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“A short way up the valley road at Luddenden, this old hall building in its own grounds is looking somewhat worn both in and out, but still provides a decent spot to eat and drink for the locals at least in what is a fairly well populated large village in Calderdale. The car park and patio area is not kept as well as it could be, but the tables on the grass in front of the grand central entrance is a decent place to sit in the sun, and you can watch the chickens in their coup at the side. Inside the central entrance opens to to areas, the main seating and dining tables to left, and the bar with typical bar type furniture to the right. The landlord brews his own ales on site, and there should be a couple of keg options from him, a couple of cask options, and a guest or two to compliment the latter. All of these are seldom seen outside of this pub. “
ManVsBeer 2054 days ago
“Part of a small row of buildings sandwiched between the river and the canal just off the main Burnley Road. This place is open from late afternoon and focuses on a drinking crowd, especially at the weekends with its longer hours and musical entertainments. It’s not quite a traditional pub in look as the fixtures, fittings and furniture are closer to living room style than public house, but it is no less comfortable for it. It’s a small open plan ground floor so does not take too many people to fill it up and the pool table on the elevated platform across from the bar takes up a fair slice of the limited space. The bar stocks a couple of real ales and plenty of keg lagers. There’s no outdoor space but some tables are usually put out against the wall on the footpath, although this looks out onto a road that leads to an industrial estate.“
ManVsBeer 2769 days ago
“On the main road between Halifax and Hebden Bridge, if you do come here by car you’ll certainly have to park on one of the side streets given the volume of traffic heading through the valley. The busy pedestrian crossing outside slows the traffic down as do cars turning into the road junction - all this can be seen through the large modern windows that make up the front of this bar. Although the name of the pub suggests it is a traditional establishment, this has a very modern design inside, almost like a restaurant, but it’s more bar than pub or eatery despite the fact you can get food here. Given the range of hard-liquor bottles behind the bar there’s plenty of scope for cocktails which would suit in these plush surroundings that include an add-on skylight room to the open plan design of the main area. Real ale is given a prominence with four pumps at the bar, but maybe not all used depending on the current demand but there’s micro brewery craft here.“
ManVsBeer 2770 days ago
“In the pretty older village area of the town where the picturesque river flows past both the church and pub and the various cottages and houses built into the small valley. The pub occupies the middle of a hairpin the in small road and it’s only possible to get two or three cars parked in this area, more than this and the road will be blocked. The white washed building is very appealing and it’s a very cosy affair inside. The bar is to the right as you walk in with a small horseshoe area to sit in front of it. The only thing between the serving area and this is a wood burning stove built into the stone wall. There’s Tim Taylor ales available and a cask cider too. There’s two other rooms to sit in, the one behind the bar might not be open if the pub isn’t busy, The room is square with plenty of tables that are more suited to dining than the main bar area. The third room is very similar to this but at a diagonal to the bar. At the rear of the building is the enclosed garden area that is only big enough to fit a couple of tables, but its high walls and various large potted plants give it the feeling of being in a private garden of a home than a pub.“
ManVsBeer 2770 days ago
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