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66 /100 POSTPLATZ 1-4
“Note that this is the Fuerstenberg brewery ausschank, and the brewery is just behind the restaurant. The food is pretty nicely done and delicious. Great slad bar too. We came out on the Black Forest Railway just to see the view and decided to come here for lunch and beers. They had mostly their own beers, plus a couple others, and they are attempting craft styles now too. Note that the menus outside might not list all the beers available, so it is best to ask if they have anything else. Not worth a special trip, as you can get their beers all over the area, but a nice place if you happen to be here.“
KyotoLefty 1425 days ago
68 /100 POSTPLATZ 1-4
“Visited for a few hours on an overcast Sunday afternoon in July ’11. We sat outside the front and worked our way through the Furstenberg range. I also remember the Hopefner Porter as a bit of a rare beast in Deutschland! Service was good, good range of beers and we had some snacks in the form of some wursts. About a 7 or 8 minute walk from the HBF. Place was fairly busy despite the weather. Reccomended!“
Theydon_Bois 3402 days ago
72 /100 POSTPLATZ 1-4
“Great service, a good/bad view depending where you sit (if outside), can get very trafficky. Beautiful city. Schnitzel was a bit chewy but both it and the fries were salty and went well with the beer, and the Weißbiersauce was awesome. Beers are nothing special but, on account of the company’s impressive stranglehold, they’re all you’re going to find in the region. They do have a sampler (I had seven in 0,1L glasses).“
ganache 3699 days ago
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