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“Visit this pub fairly regularly but not by choice - the in-laws like it and it’s small child friendly. It’s a Shepherd Neame so you’re guaranteed a bland beer. For some reason it’s extremely popular so can be overcrowded and cramped. Food nothing special. Staff are fine.“
BeardedAvenger 1942 days ago
52 /100 104 HIGH ST, HORSELL
“Now free of tie on casks but kegs have to be purchased from Heineken. 8 casks - usually 3-4 from Thurston's plus some local breweries and a cider. No Thurston’s bottles available but was told by the barmaid that I could just nip two doors down to the brewery and buy them there. Tend to drop in to The Crown if I’ve eaten over the road at The Red Lion and fancy a proper pint/a game of pool. It’s a basic local pub, but the fact that they have their own brewery does make it a bit different - however I would have thought they could make more of the brewery than they do in terms of promoting the pub. Normally just the one beer on tap and some bottles. Occasionally get a more interesting guest on, I did drive there one for a tick. I am told that they have more taps now but have yet to confirm that the person who told me this was not exaggerating!“
BeardedAvenger 1942 days ago
“About a mile from the Crown in Horsell High Street, this is a pub that is very much focused on food, and not worth the trip unless you are desperate for a pint of Spitfire. It’s been nicely restored - in a Disney kind of way - but isn’t really the kind of place I like to drink.“
berkshirejohn 2115 days ago
60 /100 104 HIGH ST, HORSELL
“An unspoit village pub, in an area where that’s rather unusual. Four handpumps with one of their own, and three unexciting alternatives. Not worth a trip unless you are desperate for a Thurston’s rate.“
berkshirejohn 2115 days ago
“Mainly a food pub, with a separate area for eating, however you can eat anywhere in the pub, another pub that is busy in the summer with a huge beer garden. All the beers availabe were Shepherd Neame. Food was reasonably priced.“
joe19612 2438 days ago
62 /100 104 HIGH ST, HORSELL
“Visited on bank holiday Monday, 26/05/14 whilst they were stageing a small beer fest, 12 or so beers. The Crown is home to Thurston’s microbrewery and you would ordinarily expect to find at least one of their beers on cask which they tend to advertise on their website, although on this occasion there were 3 with it being a festival. The boozer itself is a late Victorian era 2 room local with a bar separating the 2 rooms both of which have a rather bland modern carpeted look about them, pool table in the back room. Medium sized pleasant enough beer garden to the rear. The landlord (brewer) and landlady seemed friendly enough and they told me they had just upped from a 2 to a 4 barrel plant so their beers should be more readily available pretty soon - ie typically 2 on at once. The beers I’ve had from here have been decent enough offerings, no world beaters but better than quite a few blandometers out there! We (my wife) drove here and we took our dog, who was welcome inside. Not sure about public transport but the Crown is bang on a mile from Woking railway station so I’d budget about a 20 minute walk.“
Theydon_Bois 2703 days ago
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