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58 /100
Brasiliero - Woking (Grocery Store)
“The shop is Brazilian store, they sell 8 Brazilian and 2 Portuguese beers. The beers are mainly lagers. Beware car parking is a mare, you may have to park in multi storey and half about a 5 minute walk. “
joe19612 154 days ago
68 /100
Brasiliero - Woking (Grocery Store)
“I'd never spotted this place before but rarely go in to this part, which is essentially the rear of the town centre. However I spotted a smart looking Brazilian shop so nipped in and was pleased to see that they had a small range of Brazilia and Portuguese beers. The guy who must have been the shop butcher, based on his apron, happily answered my queries about what the beers were. The guy who then served me mentioned that he didn't recognise me and was again very welcoming. Turns out there are around around 10 of these shops around Greater London and commuter towns. But did feel like I was I a proper Brazilian minimart and it was all well presented, which is perhaps not surprising as it's a chain. Anyway a place to drop in for Country ticks and I will go again next time I am in town... but I do like a Brazilian BBQ so I am also interested in the butchery. Prices not too overinflated.“
BeardedAvenger 166 days ago
“Thought I’d add this place, because it’s pretty near the station and OK for a town of few options. An Ember Inns pubs so if you’re familiar with this chain then you’ll know what you get, although this particular pub is a bit more run down than others I’ve been to. A Spoons crossed with a Beefeater. The beer list I’ve linked could disappoint, as the Sov will have four of those beers on. Occasionally something interesting but often just Adnams and Brains or equally conservative. Also a couple of bog standard kegs (ie Meantime, etc). Never eaten. Staff always seem a bit rushed.“
BeardedAvenger 1742 days ago
60 /100 43-47 CHERTSEY RD
“I have a couple of friends who consider this place to be the best pub in Woking, which is perhaps a reflection on Woking’s pub scene. Basically a Spoons clone. So much so that I thought it was one when I first visited. Loses points for service due to the couple of occasions when we’ve walked in at around 22::20 and have been refused service or last drinks were incredibly early. Presume that the staff just decided to shut early as it was empty. Selection is OK - around 5 guest real ales and has more recently introduced a group of pumps that are specifically labelled as their craft area - however you’re talking about larger breweries co-opting the title so it’s Guinness lager, etc. They do have some more interesting bottles - when I ordered a bottle of Flying Dog Snakedog IPA the staff were all pleased that they’d sold the first bottle after having it in stock for ages.“
BeardedAvenger 1959 days ago
68 /100 43-47 CHERTSEY RD
“Visited on a Thursday evening in September 2015 and situated a couple of doors down from the Spoons this is a similar sort of pub. Large single room with 6 handpulls with beers from national brewers. Also a Kozel lager and a few other national style lagers and ciders. Decor seemed nice than the Spoons, plenty of staff. Looks like a reasonable place. Had a raft of Rugby WC themed beers on on my visit“
WingmanWillis 2220 days ago
68 /100 51-57 CHERTSEY ROAD
“Visited on a Thursday evening. It’s got 3 banks of handpulls, 1 with the usual Spoons range, 1 of guest beers and 1 for cider on this visit. Had a pint of one of the International collabs which was well kept and low priced. Although the place was busy the staff were on the ball. It’s a large Spoons and it was busy with the post work crowd so a nice hubbub about the place. It’s one of the better JDW venues I’ve been in. They also had a Tucher beer in bottles that I haven’t seen for a while in Spoons, a new range maybe?“
WingmanWillis 2220 days ago
64 /100 51-57 CHERTSEY ROAD
“I actually currently work here while applying for universities abroad... We mainly sell generic lager which is a shame but after all it is a JDW so not surprising. Most of the people drinking in the pub are friendly enough but on a payday weekend it can be quite busy with very inebriated people. The majority of the staff have little interest in beer and so largely the service is not incredible but they usually try their best and if unsure will more often than not give you a small taster of anything on cask. There is a large bottle selection but this is mainly lagers made by Heineken and SABMiller, there are however a few decent ones like Lagunitas IPA and Rogue Amber Ale as well as a local cider. There are a lot of cask options, always available is Courage Best, Doom Bar, Abbot Ale, London Pride and Hogs Back TEA. But there are also 6 guest ales on at all times, these rotate once the 9 gallon keg is finished, if it’s local and popular it can be gone in a day but on average they’ll be on around two and a half days. This does mean that five can change in one day or none can for a couple of days. We never have international guests (besides the ones that are brewed in the UK for wetherspoons). With guests at £2.40 on a Monday or £2.60 every other day of the week for a pint it’s pretty cheap (and although it isn’t displayed anywhere you can be very cheeky and ask for thirds which won’t cost you anymore besides a few pennies, but it largely depends on who is serving you and how busy it is if they’ll do it and if they know how to put it through on the till). Also available are 8 boxed still ciders. The food is the same as all other JDWs cheap but a decent quality and large portions.“
Rob_D_UK 2361 days ago
52 /100 51-57 CHERTSEY ROAD
“Basically the only good beer bar in Woking, not sure why you would be in Woking, but here is your beer spot if you are. They have roughly 20 casks/taps which are not rotated that often, but they have a decent selection of local English beer. Staff is helpful enough but it is usally crowded at night as there are not many places open past 8pm in the area and everyone flocks here. Most of the pours are relatively cheap. I haven’t had the food here so I can’t comment on it.“
Dfonorow 2370 days ago
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