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74 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“I was really looking forward to visiting this place after reading the reviews and getting some word of mouth feedback from friends who had recently been to the island. Unfortunately, I found the experience a bit of a letdown. The place itself is very cool and the service was excellent, but the beers were just...meh (with a couple exceptions) and the food was okay but nothing amazing. They do a lot of different beers, so you can really rack up the ticks here. Flights of 5 for about $3 a pop. They bring the beers out to you in a muffin tin, so that's kind of cute. Would give this another shot to see if I was just here on an off day or maybe I was having an off day.“
brokensail 358 days ago
88 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“The food was really good, tasty burgers and unique. They had 18 beers on tap and the prices were great for Hawaii. In addition, none of the beers I had were bad and most were quite tasty. Probably my favorite Hawaiian brewery.“
dwyerpg 417 days ago
80 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“This was my favorite place on the Big Island. Kona is great but the beer here was better - both places try a ton of different styles but these guys are this weird mix of Hawaiian and boozy in terms of flavors (didn't hit their light stuff for the heat / humidity but they have that too). Favorite thing here was a coconut cream ale which is something that really needs to be hooked into me intravenously. Otherwise they do a bunch of stuff well (had good porter, belgian, scotch ale, gose here) but the closest to a home run was the aforementioned coconut cream ale (I usually don't like cream ales). Taster flights are 5 3.5 oz pours and the service staff knows their stuff. Food is this Hawaiian / Mexican fusion stuff (heavier on the Mexican, but there are clearly Hawaiian influences) and is pretty excellent. Waimea is away from the resorts a bit - it's apparently where the rich people on the Big Island live. Worth a stop as the drive is pretty in any event. But if you're a beer geek (and why are you reading this review if you're not), you need to check this place out and compare it to Kona. They are both excellent locations but I would take this one (my fiancee disagreed, but that's more praise for Kona than anything wrong with this place).“
WestCoastHawkeye 1133 days ago
52 /100
Foodland - Waimea (Grocery Store)
“There's not a lot in Waimea other than Big Island Brewhaus and this place, and a handful of restaurants. I kind of like it that way, few tourists. Beers are in the near corner past the cash registers. The usual selection found at most Foodlands, but this one had Nani Moon mead whichI hadn't seen at the others. Don't forget to get your discount card, all you have to do is give them your phone number.“
Travlr 1735 days ago
86 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“Holy cow this might be my favorite place in Hawaii, or at least in the top handful. I happened to stay at an AirBnB just a few blocks away owned by one of their former barmen, Gonzo. Good karma there. The place is on the main road through town. Parking is very tight, I got lost, had to turn around in a cemetery, and finally parked on the lawn of the church next door. I am told you could also park at the gym attached to the church, or at the gas station across the street. It's worth the effort. The brewhaus is in back, you'll see it if you circle the place looking for parking like I did. Inside is a small L-shaped bar with a few into the kitchen, some restaurant tables, and covered wrap-around porch tables with table service. 20 house beers on offer plus bottles of Erdinger (wow, I've been to the brewery in Erding!) and of course the ubiquitous Orval. Flight of five 4 ounce pours are possible, or pints, or goblets of the higher abv stuff. Food is tasty Mexiwaiian. Staff knew the beers and the beer scene well. Other patrons included some geeky but friendly scientists from the local observatory. Far off the beaten tourist track, but that's why I chose it, and I'm glad I did.“
Travlr 1735 days ago
88 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“Really good food and really good beer.After a long day of driving it felt like a reward.Their ipa’s are really good.“
Owl83 2167 days ago
70 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“Stopped in for dinner. Very laid back place. A couple of people jamming outside (live music on a Friday). My wife enjoyed that they serve margaritas, but the beer was consistently average. Tried four, and my favorite was Tall, Dark, and Mandarin (Imp Stout). The rest were not notable. The food had good flavor, but they really need to work on the details. Soup was served cold, one sample of beer was served half full, and they forgot the dressing on the salad. If they get the details down, this would be a great place to stop in for a bite and a drink. As of now, they show promise, but need work.“
Mr_Abner 2343 days ago
74 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“Stopped in on way back to resort after a mule ride through waipo valley which is awesome. Fine little spot very limited parking. Decor is laid back. Tacos were decent service was friendly. 12 drafts I got a sampler most were just average though. Still if your in Waimea no reason not to stop.“
Jow 2482 days ago
64 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“Cute place. It was full inside. We took a table on the outdoor patio, which was fine but had less character than the inside. Service was slower to arrive out there, but perfectly friendly. The food was alright, not as good as it sounded on the menu but still fun. The beers were decent. We went during happy hour and ordered pints because it’s a better value versus samplers.“
Beershine 2867 days ago
88 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“Stopped by on the way from Kona to Hilo early Sunday afternoon. So far, this is one of the best on the Islands. We each had samplers, then dug into the food, which was very good and reasonably priced for the Islands. Beers were all good to excellent, got to try a few of their specials, and the brewer Tom was around so got to meet him and chat for a bit. He is doing great things there. If you find yourself up that way stop by, and it is worth a day trip to go up there. Staff is very knowledgable about the beers made there and by the time we left the place was packed. Nice Hawaiian vibes.“
larryLSB 2877 days ago
72 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“Nice beer selection. Rather small inside bar area and tables. Tables outside are nice on a pleasant day. Out of several beers but still quite a few on tap. Plenty of parking mid afternoon. Getting a seat at the bar for more than one could be tough. I would stop in anytime for a beer.“
decaturstevo 3337 days ago
78 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“Very good brewpub with a lot of nice local people. The beers are quite good. They had a good smoked lager, an Irish Red which they tap with Nitro, a good Red IPA and some other nice beers. This is the best brewery on Big Island when it comes to beer selection and quality. They have mainly Mexican food which is ok. Overall a great beer place you should not miss when you are on the island.“
Schlenkerla 3474 days ago
88 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“The night I visited, 13 beers on tap in a tantalizing variety of styles including Pale Ales, Belgian Ales, Wheat, Lager, and a Smoked Bach. I chose the Dark Sabbath Belgian Strong Ale and followed that with the White Mountain Porter and was not disappointed. The menu is Mexican and the service was friendly. The fish tacos were fine, nothing to rave about...but the beer was great and that is what I came for. “
PLohbauer 3498 days ago
80 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“This is a fantastic little brewery. Tasty, above-average beer, and a great selection of beer, too. I think they had 10 to 12 house brews on tap when I visited, plus some guest taps. Oh, and two of the house beers on tap during my visit were very well-made Belgians, which surprised me. Good/friendly service, albeit a little slow because it was busy. Mexican food is unique and tasty. Ambiance is comfortable and artsy (think Mountain Sun in Boulder), but it’s a little cramped, especially when it gets busy. Oh, and it gets a little loud, acoustically. Overall, if you’re in the area, this is a must-stop. Come to think of it, even if you’re not in the area, it’s still worth the one-hour drive from Kailua-Kona.“
Aubrey 3889 days ago
82 /100 64-1066 MAMALAHOA HWY
“An excellent spot in the middle of seemingly nowhere. Currently, it is just a restaurant with an excellent selection of craft beer. But soon they will be brewing their own! I was very excited to find several Hawai’ian beers on draft, including Maui Coconut Porter! The food was excellent, the service very friendly and knowledgeable. Absolutely worth the drive from Kona or Hilo if you are on the Big Island.“
jedinord 4409 days ago