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“So the current photo is of the brewry and shop.... and where the original tap was located in 2020. By 2021 the tap had moved to the current location, another of their buildings on the same industrial estate and later expanded to also capacity in the hothouse. My first visit is after a renovation. There is covered outdoor seating with a pizza oven as you go in. From the outside it looks slight dilapidated. However inside it benefits from the recent redecoration and you have a large are more akin to a modern pub than a craft tap. There are then 5 of their beers on cask - 4 core + 1 seasonal - so no ticks for me. On a Sunday afternoon it did appear to be quite bare with only one other group of two couples and their toddlers. However as I was leaving I realised that there was a door leading to the adjacent hop house and there were quite a few people in there watching rye rugby on a projector screen. Not a bad set up other than the boring beer selection. Pity they don't do some of the more interesting beers from their shop. Bottles of course, I suspect their average punter is not discerning enough to worry about guest beers on keg/cask.“
BeardedAvenger 181 days ago
“Bottle shop has lots of their own stuff of course and also an upstairs room with a wide range of craft and trad UK Beers and some international“
kwik-lime 578 days ago
“Ended up here purely by chance when Waize took me past it on the way to Stonehenge. Had good experiences with TEA on cask so decided to stop. Small traditional little cottage house on a kind of industrial space. Has an outdoor bench section then inside is the brewery and a decent shop. Downstairs is a small functionary tap and bottle shop and upstairs is a UK and international craft beer shop featuring everything from Orval and Rochefort to Vloudwater and Nothern Monk and more traditional UK ales. Little pricey on the imports but the Hogs Back stuff is cheap. Bought a 3.5 pint bottle of TEA and it was very well conditioned. You can see the brewery and I was surprised how small the kit was.“
EdKing 1061 days ago
“I often go to this place always have a good choice of beers plus lots of their own stuff. Have now started stocking craft beer and have some Belgium beers“
Beerwithwings 1471 days ago
54 /100 76 THE STREET,
“Edit 2022: new pubco so they have to order from a more limited range and only have 2 casks plus a few macro kegs. Original: Surprised this pub was not already on here - one of the pubs on the Hants/Surrey border with a better rep for good beers and just down the road from the Hogs Back Brewery. Rustic old building in a village setting. The interior is a but rundown but in a well used way. Went in on 10/06/16 and they had their usual array of localish real ales: Andwells, Hogs Back, Goldmark and Surrey Hills. If there was a 5th I’ve forgotten what it was. At weekends expands to 8 beers. Food wasn’t that great, ie stale bread in my sarnie. I’d class this as a CAMRA pub, certainly the various older guys outside looked like a warm bitter. And whilst I remember to mention, top marks to the very friendly staff, who brought our beers over for us so we didn’t have to wait for them.“
BeardedAvenger 2246 days ago
“Update: dropped in last week and was impressed by the expanded array. Not clear if it was just for Christmas but had beers from more modern UK breweries and a 'cans' section. Keeping up with trends. I drop in every now and then as I work a short drive away. Not somewhere to track down craft beer, but they do have a good array if you’re after beers from more traditional British breweries. So did find some real ale ticks. Small array of Belgian beers and an even smaller array of German and US beers. Staff can be helpful but don’t tend to approach customers. Sometimes they have tours on so it’s a bit more lively, however they don’t always seem to have regular stock in so have been in to find myself the only customer browsing depleted shelves. Prices are OK. Can also buy their own beers in bulk, growlers, etc, but have not done that so not aware of full details. Have seen some comments about stock, but I’d say it’s definately worth visiting if you’re after real ale. *I believe you can drink on the premises now but not 100% on that.*“
BeardedAvenger 2250 days ago
“Nice brew shop with good selection of beers, not only from their own brewery, I heard that tours are also given there, people are nice and in general nice place to stop by and pick up some good beer.“
lokis333 2361 days ago
“First stop of my UK shires exploration trip, shortly after landing at Heathrow. This is a working brewery, visible through the upstairs of the two-level shop. The shop had a small selection of beers from around Europe and the UK, and one or two from the US. Their own beers are available in bottles or plastic. Young staff was friendly and enthusiastic. A decent first stop.“
Travlr 2520 days ago
“Charming small brewery near Tongham village in Surrey. Unfortunately there’s no possibility to drink inside (just tasting). You can buy some traditional ales basing on fuggles hop, directly from the brew. The smallest capacity is 7 pint bottle. Also huge sellection of bottles from all over the world, but there’s nothing really rare. The property has really country character and appearance.“
matis 2829 days ago
“Visited on Sunday lunchtime - 28/10/12. Upstairs barn style loft on the brewery site. Nice enough selection of 2 to 300 beers, largely from the UK but with a shelf of Belgians, a few US beers, and a few others from around the world. Nothing particularly rare. Not the cheapest, but not the dearest, typically matching local bottle shop prices. 2 members of staff in the shop, just my friend and myself browsing, no one offered assistance (not that I needed it) but would have been nice to be asked bearing in mind no one else was there, hence 7/10 for service which was prompt and efficient when coming to pay. Wouldn’t suggest trekking too far to reach here but if you’re in the area well worth a perusal !“
Theydon_Bois 3579 days ago
“The brewery is hard to get by other means of transport if you do not have a car. But I was later to find if I had come by car I would not have been able to leave. The brewery is in a nice old school barn or farm yard in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. The shop was a fantastic surprise. Not only a good selection of Hogs Back beers but many from around the UK and a small selection or World beers. The tour is very interesting. The first brewery I have been too that changes the traditional tour format. The brewery is very generous with the beer tastings........glad I didn’t drive.“
Gethinbeer 4034 days ago
“A homely store above the brewery - low ceiling beams are an additional hazard for the tall, besides the steep staircase! Reasonable selection of UK and Belgian beers, nothing rare but a few unusual items. Prices are rather high, but still worth a visit, particularly if you are after Hogs Back products.“
berkshirejohn 4386 days ago
“Good selection of UK beers both bottle conditioned and pasteurized. Specifically well represented are Hogs Back brewery itself (obviously) and Hampshire breweries, although there is a erasonable selection from Scotland. The Belgian stuff is acceptable with a representation from each of the trappist breweries (Westy 8 available this time) and half a dozen or so lambics in addition to other more standard Belgian ales. The other European stuff is scarce with only 6 or so Germans, 4 or so Dutch and about 5 French. Additionally there are some bog standard Euro lagers. American beer is limited to Anchor (oh and Cave Creek Chili!). Good selection of ciders and fruit wines too. All available Hogs Back stuff can be bought from the barrel and there are approx 6 ciders from the barrel to be bought too. Nice location up some steep stairs at the brewery although the steps are prescriptive for people with mobility issues. Attentive staff although no boxes available on my visit so beer carried in strong plastic bags. Not cheap but worth a visit when in the area.“
maeib 6279 days ago
“Visited early evening on one snowy winters day. Didn’t try and of the cask offerings but I know they do off sales in various size containers, but they do not appear to have a bar for sampling (I could be wrong?). Shop sells a range of Hogs Back goods (bar towel, glasses etc) as well as their six bottle conditioned ales and about 300 from other breweries. About half the stock and one side of the store is dedicated to interesting UK microbreweries (including some rarities) and over the other side of the store is a sizable Belgian collection of about 100 (mostly fairly easy to find stuff but I noticed Westvleteren) and some US, Dutch, German and a few others. Also there are 20 or 30 bottled real ciders and maybe some draught cider also, also stocked is a range of interesting looking English fruit wines and maybe meads. A few beers in the can be found in the fridge incase you can’t wait ’til you get home and they also few interesing looking little snacks. Typical of your standard brewery store but the sizeable collection of interesting UK micros pushes it up several notches. Great.“
Joeh 6384 days ago