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“A quick visit here found real ales from Hop Back, GFB and Summer Lightning, plus Exmoor Fox which we chose and was fine. Very busy pub which seemed popular with locals giving a friendly vibe. Would have loved the time to explore the rooms in this old inventory pub but so many places to go to in a short time.“
gillhalfpint 537 days ago
64 /100 41-43 NEW STREET
“Running out of our allotted time in Salisbury when we came to this bar so didn't get much of a look round. There were 3 Badger beers on when I got in, but Fursty Ferret ran out leaving Tanglefoot and The Dorset Horn. Chose the Dorset Horn which was ok but not a lot of flavour.“
gillhalfpint 537 days ago
78 /100 10-11 OX ROW,
“Busy Fullers pub with a good range of their beers. Chose Fullers Botanist Batch which was very good, and enjoyed it sad outside in the market square. Staff very helpful explaining the beer when serving it.“
gillhalfpint 537 days ago
80 /100 113-117 RAMPART ROAD
“Called in while doing a trip round Salisbury area pubs and found a couple of Downton beers plus Sixpenny Cranbourne Chaser which we tried along with Cross Bay California Dreamin, both of which were good. Loved the beer garden at the rear.“
gillhalfpint 537 days ago
74 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“This pub is said to be where Hop Back brewery started, and we found there was a full range of their beers available, Crop Circle .. GHB .. Citra .. Summer Lightning and Taiphoon. We chose and enjoyed the Taiphoon.“
gillhalfpint 537 days ago
64 /100 10-11 OX ROW,
“Located in city center. good stop if You walking around the town. good quality of ciders“
ResinousChalice29 595 days ago
68 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“Cosy community pub just of the A36. Quite a few locals chatting at the bar on a Sunday lunchtime. Choice of 6 or 7 Hopback beers on cask, in good condition“
Cheeseboard 656 days ago
64 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“If I ever go to Salisbury again, I shall return to this pub. I remember it in the days when the microbrewery was still in the cellar.“
NeverBinge 753 days ago
76 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“Visited July 2017. Friendly pub offering the consistently good Hop Back beers at good prices. My favourite pub in Salisbury, even if it is a bit of a walk from the city centre.“
downender 993 days ago
68 /100 1 NEW STREET
“Visited on a Friday evening, not very busy, one pump was not used, and when ordering 6x was told that was not on. Had food available good portions and at a reasonable price.“
joe19612 1202 days ago
“Like so many other Wetherspoons the Kings Head occupies a fine building in the centre of town. This one is 10 minutes walk from Salisbury station and a short distance to the Cathedral. It serves as a hotel as well so it’s not as spacious as it looks from the outside but there is still plenty of seating over the 2 floors. Unfortunately, and maybe due to the timing of my visit (the last weekend before Xmas), many of the ales were off so the selection was not great. Obviously they still had all the beers that you usually see in JDW pubs, and there was enough to choose from. Considering it was quite busy the staff were efficient and friendly and served the beers well. There are definitely better and more interesting pubs in Salisbury but as far as Wetherspoons go this one is still not bad.“
nocheinbier 1409 days ago
“As with all Wetherspoon’s, there are strong pros and cons. The ambience varies from beautiful building next to the river during the day to extremely rowdy on a Thursday / Friday night. Service is usually poor, I’ve been given the wrong drink before and the waits can be really long at the weekend. Value for money is obviously the main benefit, and a large range of beers (4-5 real ales on tap and at least as many lagers, along with a good bottled selection) mean that it definitely has its place.“
explosivedog 1538 days ago
56 /100 10-11 OX ROW,
“Decent selection of Fuller’s, with two from cask and another two from keg. Several other taps as well, both cask and keg. It’s a very middle class establishment, and perhaps they think they can get away with higher prices because of that. I do not agree.“
explosivedog 1546 days ago
64 /100 33 WILTON RD.
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon in September 2015. A short stroll from the station get you here. It’s got a decent range of beer on from across the UK, all was well kept and decently priced. Staff were friendly and served the beer quickly. Ambiance a little let down with TVs blaring golf that no-one appeared interested in. It’s a little rough and ready but worth a look if you’re in town.“
WingmanWillis 1872 days ago
“We visited this Wetherspoons on Monday 7th September on our way back from the excellent End of the Road Festival. It is a large place, I believe it’s a Hotel also (had an hotel entrance) so presumably a Wetherlodge or whatever it is that they call them. It’s situated quite close to the centre, however I am not so familiar with Salisbury (first visit in 15 years or so) so layout wise I cannot explain exactly where it is situated suffice to say it is right next to the river and en route to the cathedral. As mentioned it’s pretty big but appears to be one large room layout albeit with alcoves here and there. There may have been some additional seating upstairs I’m not sure as I just nipped up to use the toilets. We only came here for breakfast so I didn’t take a great deal of notice of the beer choice but did note a local flavour with Stonehenge on tap. The chap/manager who served us was really friendly, happy and smiling and very helpful, ensuring that we knew where things were. Breakfast (we always go for the vegetarian option) as ever was absolutely fine and arrived swiftly, this place was realty popular with others doing exactly the same. Ok so it’s a JDW, however it was fine and looking at the other places on Ratebeer it would score highly for me if I was here for the day as the top two places don’t open until late afternoon grrrr....“
Fin 1878 days ago
58 /100 41-43 NEW STREET
“Wandered into this pub by accident. Looks very nice from outside. Traditional, cozy pub with wooden beams all over the place, some of them are pretty low so mind your head. Beer selection is limited to 3 Badger casks and several mainstream beers like Carlsberg and Fosters. Not a bad place to have a quick pint, but certainly not essential.“
Iznogud 1887 days ago
“Visited at 430 pm on Wednesday, 19th March 2015 during the spring beer fest. The King’s Head is pleasing on the on eye from the outside, not your typical Spoons shop conversion but a large stone building situated on the banks of the river right on the edge of the city centre and a 6/7 minute walk from the station. Quite a rabbits Warren on the inside, one large room hosting the L-shaped bar and I noted at least 2 separate rooms beyond the left of the bar and in addition to that a sizeable upstairs room affording views of the bar. Decoration is typical Spoons although I detected an art deco feel with some of the curved styling and also some of the furniture pieces. At the business end 6 festival beers were on offer, 4 of which were collabs, plus the usual house beers. The place wasn’t too busy but was ticking over with a largely older crowd ordering meals. Service was fine, festival tray for 3 beers was offered and numbered, first time in 3 visits to spoons during the current fest! Overall a decent spoons, great old building, interesting interior and as good a selection as you’d expect.“
Theydon_Bois 2052 days ago
“Place absolutely heaving on a Saturday lunchtime whilst the Salisbury Christmas market was on, so possibly not seeing it at its best. All due credit to the staff though who were working pretty much at a permanent run and managing to keep the queues down whilst still managing to keep a smile and a bit of friendly banter going despite being obviously exhausted, poor things. Ten handpumps serving the usual ’Spoons list plus one local Flack Manor beer. Nice location with some outside seating overlooking the river; inside the ground floor is a large rambling affair; the balcony floor above is pleasantly sunny with nice views up the river if you get the right table. Unfortunately today despite the hardworking staff the pub was definitely looking a bit the worse for wear but this was clearly down to sheer volume of customers; on a quieter day this definitely looks like it could be one of the nicer ’Spoons.“
wheresthepath 2155 days ago
70 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“Former house of the Hop Back Brewery, now only pub. Wide range of Hop Back brews on cask, with some few others mainstream kegs. Some little but interesting bottle selection, with some locals (Downton Brewery. We tried a nice 9% Imp. Stout from them). Friendly regulars. Peculiar but nice and fun atmosphere. Nice place.“
Lowenbrau 2202 days ago
74 /100 69 BROWN STREET
“Old Pub, with some interesting stories behind, that nowadays is a thai restaurant, but also a british pub. 2 casks, 4 kegs, 1 cider tap, along with some local bottles (Stonehenge). Nice warm atmosphere, friendly beer loving regulars. A pitty we couldn´t stay there as much as we wanted to.“
Lowenbrau 2202 days ago
“Also a hotel as well as a Lloyd’s Bar in the Wetherspoon chain, this might not be the best place to stay for a quiet early night’s sleep at the weekend in Salisbury. It is however a pub built in a fine post-Tudor brick style on a lovely setting by the river, which if the weather is agreeable makes for a great place for a drink. The place itself is a twin floored open plan room with a mainly traditional look and design although parts of it resembled a chapel in areas, but a convivial enough venue. I was here early on a sunny Sunday afternoon and it was a busy enough place already at this time. It has two rows of ale pumps that were full of festival ales at the time.“
ManVsBeer 2273 days ago
82 /100 33 WILTON RD.
“I have to admit I am overdue a visit but felt I had to add it as I was gob-smacked this pub was not on RB! A great eccentric landlord who thankfully insists on always having a black beer on (mild/stout/porter). Beers change frequently and are usually from microbreweries, some local some from further afield. By far the best pub in town whenever I’ve visited Salisbury. A lot of railway memorabilia including a proper loud train horn with an air compressor which often goes off at last orders! A brilliant eccentric yet friendly pub.“
b727trijet 2337 days ago
66 /100 69 BROWN STREET
“Table booked by two mates who live in Salisbury and use this place on a very regular basis. Food lovely, two Real Ales on offer and well though of by the local CAMRA bunch. Swimming Rama being my meal choice, Salisbury English Ale the beer I had with it. Small, cramped but fun, is it a pub, or is it a restaurant? It’s both and gets very busy very often according to my local friends. You are welcome for just a drink, but be expected to move from a table if someone wants to eat!“
BlackHaddock 2573 days ago
62 /100 10-11 OX ROW,
“Rating from a few years ago. It was a great place to have lunch after walking around the market area. As I recall the food was quite nice. Trust FatPhil on the beers!“
bhensonb 2669 days ago
70 /100 69 BROWN STREET
“An unusual conversion of a pub into a Thai restaurant, while still retaining the feel of an English pub. Excellent service, as you’d expect. the food looked good, and was clearly popular, although I didn’t try it on this visit; and a couple of cask ales, and some less common kegs as well.“
berkshirejohn 2886 days ago
74 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“A cosy pub and the former home of the Hop Back brewery. A good range of Hop Back beers are served in fine condition at very reasonable prices. Worth visiting.“
SaintMatty 2968 days ago
80 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“Well away from the tourist area, this pub is worth walking out to find. It sells Hop Back beers (four different) and one guest (plus lager etc), on draught, along with Hop Back bottled beers and a fine selection of Non-UK should you require a change. The locals are friendly and like a beer or two. The music is heavy/rock (well it has been on my 3 visits), Black Sabbath yesterday (23 Aug 2006). The walls are full of beer posters, along with notices about up and coming events (like local beer fests etc). One wall is dedicated to CAMRA awards which the pub and Hop Back have won over the years. This pub was the original brewery, but it had to move because it could not cope with the demand of its beers. Track this place down if you are visiting Salisbury. “
BlackHaddock 3137 days ago
78 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“A quintessential backstreet pub - and excelletn beers as well. A must visit even though it’s on the outskirts of the town. No guest beer when I was there but a well-kept range of Hop Back beers available, and a very welcome coal fire!“
berkshirejohn 3201 days ago
54 /100 10-11 OX ROW,
“Added mostly in response to ChrisO’s comment on how hard it is to fund good pubs which do food on another Salisbury pub review. This may not be the best beer pub in town, but with 6 quality real ales from respected brewies including one I’d not had before (a Ringwood), and the best pint of Exmoor Gold I’ve ever had, and a good pub-grub menu, this will probably keep the non-ticker very happy over a lunchtime. Lovely traditional pub just off the old market area. Friendly and co-operative staff. Beer very tasty, likewise food, and very centrally located. Heading to Salisbury town centre? This place is win.“
FatPhil 3598 days ago
82 /100 69 BROWN STREET
“Got it from the Good Beer Guide and I was happy to have gone there. Very friendly staff. Not a large but interesting selection with some local cask ales. The food was excellent value for my money. I would certainly go back there if I was in Salisbury.“
jbrus 4466 days ago
72 /100 69 BROWN STREET
“After a rainy walk through Salisbury, it was nice to enter this pub and have some Stonehenge beers. When the barman found out I was a little into beer, he got even friendlier than before. Unfortunately, we had been eating that evening, so we didn’t try the food, but the other guestes seemed pretty pleased.“
yngwie 4884 days ago
64 /100 27 ESTCOURT ROAD
“As the original home of Hop Bcak brewery, one of the first of the new wave of British brewpubs, a visit here has almost pilgrimage status. Now, although Hop Back still owns the pub, brewing has long since moved to a bigger site and, apart from the Hop Back beers (five on tap plus a guest) what remains is a friendly, but basic, street corner boozer. As its still regarded as the brewery tap, quality is, as expected, very good. There’s a no smoking room that accepts children. No food to speak of. Convivial atmosphere. Architecturally it's nothing to shout about but it does have a homely feel. In fact, going up the carpeted stairs to the toilets does actually feel like going into someone's house. Definitely worth a visit. Pay attention to the variable opening hours. In fact, Salisbury is particularly well supplied with decent pubs that don’t open at lunchtime during the week. Which is very frustrating if that’s when you happen to be there.“
chriso 5266 days ago
82 /100 69 BROWN STREET
“Stonehenge beers and excellent Thai food. Nice atmosphere. Cosy pub.“
SilkTork 5730 days ago
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