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68 /100 139 OATLANDS DRIVE
“Visited in May 2022. Spacious place with a garden, located a good walk from any train station. Lots of Big Smoke beers on keg, one on cask + some less interesting choices.“
omhper 88 days ago
70 /100 139 OATLANDS DRIVE
“It opened yesterday. Best choice of beers in Surrey for certain. That includes 7 of Big Smokes own (4 on a second visit). They've spruced up what was attempting to be a gastro pub with Greene King ownership. Still got GK Noble on tap - a contractual requirement? It's still only 15:00 So perhaps not a surprise that the punters are 80% OAPs but it's the busiest I've ever seen this place. The dry roasted peanuts were odd... greasy and included random almonds. In my second visit I had a lovely fried chicken burger with average home cut chips. The two young barmen assumed I was fresh to craft beer. Warned me a beer was 6.5%. Did offer tasters. This place is promising but a 30 minute walk from the nearest station and out of town so intrigued to see how it does. Loyalty cards provided.“
BeardedAvenger 1430 days ago
48 /100
Vine King (Beer Store)
“Update: boughtvthree bottles here and all three were past their BB date - 5 months, 3 monts and a month. Guess they don't sell much but dropping points for poor management. OG review: I get the impression that the various small wine shops around here must keep an eye on what beers the others stock as they all seem to have a slightly different array. First place I've seen ODDLY available in bottles. A small array of local Surrey and SE London beers with Dorking, Park and Wimbledon also represented. 50 different beers max. Some UK craft: core Beavertown, Magic Rock and Lost Pier. US representation from Brooklyn, Kona and Two Roads. And then various German and Belgian beers. A couple I didn't recognise but overall more commonly found craft and European beers, with the exception of a few more unusual ones. Kudos to the friendly guy manning the shop, when I was browsing he got some cardboard and a pen out so my two-year old could draw. Primarily a wine shop but they have recognised that there is a beer market. Best place for beers in Weybridge.“
BeardedAvenger 1603 days ago
50 /100 3 & 4 TEMPLE MARKET
“The West Byfleet and Bupham branches are pretty good so this was a disappointment. Much smaller array than the other two. but I guess it is a smaller shop. More of a standard array - some UK craft, some German options but nothing particularly interesting. The kid on the till was very chatty. Invited me to their Friday tasting evening. Explained that they'd wanted to stock beer by the now defunct locals Decent but couldn't get a low enough price. Lost them points now for his farewell call of, "Piece out." Not bothered going back.“
BeardedAvenger 1769 days ago
“This pub is next to the station so can kill time in it if nothing else. It has improved in terms of beer options. 6 hand pumps - but today only the Twickenham Grandsand was of interest. Otherwise it three Young’ s options, Doom Bar and Bombardier. However there are the some craft options (is this standard for Young’ s now?): Beaverton Neck Oil, two Camdens on tap and Gipsy Hill and Mondo bottles. The building is an interesting pub/hotel built as a summer house but converted when the railway opened. Now styled as a luxury bar and boutique hotel, which is stretching the truth somewhat. It’s been refurbished in a completely soulless bistro style. Can get busy. Lots of TOWIE top knots and city types, which is a drawback in my opinion. The garden has astroturf, which doesn’t add to the luxury. Food is average.“
BeardedAvenger 2052 days ago
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