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“Huge shop located in the industrial area of Kornwestheim close to Stuttgart. Basically it is a classic German Getränkemarkt, but with a huge selection of German beers and German styles. Craft selection is okay, focus is more on classic stuff. Very good prices, good service. Must visit when you are in this region.“
tgrtnr 712 days ago
“A big German style Getränkemarkt with exceptionally good selection. They have German micro and macro breweries really well presented. They also have craft breweries from all over the world available. Some of the not-so-well rotating non-German beers were not exactly fresh. No wifi or 3G/4G reception inside the store. You will not leave empty handed, that guaranteed.“
rosenbergh 1073 days ago
“I went there, before to come to Munich. In my point of view, it is a place to visit for the German beers, huge selection with classical and craft beers, international is not so good, basical and you have to be careful, because some exotic countries are brewed in Germany. The prices are cheap to average, ordinary staff, it is a supermarket of beers, so don't expect a Singapore airline service, I recommend this place.“
caribou43 1264 days ago
“This place is huge, the craft beer section alone is bigger than a lot of German bottle shops. Very friendly service, several members of staff offered to help me out. Big selection of German craft beer, some imports (mostly Belgian but some others) plus absolutely loads of standard German brands. Prices were good, with a lot of special offers. Well worth a visit but a car is pretty much a must.“
UKBeerGeek 1344 days ago
“When living close to that place, this would be my beer shop to live in. Endless selection of all over the world, latest releases, small breweries and this in hundreds. Absolutely fabulous store. Prices depending on what you get, ranging from low budget to expensive. But with a selection like you find there, its up to you which ones you want to get.“
McTapps 1391 days ago
“Enormous warehouse full of bottles, bigger than most "geträncke geshaft" in the area. Really quiet. Big focus on beer, first a corner (about 70m2) of Craft Beer. Lots of German craftbeer but also from Belgium, UK, Scandinavia and USA. Then 3 or 4 double lanes of crates with German stuff from a variety of area’s, locals and nation-wide (Pilz/weizen/keller/kolsch/festbier/radler) that are each about 60m long. Then there is also a small wall with international beer, mostly crappy lagers brewed in Germany for export to exotic places such as Barbados and Madagascar. Also some ciders. All in all an impressive amount of beers under one roof, and so far the only "craft" oriented place I’ve found in the area. My Dutch bank card was not supported at the register, my VISA card required a PIN.“
sjogro 1893 days ago
“Gigantic XXXL drinks superstore with ca. 1.700 different beers available, most of them German, also hundres from other beery countries, e.g. England, Scotland, USA, Belgium... About 160 beers from small Franconian breweries, lots of rare and hard to find bottles, also huge selection of German craft beer. Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Not too far from the A81 motorway. definitely worth several visits. Probably the biggest beer store I’ve ever seen.“
Quack-Duck 2502 days ago
“Very good drinks market with an expanding range of Franconian beers, imports, as well as new-wave "craft" stuff. Have been coming here occasionally for years when visiting friends -- they call it "Beer Paradise" so I have watched it evolve. Things get a little more interesting with each visit.“
JoeinDahlem 2567 days ago
“best selection of german, craft and imports in the area. layout seemed to be a bit haphazard and it takes me awhile to find what i’m looking for.“
strap 2668 days ago
“Largest selection of local, regional, german international and craft beer in the Stuttgart region. Outside Kornwestheim in the industrial area. Hard to reach without a car.“
westler 3102 days ago
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