when waiting for a train. Can take a while to get served sometimes but it's nice enough.“
kwik-lime 1539 days ago
60 /100 8 HIGH STREET
“Set just over the river at the end of the High Street, which is one of the walking routes out of town to the station, this place is worthy of a stop. Set by the river, over 2 levels, with plenty of river view seating including a patio area which would be a nice place to sit in the summer. Beer range fairly limited but ok. Service was good.“
Grumbo 1553 days ago
“Attractive cosy old pub, which from the outside somewhat belies its age, but inside it's a mix of different levels, wooden beams, slanted floors, windows, even tables (in my Suffolk lingo everything is a 'bit on the huh'). Beer range is almost all Shepherd Neame, and not especially their better beers either and few available on cask, though their bottle range was above average. Decent visit overall.“
Grumbo 1553 days ago
66 /100 1-10 BRIDGE STREET
“This doesnt really stand out from all the other JDWs in many ways, although the mashed potatoes were really poorly made. Straight from a bag and into the microwave and it showed. Otherwise fine, and there was a couple of Surrey beers among the cask selection. If in Guildford again I would certainly go back.“
Rasmus40 1553 days ago
58 /100 8 HIGH STREET
“Regular Fullers pub with standard selection plus a couple of bottles. Service was okay.“
Rasmus40 1554 days ago
54 /100 8 HIGH STREET
“Fuller’s pub with regular Fuller’s selection. Also a few non Fuller’s bottles.“
saxo 1554 days ago
“Nice old bar with slanty walls, funny angled windows, worn interior. Quite cozy.“
saxo 1554 days ago
“Cosy pub with quite a slope. They had no guests on at my visit but a wide range of their own beerson keg and cask plus some bottles as well. Service was good.“
Rasmus40 1554 days ago
70 /100 1-10 BRIDGE STREET
“Regular JDW. Had four new ticks coming here and even a local Surrey one. Cheap and efficient. I would go here again.“
saxo 1554 days ago
70 /100 8 HIGH STREET
“Visited 16/11/17. My memory of this place was that it was somewhat cavernous and full of knuckledraggers. However it another Fuller' s pub that's been refurbished. Brass and dark wood. Sparkly. Staff were very helpful as they'd just rung last orders but we're more than happy to sell us enough beers to keep going. Obviously they d o Fuller' s, but with a good array - around 4 on cask plus 6 or so kegs. Two fridges - one with a good array of Fuller' s bottled beers and another with a 'craft' selection (although nothing that interesting, only the Fordham Session IPA can caught my eye). Will certainly come back again -the most central of the three Fuller' s pubs in town.“
BeardedAvenger 1643 days ago
“Visited 16/11/17. This place is right off the High Street at the bottom of the hill, so is always packed. A really interesting old building with split floors and little nooks. The bar's itself has been refurbished but otherwise the furniture is pretty ramshackle and the carpets threadbare. As to beers, there must be about 30 taps however this includes repeats. Only two cask beers on and then various keg offerings, including three different Shepherd Neame lagers, plus the likes of Asahi and their own ciders. The fridges have a good range of their bottles beers. Room on the first floor which hosts gigs. But this was th first time I'd been back for years. Rammed (took while to get to the bar - staff were busy hut still courteous) and a Shepherds Neame pub so not all that appealing.“
BeardedAvenger 1643 days ago
60 /100
Keep (Bar)
“Situated very close to the castle, this pub has a rustic/homely feel inside. Has 4 cask pumps and 5 taps plus a small selection of bottles. Nice vibe inside. Part of the WEY Ale Trail. Nice pub.“
Grumbo 1931 days ago
“Looks like an old pub from the outside, and is situated in an historic part of Guildford, but it’s converted from what was a 15th century building called Hall House. Has a modern and bright interior which is very compact. 6 ale taps (mainly Fuller’s naturally) plus some other taps and bottles. Seems popular with locals. Service was ok.“
Grumbo 1931 days ago
“Nice historic pub, with lots of old pictures and medals around the walls. 6 ales on tap on my visit plus a few bottles. Had a Long Man Best Bitter which was well kept. Almost didn’t visit this one but as it turned out I was passing so thought I would pop in and it’s worthy of a visit. Very enthusiastic staff. Didn’t eat there but food is available.“
Grumbo 1931 days ago
68 /100 27 KING’S ROAD
“The other King’s Head in Guildford, as friends discovered when they went to this on instead of the one with no apostrophe! Goes for an upmarket vibe. Smartly decorated up front, although IIRC the rear dining room was more standard. Probably one of the best arrays of beers in Guildford - as well as Fuller’s on cask and keg they tend to have Belgian beers on and some craft stuff. Nothing ground-breaking but worth dropping in if you’re in the area. Close enough to both railway stations. Food was OK, but have note eaten there for a few years. The food is popular with people attending nearby Surrey cricket matches.“
BeardedAvenger 1995 days ago
54 /100 1-10 BRIDGE STREET
“Used to come here regularly whn I was in my early 20’s but now only go if someone else chooses it. OK - decent array of beers, value for money. Standard average microwaved Spoons food. The thing is it’s a massive area, but in certain parts you’re crammed in. For me lacks atmosphere. Just big and full of pissed students, etc.“
BeardedAvenger 2116 days ago
68 /100 1-10 BRIDGE STREET
“A big pub split over 3 levels, and on the evidence of my Monday night visit, very popular with a mixed and friendly clientele. A reasonable range of 7-8 real ales, (some being served too cold due to a fault with the cooler which they voluntarily informed me about), another similar number of taps for craft and lager, and by JDW standards an above average number and variety of bottled beers. Food was good - it was ’Mexican Monday’. Service typically decent from the usual youthful JDW crew. An above average JDW experience, even taking into account the cooler fault!“
Grumbo 2116 days ago
46 /100 103 STOKE ROAD
“I believe that this place would be busy on a week night or weekend. Especially during university term time. However on an early afternoon it was dead. This emphasised how big the place is. And lacking decent decor. Beer choice average at best. They do a film and themed band night (ie The Blues Brothers and a blues band on afterwards or such like) which I had to drop out of from going to, so would go back for that. Howver would not go back for a pint as plenty of better options, including the Kings Head (Fullers) over the road. Didn’t eat.“
BeardedAvenger 2124 days ago
“Update: 23/02/18. Has been done up since my last visit visit but it still oldie Worldie. Was pretty busy with a mixture of locals, tourists and a few people sat on their own with papers/books. Very homely on a cold night. Cask was a bit boring: 3 Fuller's/Gales standards, Rev. James and a local, Little Beer Little Smooth. A couple of the newer Fuller's attempts at craft beer on key plus Sierra Nevada and some macro lagers. There were a few interesting looking bottles.from the likes of Sierra Nevada and Hammerton. I'd forgotten how attractive the building is. I’d never heard of this pub before a colleague mentioned it. Not a surprise as it’s tucked up some steps behind a church (although there is also access from the road behind). Haven’t been for 12 months or so and may have changed, but it was a tad rundown. A charming rundown, though. Clean but not redecorated in years. Usual choice of Fullers, although I believe I had an Erdinger. Worth dropping in to for its oldschool style.“
BeardedAvenger 2124 days ago
“The word that comes to mind is ’rustic’. The pub claims to be the oldest pub in the city - and there are archeological finds on display to back that up. The beer selection is slightly boring - real ales from more well known brewers, the permanent ones being from Hogs Back and Wychwood. Website mentions 6, not sure there are always that many on. Food is again what I am going to term rustic - if you can call pizza and burger options rustic. Nothing pretentious, but damn good. Possibly my all time fave all day breakfast. Be warned - there are two Kings Heads in Guildford - as some friends found out when I had engagement drinks here!“
BeardedAvenger 2124 days ago
68 /100 103 STOKE ROAD
“Only two or three real ales on, but over four bottles. Fresh pizza from a pizza oven. Live music often.“
bigglesworth 2844 days ago
68 /100 55-56 WOODBRIDGE ROAD
“Good variety of types of beer on the pumps and tap. Good food, especially breakfasts.“
bigglesworth 2854 days ago
60 /100
Row Barge (Bar)
“Billed as the unofficial Ascot brewery tap (although no tie in with the brewery AFAIK) beers are from Ascot of course inlcuding Compass Point which is the pubs house beer. There was one non Ascot on my visit - can’t remember what though. On the edge of a council estate the non town side of the Wey, the building is a 50’s era affair and non to pretty for it. Some of the clientele huddled around the pool table looked a bit ’iffy’ as I passed them to head to the loo. Luckily it was a warm spring day and we were able to sit by the river side and watch the boats come and go (facing away from the pub so’s not to have to look at it). If you’re in Guildford worth popping into (20 mins walk from centre) but I wouldn’t fancy being here in the dark or late at night!!! Visited April ’11.“
Theydon_Bois 3406 days ago
50 /100
Row Barge (Bar)
“CAMRA Surrey pub of the year 2012.Six cask ales always available with a decent selection from the locally brewed Ascot Ales. All hand pulls have the Cask Marque. A decent pub, but I'm surprised the local CAMRA people rate it so highly. I'm sure the food is good and they advertise on the board outside that they serve food until 19:00, however, when I walked in at 18:35 and asked for the menu, they said that they only took orders until 18:45 because the chef left at 19:00. I'm in plenty of time then I said, but the barmaid said the pub runs by "their" clock, which is 10 minutes fast and they know it's 10 minutes fast, so she refused to take my food order! How very very odd. The chef even left the pub before 19:00 by their own clock! A decent selection of local cask brews but I'm disappointed I drove 12 miles from my hotel to find this place and probably wouldn't come back.“
jmgreenuk 3553 days ago
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