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68 /100 51 BOAR LANE LEEDS LS1 5EL
“Huge barn of a place close to the railway station and just a short stroll from Friends of Ham. Shabby modern look, it's a touch cold and charmless, more drinking factory than comfy pub. Seemed to be a lot of food being served. Covid restrictions mean you have to sit where you are put. Obviously big list of beers, some of their own. Not really fussed about returning here.“
imdownthepub 42 days ago
72 /100 30 CENTRAL ROAD
“This is a small cafe bar, handily placed in the city centre for my route back to the railway station. Off sales of bottles and cans plus a range of keg beers, not sure if there was a cask at present. Friendly, bijou, comfortable enough, the proprietor seemed keen to discuss beer stuff. Well worth a look.“
imdownthepub 42 days ago
42 /100 4 TURK’S HEAD YARD
“Old style yard pub attached to The Turks Head, seemingly under the same management. Struggling with the Covid restrictions, the seating along the passageway has to be utilised, open to the elements. Small range of beers at present. Slightly authoritarian staff unfortunately.“
imdownthepub 43 days ago
“Friendly bar just a short stroll from the railway station. Does some food, breakfasts by the looks and has a very decent beer selection. There were just a couple of cask beers on all the rest were keg but as you are not allowed near the bar currently its difficult to tell. There is a board listing the beers available although the odd detail is missing so some are difficult to narrow down. There are further seating areas on different floors. Well worth a visit.“
imdownthepub 43 days ago
82 /100 16 BOAR LANE
“Large commercial corner unit opposite the Trinity Centre on Boar Lane. The bar occupies much of the left hand wall just after several sets of fridges full of craft cans and some bottles. There's some seats here but most are against the side window opposite the service area. The dozen keg ales on offer here are from craft brewers up and down the country, but a number of these are local or regional so I expect they'll always have good exposure here with this bar going forward.“
ManVsBeer 228 days ago
68 /100 30 CENTRAL ROAD
“Facing the back of a large store where the footfall is a little lighter as there's not much else going on, this is a shop unit pub in a cafe-bar style, but perhaps slightly more bar with an emphasis on keg, with nearly a dozen options, one of which is cask on the lone pump on the counter. Next to the service area are fridges for take out or drink in, whichever suffices for you, but the choices here really enhance the selection available. Keg options are all from quality craft brewers.“
ManVsBeer 234 days ago
70 /100 29 BOAR LANE
“New-ish Thornbridge bar. Lots of dark wood panelling inside. Circular bar. Busy on a Saturday evening but managed to snag a seat. Mostly the brewery's own beers on cask & keg but there were a couple of guest beers also“
Cheeseboard 237 days ago
74 /100 26 EAST PARADE
“New-ish modern bar between Foley's and the station. Nice atmosphere on an early Saturday evening. Choice of 10-12 beers on cask & keg, enjoyed a couple of decent beers from Salt“
Cheeseboard 237 days ago
80 /100 30 CENTRAL ROAD
“Light and airy cafe bar in the city centre. Nicely laid out with attractive tiling. Table service. 10 beers on tap plus one on cask but the jewel in the crown is the very extensive fridge selection. Little Leeds Beer House has effectively moved here once the lease was up in the Corn Exchange. Same owners. Hope it works out for them“
Cheeseboard 237 days ago
“Modern taproom & bar a few minutes walk from the railway station. 24 taps pouring. Mostly North's own beers but always a few guests on. Lots of seating inside and out, it's a decent suntrap when the weather is right. Worth a visit for sure“
Cheeseboard 237 days ago
“Out the back of Leeds railway station, Northern Monk side. Not easy to find if coming from the city I'd imagine. It's not a terribly inspiring place but OK to drop into for that last drink before the train home.“
Cheeseboard 237 days ago
62 /100 1 MILL HILL
“In amongst a cluster of bars & pubs near the railway station. Central bar serving a reasonable range of cask & keg.“
Cheeseboard 237 days ago
“Interesting place within an indoor street food market. 50 taps pouring alongside a wonderful array of food vendors. Bench seating and an often lively atmosphere. Needless to say, a great place to eat and the range of beer is always interesting. Split rouly 50/50 between Vocations own beers and guests.“
Cheeseboard 237 days ago
78 /100 29 BOAR LANE
“A stylish new pub with deep mahogany furniture including chesterfield chairs. A circle bar offering eight cask ales, three guest ales among them. Quite a few Thornbridge beers on the kegs, as well. Friendly service offering tasters of their draught beers. Excellent toilets conditions, and do not miss all the colourful cat portraits on the way downstairs. A cozy, likable place. Central location, close to the train station, and in the same area as Tapped Leeds, Head of Steam, Bundobust, Friends of Ham and Leeds Brewery Tap. (Visited with Finn, 28.01.2020).“
Rune 248 days ago
56 /100 28-30 PARK ROW
“To the left side of the entrance a large map can be seen pointing out the breweries in Yorkshire. This spoons has a central location, not more than a few minutes from the train station. A long bar in the main room with more seating upstairs. Two rows of five hand-pumps in each, four rotating cask ales. Decent, good valued breakfast, and polite service. (Visited with Finn 28.01.2020).“
Rune 248 days ago
“Modern place with a good selection.“
Finn 272 days ago
70 /100 1 MILL HILL
“Cozy modern pub. Ok selection.“
Finn 272 days ago
74 /100 29 BOAR LANE
“Extremely good looking semi-old pub. Proper range. Mostly Thornbridge but a handful others as well.“
Finn 272 days ago
72 /100 51 BOAR LANE LEEDS LS1 5EL
“Hypermodern place with lots of kegs. A handful of their own.“
Finn 272 days ago
56 /100 28-30 PARK ROW
“Large typical ´spoons.“
Finn 272 days ago
68 /100 29 BOAR LANE
“On Boar Lane in the midst of many of the top bars that are all close to the train station. This modern take on a traditional bar is by Thornbridge so expect their ales and keg beers to be found here. I ventured in for the first time just before Christmas and their latest seasonal effort was on offer on the square bar in the front area where a line of cask pumps is prominent. Seating is down its sides and to the rear of here.“
ManVsBeer 295 days ago
60 /100 1 MILL HILL
“A pub with a good range of beers & worth a visit on a tour of Leeds. A somewhat annoying interactive pub quiz was taking place over my visit.“
Jerseyislandbeer 315 days ago
76 /100 4 TURK’S HEAD YARD
“A enjoyable & little upmarket place to stop for a quality craft ale, with a good range. Good service. On the pricey side.“
Jerseyislandbeer 315 days ago
70 /100 51 BOAR LANE LEEDS LS1 5EL
“A worthy stop if in Leeds. A modern place with a couple of there own beers on tap, plus a dozen or more guests. Good service.“
Jerseyislandbeer 315 days ago
“A good bottle shop & the only one I found in centre of Leeds. Good range of beers from the UK, Germany, Belgium and a couple from USA. They have a couple of keg lines to drink instore.“
Jerseyislandbeer 315 days ago
74 /100
North Bar (Bar)
“The original spot for craft beer in Leeds & still well worth a visit as it has a very good beer range, some of there own on tap plus guests. Prices are on the high side for Leeds. Good service. They have a small kitchen serving tasty if pricey dim sums.“
Jerseyislandbeer 315 days ago
“One of the better places in Leeds with a very good range of beers on tap, somewhat edged towards international rather than local & UK. Prices were slightly above average for Leeds. They have what looks like a good range of cold meats.“
Jerseyislandbeer 315 days ago
86 /100 18-24 NEW STATION ST
“My first stop in Leeds & overall possibly my favourite. A good range of there own beers on tap including the outstanding Midnight Bell plus a number of guests. Good service, prices & location.“
Jerseyislandbeer 315 days ago
“Nice modern bar close to the train station. Good selection of beers and meat/sausage platters. Nice service and overall a nice place to spend time with friends. Flights of 6 beers for 11GBP are available.“
zvsn 333 days ago
76 /100 26 EAST PARADE
“A block south of Foleys, this is a large enough square room for the second bar from Salt in the city (the first being the renamed Candlebar next to the train station). You'll find a similar selection of cask and keg from the brewer on bar which covers part of the side wall, however they have a slightly better guest selection than the last time I was in Craft Asylum#1. It has a fairly modern design, but with sympathy to traditional fixtures and furniture.“
ManVsBeer 336 days ago
“Visited the 9th November 2019 with friends for brewery tour. Nice brewery with taproom, good atmosphere and really nice and well organised place. Brewery tour available on Saturday, maybe one of the best brewery tour done, guide is explaining beer and brewing and during tasting session you will still have a good experience with beer analysis and description. Really nice. Beer are good and price are fair. Highly recommended.“
sir__v 347 days ago
100 /100
Beer Ritz (Beer Store)
“Brilliantly helpful staff who will guide you through their huge selection. Don't let the somewhat understated exterior fool you, this is a real Aladdin's cave of beer!“
OhPeeCee 362 days ago
78 /100
Beer Ritz (Beer Store)
“Я был только на онлайн площадке данного магазина. Могу сказать что крафт представлен очень хорошо, особенно из Англии и Шотландии. Классики из Европы нету почти вообще, только немного из Германии.“
biilz 404 days ago
“An outlet for North Brewing Co offering 24 kegs with their own beers, some collabs, a few wine taps, and guest beers, including craft ales from Lervig and Amundsen at my stay. Two fridges, one filled with their own canned beers and the other with guest beers on cans. The place is situated in a post industrial area, through the tunnel to the left under the railway bridge, when walking out of the train station, and then down Swinegate. A modern bar with an open-plan room, airy and in light colours, with a comfortable patio in front of the entrance, and a kitchen to the right of the servery. Welcome and friendly service offering tasters of their beers that can be bought in thirds. At my stay I enjoyed quite a few of their tasty beers listening to tunes from Creedence and Björk in the back. Excellent toilet facilities. Should notice that Leeds City Tap is a cashless bar. (Visited 02.07.2019).“
Rune 469 days ago
“The place is located in the basement of a monumental stone building close to the Millennium Square. The Vocation is a part of a larger area called The Assembly, and the tap room can be found in the middle of different food stores. 50 taps including six cask ales, many from Vocation but also other UK breweries supported by a few Swedish, German, Estonian ones, to mention a few. Good selection of Belgian bottles beers. All their draught beers can be bought in thirds. The beer menu is listed over the bar by styles. Friendly, knowledgeable barman. British synth pop in the back. Indeed, an ambitious project. Hope they survive. (Visited 01.07.2019).“
Rune 470 days ago
76 /100 26 EAST PARADE
“An excellent place to drop a few ticks from the Salt Beer Factory. The place is located in central part of town, just off Headrow and around the corner from Mr Foyle's Tap House. A modern, rather large four-sided room in steel, brick and floor tiles. On my stay the long bar served eight Salt beers, on keg and cask. The keg beers can be obtained in thirds on a sample tray of four beers. The cask ales are served in pint and half-pint. Good variety of craft beer bottles and cans. Friendly service offering tasters of their draught beers. Clean toilets condition. Classic soul music and tunes from Violent Femmes in the back. Relaxing late on a Sunday afternoon. (Visited 30.06.2019).“
Rune 471 days ago
78 /100
Bundobust (Restaurant)
“Last visited as a refreshment stop after boosting with Garrold at Hop City. Close to Leeds station and loads of other venues this is a large single room, lots of seating for eating the Indian street food snacks plus a good bar area at back. Great range of beer on cask and keg. Interesting choices, plenty of new beers served at good prices by friendly staff. Nice place and a good food and beer stop.“
WingmanWillis 529 days ago
“Visited April 2019. Friday morning. Very busy. Overcrowded with football fans drinking pints at 10 A.M. English style. Beautiful terrace for a sunny day. Next one please!“
Taboada 532 days ago
80 /100 51 BOAR LANE LEEDS LS1 5EL
“Visited April 2019. Friday night, crowded but the place is big enough. A bunch of their own beers on tap. Pizza was delicious! Service was superb. Next one please!“
Taboada 543 days ago
74 /100
North Bar (Bar)
“Visited April 2019. Friday night, crowded. Service was just ok but quickly. Beer was good and I was lucky enought to enjoy the beer while listening good music. Next one please!“
Taboada 543 days ago
“Visited April 2019. Small and cozy shop inside Corn Exchange Building. This place is my dream. They do thirds, they do growlers. You can taste and share the bottles/cans in the shop. Friendly staff. Nice glasses design. Nice ambiance. Maybe is a little expensive but you will find some gems here and the beers were in good condition. My favourite place in town and one of my top beer stores ever. Next one please!“
Taboada 545 days ago
“Visited April 2019. Omnipollo Tap Takeover. Soft served Omnipollo beers 8 Pounds a 1/3. Indoor food market and 50 taps so you can spend hours here. Next one please!“
Taboada 546 days ago
“Visited April 2019. Good pizza and wide beer selection.“
Taboada 550 days ago
“Visited April 2019, during a Liquid Light TTO. They do flights of 6 and 4. I chose the 6, obviously. Everyone talks good about the food but I didn´t tried it because I went too early for dinner. Staff is friendly and the ambiance is superb. Next one please!“
Taboada 551 days ago
“Visited April 2019. Small Brewdog Venue. 2 floors. Only ground floor visited. Small but with a good ambiance and selection, including Classics Brewdog, Special Brewdog releases, Overworks and a couple of guest breweries. Loud music but I liked the tunes. Overall a cozy place. Next one please!“
Taboada 552 days ago