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62 /100 3 MARKET PLACE,
“Has that Spoons smell of tomato ketchup ground into the carpet. It hit me as soon as I walked through the door. Plenty of cask lines, but mainly standard Spoons ales. They did have a couple of interesting beers though that turned out to be very average. Helpful staff. What else can you say about a Spoons. It’s cheap otherwise we probably wouldn’t be here! Prices were 5% higher than other local JDW’s though.“
jmgreenuk 468 days ago
62 /100 27 COTEN END
“A lovely little boozer with a nice community feel. I can imagine some New Years Eve parties in here. Nicely decorated with lots of wood and a nice tiled floor in front of the bar. Not much on the beer front though. When I visited there were just two of the four hand pumps on. Of the six keg beers there wasn’t much that interested me either. The music was a little loud too, but I’ll return when hopefully there will be more cask ales available. The cask Tribute that I had was well kept and very drinkable. Friendly service.“
jmgreenuk 468 days ago
46 /100
Black Pug (Bar)
“This is a large, rambling 16th century Tudor Inn on a busy road which links Warwick to Leamington Spa. It is part of the small, but growing Pug Pub group. It is similar to the Pug pub in Leamington and serves the same beers. Very quiet on my visit on a Friday afternoon.“
imdownthepub 617 days ago
“This is a 15th Century Inn, quite close to the famous Warwick Castle. It's all low beams and hide away alcoves, very traditional in character. The beer range is unfortunately very staid with a link to the Wells brewery in Bedford and whatever they are calling themselves lately.“
imdownthepub 617 days ago
76 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“An excellent brewpub located close to the railway station in Warwick. Ten hand-pulled cask ales, five of their own brews. No thirds. A rather small front room with a L-shape bar, a cozy open fire place, clean, and well-kept. The brewery plant is located in the back, and there was a large pool room to the rear of the building. Attentive and enthusiastic barman. The great music by the Rolling Stones in the back. (Visited with Finn 02.02.2020).“
Rune 1306 days ago
60 /100 3 MARKET PLACE,
“A medium-sized, regular spoons located at the Market Place in town. Located in a former bank, and named after the well known banker. Ten cask ales, two of them new to us. Decent traditional Sunday breakfast for £3.65, great value! Polite service. (Visited with Finn 02.02.2020).“
Rune 1306 days ago
78 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“Wonderful backstreet pub not far from the station. 10HPs. 5 from Slaughterhouse. A handful of kegs. Good personal service.“
Finn 1330 days ago
56 /100 3 MARKET PLACE,
“One of the smaller ´spoons. Standard.“
Finn 1330 days ago
72 /100
Warwick Real Ale (Beer Store)
“Visited 12/2/2019. 4 craft taps and a good selection of local, UK and highly rated international beers. Plenty of beers to keep up our quest for regional brews. Service not as accommodating as many of the bottle shops we’d visited on this trip. But still good.“
Grumbo 1677 days ago
78 /100
Warwick Real Ale (Beer Store)
“Nice little bottle shop with a drink in option and four taps. They have a lots of local beers and ciders as well as some of the better craft breweries. They have cold cans and bottles of most of their stuff if you ask. We opted to drink in for some quick ticks, so their good wifi came in handy as the phone coverage was poor.“
Rasmus40 1684 days ago
84 /100
Warwick Real Ale (Beer Store)
“I always pay this shop a visit when I visit Warwickshire. They carry an exceptional range of beer and the staff always provide excellent suggestions to suit your tastes. Warwick is absolutely blessed to have this great place.“
HopDisco 1721 days ago
78 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“My favourite pub in Warwick/Leamington. I love the relaxed feel of the place and the great selection of drink available and on tap, which is changed regularly with other brewery drinks. Staff always friendly and the locals also too! Close to the railway station and where I used to work so always popped in when I can. Now I work abroad I do try and pop in whenever I am back in the UK.“
bbahra 1813 days ago
50 /100
Old Coffee Tavern (Restaurant)
“This is housed in an imposing, historic building in the centre of Warwick, close to St Mary's Church. High ceilings, comfortable seating, smart and modern inside, it's very popular on a busy Thursday evening. Unfortunately the beer range is restricted and frankly quite dull imo. Not a place i would return to regularly due to the beer, but a very pleasant place to be.“
imdownthepub 2002 days ago
70 /100 3 THE HOLLOWAY
“This is rather a bijoux cellar bar just off the Market Place in Warwick, half a dozen in here and it feels crowded, but this adds to the atmosphere, it's fun and buzzing. The beers are necessarily few in here as there just isn't the space but they are well chosen. Friendly and inclusive, it's a pleasant place to be.“
imdownthepub 2002 days ago
86 /100
Warwick Real Ale (Beer Store)
“Visited on January 2018. Located on Warwick city centre, this shop is a gem. Service was outstanding. We asked for some recomendations about local beer and the owner was very friendly. Selection is interesting for local, UK and European beers. 4 taps and possibility of take away growlers. Next one please!“
Taboada 2049 days ago
76 /100 27 - 29 CROMPTON STREET
“Nice big bar. Not really a hotel bar feel... With a little shop display on way in. 6 cask pumps with split 2 common dull, 3 local or unknown to me at least and 1 cider. Beer quality was good, though we really didn’t like one of the three. .. Very comfy... KID friendly... Pleasant service“
cgarvieuk 2239 days ago
58 /100 86 WEST STREET.
“Pretty country pub in the town, friendly service. Ok with kids. But day id visited (Monday) someone had mucked up conditioning and no ales on. Normally 3tsps“
cgarvieuk 2239 days ago
76 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“Mar ’17 rating 76. Continues to be very popular with both locals and visitors alike but the beer range has become pretty fixed now and the feel of the place isn’t quite what it was. A drop of 6 points for me.
Nov ’14 rating 82. The pub is extremely popular and full on every time we visit. The beer range continues to be varied. Certainly currently our favourite pub in Warwick.
Dec ’11 rating 76. Situated a handy 2 minute walk from Warwick Railway station this Everard, Slaughterhouse link up is proving to be very popular. There are always 4 or 5 Slaughterhouse beers plus other local breweries as guests. It is a community pub away from the heart of Warwick, but worth the trip out. The food appears to be very popular, although we haven’t eaten there yet. A bit tight for seating, it’s always worth a look in the back room to see if any is available. Slaughterhouse have built a second micro brewery within the pub, it can easily be seen through the glass panels near the toilets. This is where they run their short length specials, one of which is always available in the pub.“
imdownthepub 2365 days ago
46 /100 86 WEST STREET.
“Large pub on the West End of town, close to the Warwick Castle car park. Quite a quiet pub, lacks some atmosphere, the beers tend to be from local breweries, all a little samey. Not really a pub to search out but if you are in the vicinity possibly worth popping in.“
imdownthepub 2366 days ago
42 /100
Globe, Warwick (Restaurant)
“Large Restaurant come Pub just off the Market area of Warwick, it has had a number of guises recently the previous being the Lazy Cow, hard to detect that much difference really. The beer range was all from Fuller’s on my visit and the beer unfortunately lacklustre. Filled with mostly diners on a Wednesday afternoon. Not a favourite for me.“
imdownthepub 2366 days ago
64 /100 11 MARKET PLACE,
“Visited 10th December. Very pleasant location off the market square. Beamed pub with stone floor and open fireplace. 4 cask ales and 1 real cider. Ales are 2 national 1 Purity 1 local. Food is excellent. Good prices and all freshly prepared. The beer choice isn’t epic but the food ish. Recommend.“
47574xeCD 2478 days ago
66 /100 27 COTEN END
“Apr ’17 Rating - 66. The pub has got its buzz back along with a more interesting range of ales to previous visits. A good improvement for me.
Nov ’16 Rating - 58. Traditional old community pub on the eastern end of Warwick but handily placed for the Railway Station. It is long and narrow with a seating area to the front then the bar hidden behind a staircase, it is tight and sometimes difficult to get to the bar. The T.V’s keep the punters up to date with the racing results. There is a garden cum smoking area to the rear. We occasionally find something different on the four hand pulls, but not on this latest visit.“
imdownthepub 2495 days ago
72 /100 45 BROOK STREET
“I’m pleased to say that the corrugated iron porch has been moved from the frontage to inside giving it a much better street appeal. Friendly, warm and very busy. The bottled beer range is also much improved.
Nov ’16 rating = 66. This is an odd place just off the main Market Place in Warwick, as Fin says it is in one of the concrete town centre regeneration mistakes of the 1960’s. What they have done is highlighted the make up of the shop by stripping it back completely and since the above picture was taken they have completed the front with the addition of a corrugated iron porch, I have to say, I am not a fan of the frontage. There is a little patio area to the front with a few chairs and tables, not occupied on a bleak November lunch time, but the interior is warm enough if again quite stark in looks. The flooring is made up of the big composite boards normally hidden under something else, it is single roomed and stripped out to the limits, the bar cum counter is to the right but it is table service here. The food appears to be mostly pizza’s, the service extremely friendly, the beer list is reasonable although I did struggle a little to find something unusual, the local beers being the best choice. Definitely an interesting addition to the Warwick scene, many thanks to Fin for highlighting it on here.“
imdownthepub 2495 days ago
78 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“Moderinised village inn type of establishment, aimed mainly at the food trade going by my lunchtime visit. A bit middle class for my tastes, can’t see there being many workmens’ boots in here. Their own beer is pretty good, and included a rauchbier when I visited. Decent choice of guest ales as well.“
Scotty001 2509 days ago
60 /100 12 WEST STREET

This was the last of our stops when in Warwick on Saturday 6th August 2016. It is situated just along West Street just a short distance from the imposing old stone gate (Westgate I am guessing), so its very close to the town centre.

It is classed as a Micropub and the narrow frontage would suggest that it is that, however as Glen mentions it is actually bigger than many of this genre as it goes back quite a way. There is a small area at the front which has 2-3 tables, then a few steps lead up to the bar and ’central area’. The beers are all served from casks immediately behind here, and finally further on is a backroom and toilet. Whilst this is a big Micro Bar I think that the Hereford Beer In Hand is much bigger.

The decor here seems to be full of quite a lot of the usual pubby tat and junk, why people do this I don’t know it just seems to be a haven for dust and spiders webs if you ask me, still it is in esteemed company as the Kulminator in Antwerp is much the same, though with the addition of a few more plants.

The beer selection was ok, there were one or two that I’d not had, however we deceided to go for the reliable option of Oakham Inferno. The service was just about fine but I felt it is in danger of becoming a place that caters for just a few old locals and with no eye on the future, ok I accept it was a Saturday early/mid afternoon and it might be much busier in the evening but I felt it and the owner seemed a little tired and lacked the enthusiasm and zip that we’d seen in both the Wild Boar and Warwick Real Ale Bottle Shop. Btw the beer was fine, but I have had it better elsewhere. I didn’t mind this place but wouldn’t necessarily rush back.“
Fin 2603 days ago
78 /100
Warwick Real Ale (Beer Store)

We visited Warwick Real Ale Bottle shop on a gloriously sunny Saturday 6th August 2016. The shop is located on what appears to me to be one of the more interesting streets in town ’Smith Street’ which is a lovely little street as it has a decent selection of independent shops, restaurants etc. The shop is on the left hand side as you head down the hill away from town.

As Glen mentions this is relatively narrow at the front, however it does go back some way and has four taps at the rear which you can sample from as you peruse the goodies. The counter is on the RH side shortly after you enter the store and there is a small table just beyond this with two stools at which one can sip their chosen beer from one of the aforementioned kegs.

The LH side is all UK as I recall with Cloudwater, Beavertown, Magic Rock, Wild all well represented. On the the RH side to the rear of the shop there is a selection of Belgian beers and also a small selection of American beers. Whilst the shop doesn’t carry anything like the range of Cotteridge or Beer Gonzo, it does however offer Warwick a very good outlet for beers that they might struggle to pick up locally.

We got chatting to the couple who owned this place and it was clear that they were enthusiastic, keen and knowledgeable and were modest in terms of how they viewed themselves and their enterprise, I liked them both and was impressed with their efforts. Certainly well worth a visit if in the area.“
Fin 2603 days ago
78 /100 27 LAKIN RD

We visited here on a gloriously sunny Saturday lunchtime, Sat 6th August 2016 to be precise. As others have mentioned it is probably easiest to say that this is just behind the railyway line/station on Lakin Road which appears to be a predominantly residential area, so I guess it’s a short walk of maybe 10 minutes from the centre of town.

It’s a nice looking pub both from the outside and in and I note that it proudly announces its award winning credentials outside trumpeting that it has been Warwickshire Pub of the Year and other received regional pub awards, I am not surprised because it appears to work hard at keeping it as the customer would like.

Inside the rooms are smaller than you imagine, the main room at the front doglegs around and leads into the back garden, I noted another room that sat behind the bar and then there was the small brewery on show along a corridor as you walk along to the toilets.Its actually a bit bigger than you think and I guess its been added to/extended a couple of times over the years.

The beer choice was mainly Slaughterhouse as one would expect, but the taps on the right hand side of the bar were guests, we settled on two different Slaughterhouse beers, both absolutely fine, not particularly great in terms of bags of hops or flavour, but certainly in very good nick.

It was nice sat outside, it was mostly a few locals at this time. The American lady who served us couldn’t have been more friendly or helpful, I liked this pub, ok I think beer wise we might crave a little more hop laden beers or indeed something a little more challenging than your normal golden/bitters, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the beers its just our tastes have changed. I would thoroughly recommend this place. “
Fin 2603 days ago
66 /100 45 BROOK STREET

We visited Dough and Brew, Saturday 6th August 2016. I note that it describes itself as a Kitchen, Bar and Cafe and I could see it quite easily see it being anyone of these depending on your preference at the time. I am not so familiar with the layout of Warwick, however I think I know enough to realise that this place is reasonably centrally located. It is on Brook Street where many of the buildings are ugly and appear to date from the 60s/70s, it is next to Westgate House and the back of the M&S foodhall.

Large glass windows dominate the main look at the front, trendy wooden plank signage with Dough and Brew sits above. The interior follows the all too familiar theme of the simple stripped back modern look. As you enter the bar/serving area is immediately ahead all along the RH side, there appears to be a bread or pizza oven ahead. There was plenty of seating outside and taking advantage of this pleasant weather we sat outside on one of the pavement tables and chairs. However for those sitting in there was also a lot of tables and seating with a large central table and stools and tables all around the outside walls. The beer choice was displayed on a board on the LH wall, there was another board near the serving area with a further 5-6 offerings, I wondered if these were on draft but I could see no evidence of tap dispense.

Beer choice was 35-40 (and as suggested all bottles/cans as far as I could tell) and whilst there was a single bottle/can presence from the likes of Kernel, Weird Beard, Magic Rock, Tiny Rebel, Thornbridge and Beavertown (two cans) there was however a nice focus on local beers with five beers Church Farm four beers from Byatts and 1 from Twisted Barrel. It is worth having a peek in the fridges behind the bar as I also saw cans from First Chop that was not on the list on the board.

It was a popular place and indeed seemed popular with all ages. It really was quite busy, however there did seem to be a lot of staff, an awful lot of staff. I quite liked it, Loz probably liked it a little more than me, I think it is still finding its feet and would be worth a revisit in a few months.“
Fin 2603 days ago
48 /100 3 MARKET PLACE,
“Mar ’17 Rating = 48. The service in here is particularly slow to the point of non existent.
Jan ’16 Rating = 50. This is a former bank at the top end of the Market Place, there is quite a large frontage with a pleasant seating area. There is a barn like interior with the usual Wetherspoons set up. It always seems to be busy and particularly popular for breakfasts.“
imdownthepub 2800 days ago
52 /100 11 MARKET PLACE,
“This is quite a large, modern pub, within a Georgian building on the Market Place in central Warwick. The interior is open plan with comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere, it concentrates on food, but with 4 hand pumps available there is room for beer drinkers too. The range is mostly unchanging with 2 Nationals plus a Purity and Slaughterhouse beer, the kegs are the usual bland efforts. It’s worth a look if close by.“
imdownthepub 2800 days ago
84 /100
Warwick Real Ale (Beer Store)
“This is a small frontage, but deep shop, dedicated to selling beer, at the top end of Smith Street. It mostly sells UK sourced beers at present with the likes of Kernel, Cloudwater, Twisted Barrel and Mad Hatter to name but a few. There is shelf space for Foreign, mostly Belgian, sourced beers and I am told that this will increase with time. At the rear of the shop are 3 taps for sampling key keg beers, on my visit just one in operation but all 3 should be available in the warmer months. Growlers of these beers can be taken away. The knowledgeable proprietor is happy to spend time discussing beer and to help with choices and is looking to start using Ratebeer tags for beer deScriptions. All in all this should become a beer destination shop and well worth a visit.“
imdownthepub 2803 days ago
78 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“Very nice pub close to the train station. Decent selection of there own and other beers very friendly staff and a decent atmosphere. Worth a visit for the Slaughterhouse beers.“
Mr_Pink_152 2941 days ago
78 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“Slaughterhouse Brewery Tap. A couple of minutes from Warwick Rail Station (take the exit away from the City Centre). Range of Slaughterhouse beer plus bog standard Everards. A Dominoes game in full flow when I was there.“
Clembo1957 2967 days ago
50 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“Place is nice, 4 taps are good, but nothing special...“
Sokolov 3106 days ago
82 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“Excellent, if a bit foody, brewpub. Decent service, good selection of guest ales.“
sic1314 3119 days ago
56 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“While it offers 10 pumps of "real"ale, many of them coming from the in house brewery, I was pretty underwhelmed by all of the beers I tried. Nice looking pub, but let down, for me , by what it serves.“
Mjp12 3182 days ago
48 /100 30 MARKET PLACE.
“This is a popular and very busy town centre pub right on the market place, always packed on our visits, the beer range is pretty much unchanging but does have 2 Purity Brewery beers on always in very decent condition. The pub usually has a couple of interesting keg beers available. It is multi roomed with a large restaurant area at the rear which seems very popular. Worth a look.“
imdownthepub 3235 days ago
72 /100 27 - 29 CROMPTON STREET
“Jan '22 Rating 72. I have to say that there has been a tremendous improvement in here since my last visit in 2020. The beer range has improved and the beer was in great condition. Clean, neat and tidy inside, well worth a visit now. Nov ’14 Rating 52. The interest in this pub used to be the beer range, this has become rather tired and predictable now unfortunately. The Paul Pry brewery link seems to have disappeared, most of the guest beers are from Marstons or Greene King now. It is being removed from our Warwick circuit list now as there are better pubs to visit. Dec ’11 Rating 80. A surprisingly old site for a pub one of which has stood here since 1780. The current building is Georgian and provides a great base for visiting Warwick Races, as there are 11 rooms available. There are always a constant rotating supply of guest beers many of which are unusual and hard to find. The name comes from the navvies building the nearby canals who used to buy a tot of rum and a coffee for 4d. Update for Dec ’11 - Now the tap for Paul Pry Brewery, owned by a previous Landlord.“
imdownthepub 3235 days ago
78 /100 12 WEST STREET
“Nov ’14 rating 78. Registered on the Micro Pub data base, this is on the slightly larger end of the genre. It has 2 rooms, 1 to the front and a smaller room at the rear which also homes the only toilet. On our visit on a Friday evening it was absolutely rammed with customers, we had to dodge around trailing legs, dogs, casks etc. to get to the bar. The bar itself is quite small and narrow with a couple of hand pulls and a range of casks behind perspex sheets which makes up the cooling system. 6 regularly changing beers are served, the range on a blackboard above the bar. Watch out for the early closing, 9pm each evening, this is due to the rooms above the pub having residents. All in all a very welcome addition to the Warwick beer scene and a pub we will regularly return to.“
imdownthepub 3235 days ago
72 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“A nice pub quite near the train station with a fresh selection of cask ales including the house brand, Slaughterhouse. There is a small brewery in the back of this quaint, well-kept pub. The pie was particularly good and hit the spot alongside the ales. The locals seemed rather engaging and friendly.“
BeerandBlues2 3427 days ago
80 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“With a combination of the usual suspects from Everards and a couple of beers brewed in house there is no shortage of selection here. It is a bit of a trek from the touristy parts of Warwick but not too far from the train station. When I visited there was a festival in town as well as a small beer festival in the back bar so the place was bustling.

Besides the normal casks (golden, bitter, and mild) you might find some nice surprises. Among the offerings when I stopped in was a very well made altbier as part of a "World Beers" line. Prices were in line with most other places as well so you get a good deal.

The biggest problem is parking. Depending on your timing you may wind up on a side street. You won’t have to pay and display but it can mean a five minute walk either direction. As long as you plan accordingly this should be no big deal (or just come by train).“
Brigadier 3707 days ago
78 /100 27 LAKIN RD
“An awesome brewpub run by Slaughterhouse in combination with Everards. A nicely refurbished pub that has maintained all of its character. A great selection of 10 Slaughterhouse and guest real ales. Good food too. Parking can be an issue but I'd well recommend making the effort to get here to taste the excellent locally brewed Slaughterhouse beers.“
jmgreenuk 4042 days ago
76 /100 66 LOWER CAPE
“A traditional canal-side pub, but probably not for long, given the amount of "regeneration" going on in the vicinity. Nevertheless, a good choice of well-kept ales, with two unique to the pub.“
berkshirejohn 4939 days ago
52 /100 27 - 29 CROMPTON STREET
“4 out of 6 handpumps working on my visit. The atmosphere was rather disappointing, reminding me of a typical 70’s Lounge Bar. The attached restaurant seemed very popular - in fact too popular for me to try.“
berkshirejohn 5052 days ago
44 /100 27 - 29 CROMPTON STREET
“New owners not very welcoming, though staff are. Beer now much too cold“
fredofrog 5629 days ago
78 /100 27 - 29 CROMPTON STREET
“Lovely pub, buzzing with atmosphere, five or six real ales available, both that I had were great, and very friendly. Would heartily recommend the short walk from the centre towards the racecourse to get to this little gem.“
Fin 5747 days ago
72 /100 66 LOWER CAPE
“Visited here Friday 28th December. Both beers I had were excellent, really good nick and served with a smile. Had a tuna baguette, this was massive and in reality would quite easily serve two people. Little bit of a walk from centre of Warwick but great canalside location and well worth it and a deservedly popular pub.“
Fin 5747 days ago
72 /100 27 - 29 CROMPTON STREET
“6 ales on rotating taps. A fine description of the ales on a whiteboard. Friendly atmosphere. I lived there for a night; fine new room, ok breakfast.“
stouby 6106 days ago
62 /100 66 LOWER CAPE
“A pub with a lovely ambiance and a good range of changing beers. The beer is always in great condition. A good place to watch the world go by (on the canal)“
imdownthepub 7148 days ago