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90 /100 HAUPTSTRAßE 185
“The official brewery "tap" for Palmbräu. Tucked into the altstadt (old city), its in the shadows of Schloos Heidelberg and deeply part of the area's history, the buildings, not necessarily the restaurant. The menu Bavarian, Schnitzel, Pork Knuckle and Potatoes (they got it all), that are served in huge portions, there are also vegetarian options to ge with the range of Palmbräu beers, three of which are on tap, the rest bottled. All tables are constantly occupied, a lively crowd coming and going, so maybe better to book? There is a great atmosphere. Friendly and fast service. Overall an absolutely amazing place it's both cozy and a perfect place to experience the hospitality and cuisine of this city.“
BierDudeOtto 362 days ago
88 /100 HAUPSTRASSE 217
“A hidden gem of a place, nestled away from the tourist areas. You are greeted warmly by the friendly staff. This is the classic authentic German experience, and has been in Heidelberg for over 300 years. Inside lots of dark wood and lots of graffiti on the ceiling wall's and even carved into the table tops! Plus lots of old photos and hunting trophies, horns and drinking cups hang on the walls, that all to the cosy atmosphere. They serve classical German food to go along with the local beer range. The staff, (generally) older German guys, who are very friendly, chatty and welcoming, make this a must visit bar.“
BierDudeOtto 362 days ago
70 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Worst to see their location. Its amazing. Pilsner with citrusy hop was ok, dunkel wasnt ok at all“
magicmn 553 days ago
70 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“A just-remembered establishment from a visit sometime back. Nice inside, nice outside too. Ambivalent service but got the job done eventually. Short time to enjoy the 33, server said I had to have the small serving, too potent. A joke. Finished mine and the lady's next to me, no problem. Good stop, would do it again in a heartbeat. Just give me the bigger serving of Vetters 33.“
KevinReddirt 693 days ago
70 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“We visited here Saturday 16th March 2019, we were en route to our new home in Attenkirchen, Bavaria, Heidelberg was a convenient overnight stop off for us. Vetter Alt Heidelberg Brauhaus (that's a snappy name) is located in the Altstadt, it is on Steingasse a small road that sits to the river side of the 'Church of the Holy Spirit', also it's just a few minutes walk from the other Brauhaus called Kulturbrauerei.

It was really busy when we arrived with people spilling out onto the pavement, however we went inside and thankfully they appear to reserve a table just for those who want to drink which was great. The downside was that the table we were sat at was tucked into a corner in view of the kitchen and en route to the toilets, you also felt a little left out of the general goings on, but hey cannot complain too much as we had somwhere to sit. I couldn't get a good view of the layout unfortunately but I think that it was quite traditional, lots of wood, plenty of seating but horizontal rectangular layout with bar ahead as you enter via the right hand corner door.

The beers were ok, nothing special, I had a taster flight. The staff were friendly and worked hard. I liked it here but perhaps eating or arriving at a less busy time of the day (we were here Saturday night 8pm'ish') would have guaranteed a better table and improved our overall experience. “
Fin 787 days ago
66 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“We visited here Saturday 16th March 2019, we were en route to our new home in Attenkirchen, Bavaria, Heidelberg was a convenient overnight stop off for us. Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg is towards the far end of the Altstadt, it's also close to the river and is located on a side street called Leyergasse. The brewery and hotel (for I am aware that they have rooms available) is on one side of the road and the beer garden is across the other side. It's easy enough to find and only a few minutes walk from the other Brauhaus (Vetter's). We were at the Holiday Inn Express, so were quite a walk from here 20-30 mins as it is the opposite end of town.

The building is lovely, a really beautiful beer hall, huge windows, large frescos, lots of wood, the ceilings all looked original and untouched. We sat upstairs and looked down on the long bench tables, there were quite a few folk in here. One large party of men 15-20 of them I guess were getting a bit loud and singing and shouting, they were causing no trouble but were told to tone it down a touch. We ate here, however I was a little bit disappointed with my ox cheeks which were a bit grisly with fat, the pureed potatoes and vegetable side dishes however were very good. They had a handful of beers available, we had a bock and a wheat beer both of which were pretty good without setting the world alight. We liked this place but perhaps more for the building than anything else. It would be nice to visit in the summer and to try out the beer garden“
Fin 788 days ago
76 /100 IM SÄNDEL 8
“Drinks shop in Wieblingen, outside of the center of Heidelberg, with an excellent variety of German quality beer and a small craft beer section, including some international, especially Belgian beers. A good place to find beers like Weizenbock, as well as some decent IPAs. Very friendly service, plus they take back all types of bottles.“
Monty27 901 days ago
72 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Beautiful classic German restaurant in a perfect setting and location with a cool copper brew system. 4 house beers on tap and good classic food. English spoken. Notes: Aug ‘18“
dnstone 995 days ago
56 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Vrey busy when we went. Waiter was a bit snobby, though our server was nice. Only 3 beers available, and we had two. One ws an amber ale that was very fruity but way too sweet. The other was a sommer pilsner that seemed to be trying to IPL territory but came off as pissy and stiff. Both were less than average. Not impressed, and slightly expensive as well. Wanted to try the slomewhat acclaimed pilsner.“
KyotoLefty 1009 days ago
66 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Nice old restaurant brewpub, very busy when we went. 4 beers on tap, got 100ml samplers of each, which was a good deal. Enjoyed trying the 33. Pils / Helles also nice. Had a good time here, and maybe the first place you should go in Heidelberg.“
KyotoLefty 1009 days ago
60 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Very big place. Nice interiors. 3 brews are nothing interesting at all.“
Sokolov 1113 days ago
64 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Nice place. Tasty food, good service, decent brews. Vetter's 33 is an interesting brew to try.“
Sokolov 1113 days ago
74 /100 HAUPTSTRAßE 213
“Visited 2012, 2014, 2018-03. - Heidelberg's oldest student pub turned restaurant and now "uphill" outlet for Kulturbrauerei just around the corner, whose usually over-par and, for German Gastbrauhäuser: innovative beers they serve: Kräusen, Pils, and seasonals like Citra Lager and a Centennial-hopped "Special R Bock". - - The real seasonal draw though, and a bit of a secret, is the Scheffels Porter vom Fass, which usually lasts longer here and is among Germany's best (oldschool) Porters I've had, creamy, full of depth and earthy liquorice that it keeps you wondering whether it's one of those oldschool German bottomfermented "porter"/Schwarzbiere or topfermented after all. Haven't had the food here yet, mainly stopping by for the porter after traipsing up from Kulturbrauerei, but the place is typically ancient, partly woodenbeamed, touristy but gemütlich, with wooden vaults and a cozy stove and several wooden-benched niches. I imagine the HD-priced regional cuisine classics are enjoyable as well.“
bartlebier 1168 days ago
58 /100 UNTERE STRAßE 35
“Visted 2018-3. Mixed sportbar/boozer-smoker/tied house for Brauerei Hoepfner from Karlsruhe, a once-greater brewery with still great clout in HD it seems. Round the back entrace of Palmbräu Gasse, the old exterior and original name caught my eye and the Hoepfner shield drew me in to go & try my luck finding Germany's once lonely Porter on tap...alas, not even bottled, but I got to sample their Schwarz Gold tapped instead (not great), and the Kräusen on tap is fine. Worth a quick visit to save yourself the sobering Karlsruhe experience. Bar staff is students and targetting sports fans and partyfolk.“
bartlebier 1168 days ago
58 /100 HAUPTSTRAßE 185
“Visited 2018-3. official brewery outlet for Palmbräu Eppingen, located midway between HD, Heilbronn and Karlsruhe. Not the most exciting add to the HD listings, but given the lack of options and Klosterhof about to close down, HD deserves a few alternative listings of the many out-of-town players. - Basically: set in a medieval vault passage, large, stonewalled Brauhaus that does a mix of Bavarian and Badian dishes for the Sky sports crowd watching Fussball on several TVs. Has most Palmbräu beers, only 3 of which on tap, the rest bottled, and unexplainedly the mediocre Eibauer Schwarzbier from the other side of the Republic. Fun for a quick pitstop and maybe save you a trip to Eppingen.“
bartlebier 1168 days ago
66 /100 PLOCK 97
“2018-03. Stopped in SA night for drinks and SU lunch, near hotel: one of few outlets for the superior Dachsenfranz beers from nearby-ish Zuzenhausen which I was looking for on tap afte renjoying the Keller bottled. Both Pils and Keller are among the best lagers I've had in BW, clean with crisp fruity malt flavours and a good lemonade hop bite, ideal for sessioning. Food is hearty, well-seasoned, traditional and in many ways comfortably stuck in the 80s along with the oldschool bar and interior - something we were looking for given Heidelberg's many touristy medieval vaults and/or clinically renovated Café Extrablatts & the like. No bar area, but i imagine you can just have a beer here and relax watching families, pensioners & students pour into this mixed mensa.“
bartlebier 1168 days ago
64 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Uriges Brauhaus mit kleinem Biergarten im Herzen der Heidelberger; nette Atmosphäre, Service okay; die Küche bietet traditionelle deutsche Brauhausgerichte in ansprechender Qualität; im Ausschank sind 2-3 Standardbiere ergänzt um saisonal wechselnde Biere“
Thomas_W1 1314 days ago
72 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Schönes altes Brauhaus mit kleinem Biergarten; nette Atmosphäre, ansprechender Service; die Küche bietet traditionelle deutsche Brauhausgerichte in ordentlicher Qualität; im Ausschank sind 2-3 Standardbiere ergänzt um saisonal wechselnde Biere“
Thomas_W1 1410 days ago
74 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“La migliore birreria di Heidelberg, il posto è molto caratteristico, tipico locale birrario tedesco. Alla spina ci sono alcune fisse e una stagionale. Possibilità di comprare la bottiglia di helles e 33, ma prezzi elevati. Il cibo è di buon livello.“
lello4ever 1804 days ago
78 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Rustikales Brauhaus. Highlight ist das Vetter 33 vom Fass, ein Top 50Doppelbock!“
DrNosha 1827 days ago
72 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Visited on a Thursday evening. Huge rather modern place with large tables. 3 regular beers as well as a seasonal winter bock were available. The unfiltered helles is a hop bomb and quite decent. The winter food menu included 2 wild game choices which was nice. Prices were a bit high but the portions were also huge and the quality was good. A nice place I wouldn’t run back to but also wouldn’t mind revisiting.“
JulienHuxley 1940 days ago
82 /100 HAUPSTRASSE 217
“From past visit. Wonderful pub in Heidelberg. Very historic. Mark Twain to Marilyn Monroe have been here. Great German Food and traditional German beer mainly from Heidelberger Brauerei. Great place!!“
RobertDale 2035 days ago
58 /100 HAUPTSTRASSE 143
“The only bar/pub/restaurant in Heidelberg I found more than couple of different beers. Nothing spectacular here either but in Heidelberg this felt like heaven. Zum Klosterhof bottles available.“
rosenbergh 2045 days ago
46 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Busy and full of tourists. Rude and slow service. 3 beers available. Not bad ones though. Very expensive food.“
rosenbergh 2045 days ago
60 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Super busy and full of Chinese tourists on a Saturday afternoon. Service was rather fast having the place such full. Four beers available... from decent to good. Quite nice prices compared to other Heidelberg places. Heidelberg is not exactly a beer mecca so this place is definitely recommended.“
rosenbergh 2045 days ago
62 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Stopped in autumn 2014. Modernised beer hall feel welcoming bigger parties, with updated traditional German food menu, slightly upmarket in comparison with other BW Gasthausbrauereien. Very fresh beers in good condition with a great, well-hopped Kräusen. No bar or area to sit at if you just want to sample the beers, though.“
bartlebier 2146 days ago
52 /100 MAERZGASSE 16
“Visited autumn 2014. Stopped in as it was my closest distribution point for Sander beers. Stocks a few Zum Klosterhof 1L seasonals as well when lucky, but apart from that it’s all liquors, spirits and wines. Lukewarm service, the beers are a lesser focus.“
bartlebier 2146 days ago
62 /100 STIFTWEG 4
“(Would have sworn I had rated this place and the entry was deleted?) - visited autumn 2014. Beautiful walk from the bridge or via Philosphenweg to this ere-Zisterzensierklister, i.e. potentially a trappist brewery if not the brewery were in the private hands of an investor. On-site shop with local delicacies and a good range of most of their beers (including some newfangled ale experiments), which oddly all bear the imprint of their very heavy proprietary malt, giving even their Pils the stomache feel of having eating 3 sandwiches. Brewer, when asked about brewing IPA and ImpStout "we don’t really like hops too much". Odd venture.“
bartlebier 2146 days ago
66 /100
Zum Güldenen Schaf (Restaurant)
“They have a good selection of Heidelberger brews, four or five on tap. The service was good. The ambiance is really cool, really old. It’s at the top of my Heidelberg beer locations.“
Fatehunter 2158 days ago
56 /100 PLOCK 97
“I just stopped in for one beer. They had a few Dachsenfranz on tap plus another three, and six bottles of something else (really helpful, I know).“
Fatehunter 2160 days ago
60 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Located in old town with indoor and outside seating. They had four of their beers on tap. Solid service for being a tourist area. I visited between lunch and dinner to avoid the crowd. The food was good too. Visit if in Heidelberg.“
Fatehunter 2160 days ago
60 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“It’s a small brewery, restaurant and hotel. They had three brews on when I visited. The food was great: beef rouladen, red cabbage and potatoes. The service was fine by normal German standards. Not worth going out of the way for, but a sure to visit if in Heidelberg.“
Fatehunter 2160 days ago
60 /100 PLOCK 97
“Nice restaurant with great food. You can find 3 beers from Dachsenfranz Biermanufaktur.“
fugitive 2179 days ago
68 /100 STIFTWEG 4
“Close to Heidelberg. Easy to access with bus. Nice place with garden, great if the weather is sunny. Quite good food and service.“
fugitive 2209 days ago
74 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Very nice restaurant with garden. Great food , service good but a little bit slow. Prices could be better. Worth a visit.“
fugitive 2213 days ago
70 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Nice place in the city centre. Crowded but with good service. Food is fine. A good stop.“
fugitive 2237 days ago
70 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Visited september 2010. Easy to find being in the city center. Traditionel city brauhaus, cosy and very busy. The staff seemed a bit tired / busy as if we were just another tourist coming for a beer. The beer was served in good condition. They do traditionel german brauhaus food, but we already had eaten. But for sure worth a visit being in Heidelberg..“
Brugmansia 2259 days ago
74 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“This is a great local pub at the very end of the Hauptstrasse (on Leyerg.). Authentic food, great atmosphere, and good local brew. It is worth passing all the touristy stuff along the Hauptstrasse and continuing to the end for this place. Thanks to dlovell2 for finding this place.“
Maxbier 2311 days ago
64 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Nice rustiv restaurant with a german/regional kitchen. Food, prices and service were ok. When I came, they had 3 beers on tap (Kräusen, Weizen, Weihnachtsbock). Worth a visit when in Heidelberg.“
Hugi 2349 days ago
56 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Beautiful location by the pedestrian street leading down to the Alte Brücke, the view will be best enjoyed at the pub’s outdoor seating. Four of their own beers were available at our visit, including Vetters 33 and their seasonal Heidelberger Frisch. It’s a rather large, airy pub with their brewing plant located next to the bar. Service by the table, fast and polite. Clean toilets (visited 25.07.2014).“
Rune 2471 days ago
62 /100
Goldener Falke (Restaurant)
“Visited in mid July on a scorching day on a quest to sample Heidelberger beers. Recommended on brewery website as an outlet. Has a reasonable range on. Large restaurant with tables in the market square where I sat and watched the world go by. Food was excellent and good service. Between Vetter and Kulturebrau so a good scooping spot“
WingmanWillis 2488 days ago
66 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“Visited on baking hot day in July. Sat outside in beer garden, plenty of room inside in this massive place. Beer quality was good and a reasonable range, good service although beer a bit pricey but is in a tourist trap. Worth a look as only around the corner from Vetter“
WingmanWillis 2488 days ago
68 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Visited in mid July on a baking hot day. A nice walk down the river from Alstadt station in the old town. Nice old building with seats on the cobbled street. 3 beers on plus Vetter 33. Good service, beer was good quality and service efficient and friendly. A good stop,“
WingmanWillis 2488 days ago
66 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“A must visit if in Heidelberg. 3 regular brews and if lucky often a seasonal on tap.“
b727trijet 2534 days ago
68 /100 LEYERGASSE 6
“My favourite drinking hole in Heidelberg. Usually 3-4 on tap. The Helles Krausen is excellent with a hoppy bite.“
b727trijet 2534 days ago
82 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“I will go to this place any time I’m in the area for work, and that has happened about six times now. I don’t think there are many options for "craft beer" within this region, so if you’re anywhere near this place, please stop by it. Great traditional German food and beer, with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. It is also in such a great location, at the foot of the main bridge in Heidelberg with great views.“
andyhwcinc 2572 days ago
76 /100 STEINGASSE 9
“Definitely a place to visit while you are in Heidelberg. It is really well placed on the way from the Old Bridge to the Markt square. The food is great and the beer is a must. The service is quick and very friendly. Every time I go to Heidelberg I have to go there.“
ruigo 2747 days ago
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