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82 /100 74-5598 LUHIA STREET
“Brew pub with food. Didn’t eat but those with me said it was good. Beer is solid, so was service.“
furthur 468 days ago
70 /100 75-5815 ALII DR
“Surprisingly solid craft beer place for a bar in a place as tourist-heavy as Kona. Probably about 1/2 of the taps are Hawaiian, heavy on Big Island stuff when I was there (which is a good thing to be heavy in). Rest is largely west coast mainland stuff. Nothing particularly rare but given the emphasis on Hawaiian stuff, odds are you'll find something you haven't had. Didn't try the food but menu looks solid. A bit loud but honestly all things considered more grown-up than I expected.“
WestCoastHawkeye 644 days ago
72 /100 74-5598 LUHIA STREET
“This is in a strip mall kind of near Kona Brewing. I went for the unique Untappd badge. So they had a bunch of IPAs (which were at least varied - single, double, triple, brut, milkshake) and a handful of house beers (the vanilla porter was quite solid). They also have some ciders which I wish I'd tried. Food is seafood and salads. What I had was fine, but Kona is much better for that. Really Kona Brewing has more diversity of styles and is more experimental. Kona is also just more balanced. These guys are a reasonable fallback if Kona Brewing is too packed though. Don't regret visiting. Lots of space too.“
WestCoastHawkeye 646 days ago
78 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“It's a legit brewpub in a place that's kind of paradise. Large outdoor area and then an indoor area with air conditioning. Got there like right after it opened, which was key as this filled up very quickly (when we left at 12:30 there was quite a bit of a line). Upscale pub-type food (I was very happy with my pizza, which they were able to do without cheese because I'm weird). All the Kona stuff you see everywhere on draft, plus a bunch of stuff you see less commonly and then some stuff they're playing around with - basically what you want out of a brewpub. Best thing I had was a blonde stout where I was the fourth untappd reviewer to give you a sense for how little some of the stuff they put on draft is distributed. Was expecting disappointment here and was very pleasantly surprised. This place is legit. If you're on the big island at all you'll probably go by Kona and you owe it to yourself to stop here.“
WestCoastHawkeye 646 days ago
70 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Not about super stylish brand new beer positions but good“
MaltKeep21 852 days ago
68 /100 75-5815 ALII DR
“Large place, open front facing the harbor and the beach volleyball court outside (sadly empty when I visited). Large taplist, decent representation of Hawaiian beers plus some larger West Coast stuff. Tasty pub food, friendly service. The major challenge is parking, plus the small harbor road was being repaired when I visited, so traffic was nearly at a standstill. Might be better to park at any of the small malls or shops with entrances a block northeast on Kuakini Highway and walk down, even an Uber or Lyft would be trapped here.“
Travlr 1236 days ago
70 /100 75-5669 ALI'I DR
“Disclaimer: this place does NOT brew beer. But after a disappointing visit to Kona Brewing, I found this place on Untappd since it's a verified venue. On the harbor near the Marriott end, you can easily miss it walking by - look for the sign and the stair leading up to the bar, which has a huge deck overlooking the water and a darker but still pleasant bar in the back. 17 of their 20 taps were from Hawaiian breweries, and no just Kona! They had Maui, of course, but also Mehana, Big Island and the contract brewed Hawaii Nui. Non HI taps were Four Peaks and Elysian. They had a house beer called "Pali Uli Golden Ale" from "Paradise Brewing Company" which of course is just this bar. Staff said it was brewed elsewhere but they didn't know where. Points off for that. My guess would be Kona, but a brief online search yielded no info. Food was decent, I had a tasty and fresh burger. Worth a stop if nearby.“
Travlr 1246 days ago
46 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“This place confused my GPS but I eventually found it by going way past it to a side street and coming up behind it. There is a growler stand outside that has different hour than the restaurant. Next thing you see is the gift shop and it was jam packed with a long line. So I headed to the restaurant and it was jam packed with a long line (Sunday around 1 PM). So i went through the restaurant to the bar, which was jam packed with a long line. Checked the beerlist and I had had everything on it, most things I had seen on tap on every island. So I bailed. Saw that flights were available. Pizzas looked more like bready cakes, the rest of the food looked OK. Very commercial place. Good match for ABInBev I'd say. At least it looks like they're brewing in Hawaii, apparently they used to ship all their beer in. Oh well, extra points for that.“
Travlr 1246 days ago
82 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“We had a late dinner there on a busy Wednesday night. Good service, great selection of beers. The atmosphere is Hawaii, so that’s tough to mess up. The food was good too. The prices seem normal for the area.“
Fatehunter 1418 days ago
84 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Ambiance, cmon, under the umbrella in Hawaii?! Service was a little slow, but this place is hoppin. Didn’t order food, but it smelled good. Build your own samplers. Beer is great!“
furthur 1557 days ago
84 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“A must when visiting Kona.The tour was not something special but the bar is really nice.Good beers and really tasty food.Highly recommend for dinner or lunch.“
Owl83 1677 days ago
70 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Late lunch and beers after a snorkel tour. I definitely agree with Jow’s opinion regarding the oddly corporate feel about the place. The pizza and fish tacos were both excellent, and the beers were tasty. I would have liked to have seen a couple of guest taps, but that’s not really a make or break thing for me. Definitely a go-to place on the Big Island.“
piscator34 1838 days ago
78 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Love the Paradise IPA and the hops to top it off“
ThomasRohde 1952 days ago
88 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Great brewery. Food outstanding (go with the pot roast). Nice selection of more intense beers than used to from Kona Brewing...nicely done. Can’t wait to go back.“
sawbuck 1971 days ago
80 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Stopped in after a few hours in tattoo chair. Kinda corporate feel but it is a bug brewery and it’s still pretty cool. All main stays and 5 seasonal a on so that’s cool. Friendly but busy staff. Food was quite good. Beers are solid and I needed a drink“
Jow 1990 days ago
72 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“It was 95 with 80% humidity when we visited and this place has no A/C. This may skew my review. We found a place to sit near the bar and I ordered a beer from the bartender. The waitress then scolded me for not ordering from her an said if we didn’t want to order from her, we would have to move. Not a great start. Finally, we settled in, ordered some pizza and more beer. The beer was cold an the pizza good. The outside patio seemed nice if it had been cooler and there is WIFI available.“
kathouse 2052 days ago
74 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Nice selection of seasonals to complement the more widely available beers. Build-your-own flights made it easy to sample everything we hadn’t had before, though still else nothing near as good as the Koko Brown.“
dfinney23 2124 days ago
74 /100 75-5815 ALII DR
“Ambiance is pretty generic unless you’re sitting on the balcony watching the surf and/or sunset. Great beer list (for Kona) and though I don’t think it’s mentioned on the menu they’ll do reasonably priced 4oz tasters of anything on tap. Very good pizzas.“
dfinney23 2125 days ago
88 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“I have been here several times and always enjoyed it. I’ve always sat out on the lushly landscaped patio, which is lovely. The beer selection is good and the hoppy beers I’ve ordered are always enjoyable. My server is always willing to bring me a sample or two to help me decide what to order. The food has always been good. A recommended stop for sure.“
jenray 2190 days ago
84 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“These guys never disappoint! This is their head brewpub, the second one you can find on Oahu. Brews are perfect!“
Sokolov 2208 days ago
46 /100
Kona Wine Market (Beer Store)
74-5450 MAKALA BLVD, STE 104
“ I’m not sure how this will measure up to other liquor stores as it is the first I’ve been to in Kona. Their selection is very small and everything is very overpriced. This could be the norm idk. But a 6 pack of any Kona brewing beer is $12. A 750 mL of knob creek is $50. A bomber of sculpin was $13. Walmart had a much better selection but I didn’t glance at prices there.“
mhill2079 2259 days ago
58 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“February 2013: First of all it’s great to find a brewery on Big Island, this place is close to paradise. We are staying in the Marriott across the street and are visting this place for almost a week. The beer garden is very green and nice. The service outside is mediocre, some staff is very friendly, others are rude. Although the bar inside is small, I prefer sitting here, good service and nice people. The food is ok, Pizza is the best choice, sandwiches are average, once they served me a cold one. Most of the beers are light, which is not negative considering the hot temperature here. We liked the Lavaman Red Ale, the Hula Weizen and the Castaway IPA. Overall I absolutely recommend this place when you come to this island! December 2014: We were here again end of December 2014. Nothing really has changed, same bar, decoration, no real beer innovation, strange service (some of the personnel is really good though, the guys behind the bar are extremely nice, seems they are from a different universe). This time we wanted to join the brewery tour, unfortunately it was sold out. I asked whether I can have a brief look in their brew house just to take a picture and I was told this is impossible due to their insurance policy. I told them how much we are into beer and whether we can join the tour although we have not booked and the guy reiterated that’s impossible due to their insurance policy. Very sad experience, seems they are in the insurance business rather in the beer business and should focus more on beer innovations. What a difference friendly people can make. Will never forget several years ago when the brewmaster of Bridgeport in Portland, a so much better brewery than Kona, gave us a brewery tour at 11 pm only because we asked if it’s ok to take a picture of his brewhouse. Hope the influence of Budweiser will not become even stronger on the Kona attitude.“
Schlenkerla 2293 days ago
72 /100 75-5815 ALII DR
“We visited this bar the first time 20.12.2014 and several times thereafter. Very nice large outside bar with a great view onto the sea, a special place during sunset. Beer selection is quite good, roughly 40 draft beers including the local Hawaiien breweries, Dechuttes, Coronado, Iron Fist, Mission, Sierra Nevada Celebration and many other good ales. Highlight was the peanut butter stout from the Belching Beaver brewery. Food is very decent, liked the fish sandwich most. The service spans from very nice and beer knowledgable to unfriendly and slow. The bar is open until 1.30 am which is very unique for the sleepy Kona, where most of the bars shut down at 10 pm. Overall certainly the best beer place in Kona.“
Schlenkerla 2303 days ago
66 /100 75-5815 ALII DR
“I think this was my favourite of all 3 Humpys. Service is on island time, but friendly. You sit outside, and there’s a decent range of beers, better than the ones in ANC. On the big island, this is a place I’d go to a lot.“
Oakes 2315 days ago
52 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“The big Kona brewery made us wait to avoid letting us have a happy hour, which was weak. They had a bunch of seasonals that were interesting. Service was fine once we got to the bar. Food looked bad so we didn’t eat.“
Oakes 2315 days ago
56 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“A sprawling and rather impressive complex. Several of the seasonal beers were good, so it’s definitely worth coming. Too bad about the bad management, though. We came during happy hour, and they were empty. Just a few tables were taken. But they told several parties before us, and several after us, we would have to wait 20 minutes for a table. We sauntered up to the bar instead. See, it occurred to me: they stall people to let the clock run out on happy hour. Even at the bar, service was deadly slow and unnecessarily neglectful. What they call happy hour becomes shortened into a few frustrating, moderately contented minutes. Begrudgingly, I would recommend the place, and would likely return when on Big Island. Did not eat here, and probably would not. Worth noting that although the beers aren’t as good, the vibe, service, and especially the view at Humpy’s are far superior and it’s pretty close by...“
Beershine 2383 days ago
86 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“This place is a must stop if on the Big Island. Stopped by on vacation celebrating a couple of different events with my partner and we each had a sampler and split an appetizer. Nice variety of beers not seen in bottles on the mainland, most noticeably a special IPA and a Saison, as well as a mild ale, Lemongrass Luau. Bartenders were both pretty chatty and helpful as far as suggesting other restaurants and beer joints on the Island. Food we had was good, and it seemed that every couple that sat next to us was on their honeymoon. Great stop, nice bar, good staff, outside dining also. Update: Stopped back for dinner, great Kale salad, good pizza with a spent grain crust!“
larryLSB 2390 days ago
86 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Go here for the beer and the food. The decor and ambiance are great despite being at the back of an industrial complex with no ocean view. Maybe they’ll build up on the roof top in the future and catch the view and the breezes. That would be awesome. Catch some beers here that are not bottled and shipped. I loved the stouts. Excellent. Tucked away just a couple minutes from Alii drive and definitely worth the visit if you like great beer and good food. Have a growler? Get it filled at the walk up window in the parking lot. No need to brave the crowd inside to get awesome brew to go.“
Renntag 2436 days ago
60 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Nice laid back atmosphere. Waitress was friendly and attentive. Pizza was pretty good. Beer was average. Nice outside seating with a/c indoor seating. Overall this was a bit pricey for what you get but worth the trip.“
Salmoniform 2466 days ago
76 /100 75-5815 ALII DR
“This is a pretty cool place right on the main drag and overlooks the ocean & volleyball court. Nice lanai seating outside and over 30 beers on tap. Food was decent but a bit high compared to the main land. Service was great.“
Salmoniform 2471 days ago
82 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Can’t beat the location.“
jimderek 2515 days ago
92 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“A great place to go and have a beer, and a specially made one too. Many times they have one-offs that you can’t get anywhere else but the brewery. Food is pretty good too. Great place to hangout and have a beer on the Big Island.“
TXBadger 2540 days ago
62 /100
Kona Wine Market (Beer Store)
74-5450 MAKALA BLVD, STE 104
“Unassuming storefront in a modern strip mall across from Target, we literally stumbled upon this place looking for sushi immediately after our arrival at the airport. Small, and wine focused, but having about 100 bottles of beer on offer, the weight of which goes toward imports. The proprietor has done a great job keeping the quality high. Prices are higher than average, but I guess that’s the norm for the islands? Very eager staff, but their knowledge is definitely wine oriented.“
DuffMan 2581 days ago
86 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“One of our favourite places in our 2 week visit to the islands. We waited for nearly an hour to be seated and it was worth it. Great food (delicious fish tacos), and great beers, fun vibe (but BUSY!), I’d come back for sure.“
DuffMan 2581 days ago
90 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Nice open bar area. Seating to the side and back. Food is better than standard pub fare. Service was excellent. Kinda hard to find. You can see it but getting there is a chore. Worth the effort. Plenty of beers to choose from. Even gluten free offerings. I’ve only been during the day. I hope I can go back.“
decaturstevo 2871 days ago
86 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“A beer drinker’s paradise! The beer is good, the surroundings even better. Food is delicious and staff is friendly. Rotating taps.“
HenrikK 2889 days ago
78 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“This place feels more like a restaurant than a brewpub to me. The beers are good, the food is too. I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t take any bottled beer with me (you can only get growlers filled). We sat outside and it started to rain just before our meal arrived. Luckily we could be moved to another table as half of our table got spraid on. Just so that you’re aware.“
jvdijk99 2902 days ago
86 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“Had my wife and her family walk what seemed like three miles to get to this place...for me, it was well worth it. Probably can’t say the same for them! Just got some samples of what they had available. Nothing too aggressive or unique but all really polished. Beautiful location set in a tropical paradise. Playful and relaxed atmosphere. Wish we were at a hotel close...could have lived here during the trip!“
BOLTZ7555 3306 days ago
84 /100 75-5815 ALII DR
“Happy Hour was fantastic here...3 dollar draft for regular micro brews. The view from the top floor patio was awesome. The waitress was prettty good and we got our food really fast. The beer menu is better than everything else in Kona with stuff like Sierra nevada bigfoot and Deschutes stuff. Overall, a good find.“
patricks110 3376 days ago
84 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“This place is pretty awesome. I enjoyed trying all the brews here especially the Imperial Coffee stout. The service is pretty awesome and the food is utterly amazing. Overall, a really great place for a few brews.“
patricks110 3376 days ago
68 /100 75-5815 ALII DR
“As far as tropical destinations go this place is fairly good. Thirty beers on tap mostly pnw micros and some locals. The place has a top notch view of the ocean and is probably a great place to catch a sunset. The menu, at least as far as I tested it was pretty good, and they are kid friendly. The server was attentive and somewhat knowledgable. Overall a pretty good find on the Big Island.“
frink 3559 days ago
88 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“(Visited 12/2010): Visited Kona during a stop on the big island on our cruise vacation. We walked to the brewpub from one of the stops on a bus tour. Kona is located at the crossroads of Kuakini Highway and Palani Rd. Parking looked to be ample around the facility. Kona’s atmosphere both inside and out is about all you could want in a Hawaiian brewpub. From the gigantic tank in the outdoor waiting area, gift booth, patio, and restaurant inside it is all welcoming and beer-centric. They also offer regular tours as long as you sign up in time at the host stand. The tour is informative and ends with samples. The color scheme inside can best be described as mustard ’n’ Tang and there are surfboards and fans. The beer selection at Kona is solid, from standard offerings to brewpub-exclusive beers. Some of the brews on tap when we visited included Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Sand Porter, Da Grind Buzz Kona Coffee Imperial Stout, Small Kine Bitter, Big Island Ginger Beer and Old Blowhole Barley Wine. All of Kona’s beers are well-made. They also sell bottles like the Oceanic Organic Ale. Service all around, from the hostess to the gift shop guy to the tour guide to the servers is very good. Food at Kona is good as well. My wife and I both enjoyed our dishes. Overall I would highly recommend anyone visiting the Big Island to find a way to visit this brewpub. It is a paradise within a paradise.“
Dogbrick 3566 days ago
68 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“First off, the beer here is SO much better than their bottled stuff on the mainland. And they have so many more varieties! The whole setup is very tropical and beautiful, and their efforts to "go green" are impressive. The food is very good and they use their own beer in many of their recipes. The brewery tour was fun and informative, but i would have like a few more samples at the end. (wouldn’t we all?!) On the downside, the service was pretty bad. We were basically ignored once it became clear we were not ordering a full meal that day or lots of beer. It was a bit of a turnoff.“
jedinord 3919 days ago
88 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“I love this place- very good beer, top notch pizzas, outdoor patio with a beer garden atmosphere. The only way it could be better is if it had an ocean view. The value is good for Hawaii where everything tends to be expensive, but seems expensive compared to mainland prices.“
sailracer 3942 days ago
76 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“best restaurant on the big island. great atmosphere. it was a very nice surprise when we weren’t expecting superior bars/restaurants.“
jtschwinn97 4048 days ago
88 /100 75-5629 KUAKINI HWY
“I mean this is located in Hawaii, near the water, how can the ambiance not be great? Also points for the ’small’ feel to it, and I liked the wood decor. Service was great, scheduled us for a tour later in the day, waiters, bartenders and tour guides were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Selection was awesome, 14 taps going with 4 specials that change regularly. The tap-only selections were outstanding. Food was decent. Everyone enjoyed their meal. Sandwich / burger type fare mainly. Value - well we are talking Hawaii here, no more expensive then anywhere else. Great place to visit, highly recommended.“
jb 4069 days ago
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