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94 /100 14-16 RAYNVILLE ROAD
“Самый лучший и большой магазин Англии по крафту, всегда топовые новинки появляются первыми, причем зачастую от топовых пивоварен. Иногда можно встретить класику из Бельгии или Германии с редкими стилями. Доставка всегда идеально во время. Иногда цены кусаются а так для идеально для любителя крафта и просто ценителя.“
biilz 96 days ago
86 /100 14-16 RAYNVILLE ROAD
“Review for the online store. Great range, fair prices, fast service with decent packaging. Recommended.“
Cheeseboard 398 days ago
76 /100 14-16 RAYNVILLE ROAD
“Across the river by the Kirkstall Bridge Inn, through the park following the canal, then up a rising residential street to this ordinary looking local convenience store. It's anything but though with a large part of its space given over to hundreds of bottles from the best microbreweries in Yorkshire and Lancashire, with a few others from beyond and northern Europe. Prices are very reasonable too.“
ManVsBeer 1087 days ago
76 /100 14-16 RAYNVILLE ROAD
“10 minutes walk from the Kirkstall Bridge Inn. Great selection of beers, some in fridges. They have local brew and beers from all over the UK and even Uiltje and de Molen from the Netherlands. Ticks for even the hardened ticker“
deanso 1832 days ago