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66 /100 WELL HEADS
“On the less busy Well Heads road d into Thornton that runs parallel to the main road, this pub in its own building is in the middle of and splits up a row of semi-detached houses all on the same side of the street. It doesn’t have the most obvious pub markings as you approach it, but the big red telephone box right in front of one of its front facing windows is a useful landmark. There’s some picnic tables here too, although there’s many more in the rear garden area beyond the car park, and you can enter this on either side of the pub. Both outdoor areas command excellent views across the rolling farmers’ fields hills. Inside is a very cosy affair with a fairly plush traditional country pub appearance with seats all around the bar which is set back from the door in the middle of the main room. To the right of this in another part of the building is the main during area which although designed and decorated in the same way is mainly for those coming here to eat. All of Timothy Taylor’s core beers are available here.“
ManVsBeer 2401 days ago
50 /100
Blue Boar (Bar)
“Small end terrace pub at the lower end of Thornton village (Bradford side). The entrance is central to the one room venue with the small bar against the back wall which has a huge pillar getting in the way of the service area. This is very much a locals place and the few that were in were all sat at the bar. Being elevated above the road there’s a very small terrace area either side of the entrance that catches the sun throughout the day and affords some fine views across the valley as the other side of the road has very few buildings at this point. Two of the three ales rotate although you should expect Yorkshire brewed craft in here at most times.“
ManVsBeer 2484 days ago
72 /100
Keelham Farm Shop (Grocery Store)
“On a hill overlooking the conurbation from its south east, this farm shop is off the main road and it feels like a niche supermarket inside as it’s big enough to warrant deep trolleys for most customers. There’s quite a large selection of ales in its own section next to a fairly extensive wine area too, most are from local and regional craft brewers but there’s some national ones here too. They had a number of the bottled Tour De France special ales on my visit and Naylors produce one labelled as the Farm Shop’s own.“
ManVsBeer 2484 days ago
76 /100
Keelham Farm Shop (Grocery Store)
“Good farm shop with focus on local produce and a very good regional ale selection including many prominent local brewers (Ilkley, Saltaire, Mallinsons, Naylors - who also brew Keelham’s own ’Tipsy Pig’ blonde ale, Nook, Acorn and others).“
beervis 2728 days ago
64 /100
New Inn (Bar)
“The second of four pubs on the same road through the town of Thornton if you travel up the hill from Bradford, and your best bet for real ale, there usually six craft brew choices (often local) available as well as a cider. The pub has a plain front with a couple of wooden tables between it and the road. It’s quite a large pub inside with a traditional wood decor and soft furnished furniture, and although it is cosy enough it is nothing striking. There’s also plenty of tables for dining and this is more suited towards the right-hand side where an extension of the room ends in patio doors that look out onto the very large car park. The bar is central and more seasoned drinkers might prefer the areas in front of and to the left of the serving area.“
ManVsBeer 2796 days ago
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