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“Dieses Brauhaus befindet sich direkt auf dem Gelände der Brauerei. Es ist urig, mit einem gewissen Stück Moderne eingerichtet. Dieses Brauhaus passt zu Mannheim. Hier sind normale, ehrliche Leute und das spürt man, wenn man die Brauerei betritt. Man fühlt sich einfach sauwohl! Die Theke ist schön eingerichtet und alles Strahlt in den Eichbaum-grünen-Farben. Viele Holz-Möbel. Wer Fan vom SV Waldhof Mannheim ist, ist hier bestens aufgehoben ;) Wer Fan vom 1.FC Kaiserslautern ist, sollte besser um sein Leben rennen, wenn er in der Nähe dieser Brauerei ist ;)“
BarleyTeam16 746 days ago
54 /100
Die Fette Wutz (Restaurant)
N6, 3
“A great American style BBQ Joint! So inside its just as you would expect, large tables and bench style seats designed for sharing "meat" and a place to wash your hands! The Holy Trinity (rib, brisket, pulled pork) is the house special, add beans and a salad and away you go! The beer selection is eclectic to say the least from UK standard blands to the German usual suspects, but hey your here for the 2meat feast" so a Pils is all you need anyway. Price was fair considering quality and time-intensive prep involved. The staff are friendly and service fast. I would definitely recommend.“
BierDudeOtto 871 days ago
48 /100 S1, 15
“Looking for a place where it doesn't matter who you are and where you're from, where everyone is just having a good time, Café Vienna is the place to be. A great alternative, young place to go for drinks or food. Cool decoration with posters and art on the walls. During the day it’s relaxed and in the evening it’s often full. They do a nice breakfast selection where you can choose the portion size and what meats, breads, spreads and cheeses you want. Dinner options including burgers and schnitzels. Only four taps serving good standard beer's and a few bottles but nothing out of the ordnary but they do a good cocktail selection. (I'm told)? The staff are very friendly and always happy to serve you.“
BierDudeOtto 871 days ago
52 /100 O4 1
“A city centre cafe serving coffee and cake, but with 24 craft beer taps! All self service, just get a card select a glass and pour as much or as little as you like, so great for beer "ticking" Some of the staff are nice some are typical old school German! Quite modern inside and street tables and chairs there is quite a cool ambience about this place though. It’s a small city there are not many options to go at so well worth a visit. Open: Tue-Sun 07.00-00.00 Closed: Mon “
BierDudeOtto 871 days ago
“Renovated space that makes it feel cozy and small considering the size of the brewery, with wood and plenty of seating inside and out. Service was decent, some of the friendlier Germans seem to be in Mannheim; probably not jaded by an over-abundance of tourists. Selection was all Eichbaum, but a nice smattering of styles of German purity. Decent spot to hit up for lunch.“
jbruner 1104 days ago
84 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“A little off the regular path near the college, but once you get inside it is hip and modern with a younger vibe, much like an American craft beer bar. Service was good, friendlier than most of Germany, and knowledgeable about the beer. Beer selection was great, variable styles and all were average to above in quality, and as much local as possible in Germany. Cool spot in a smaller town in Germany, that definitely caters to the younger crowd and ex-pats in the area.“
jbruner 1104 days ago
76 /100 O4 1
“Neue Bar in Mannheim. Sowas kannte ich bisher nur aus den USA. 24 Taps zum selber Zapfen. Nur Karte aufladen und los. Viele Welde Biere, einige Amis. Auch 2-3 spannende Biere. Leckere Snacks. Sollte man sich in Mannheim mal anschauen.“
DrNosha 1162 days ago
84 /100 R6, 6
“Craft beer shop just off the main shopping streets in Mannheim. They have an excellent selection of international craft beers and always some beers on tap to taste and take away. Being of the beaten shopping track, but still too close to have limited parking may give it some difficulty to survive. They have already had to close shop in Heidelberg. Hope it stays around.“
Monty27 1363 days ago
76 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“Nice, relaxed tap room on the edge of the city centre. Service was friendly. Selection is not huge but the biggest in the city. Tap list has some beers brewed locally for the tap room and a bunch of guests. Various styles were on offer when I visited. Bottle list is moderate in size. Prices seemed OK. Can definitely recommend a visit if in the area.“
UKBeerGeek 1416 days ago
76 /100 R6, 6
“Well laid out bottle shop close to the centre of town. Beers are arranged by region rather than style. Selection was good but I found it a bit light on German stuff. US and Scandinavian selections were particularly good. Service was very friendly and knowledgeable. Prices fairly typical. Definitely worth a visit if in the area, would be surprised if you find a better place anywhere in the region.“
UKBeerGeek 1416 days ago
“Cosy, friendly place with mostly friendly waiters. Food is basic German fare. Ok with the beer.“
Monty27 1438 days ago
60 /100
Die Fette Wutz (Restaurant)
N6, 3
“Texas BBQ in Mannheim. Es gibt 3-4 taps und ca 40 Flaschen. Ganz ok, etwas teuer.“
DrNosha 1448 days ago
74 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“THE location to go when in Mannheim and the area in general because its the only real craft beer place. located in Jungbusch which seems to a young hip area. 12 taps with a broad selection. Prices range from 3,50 for a Pils to 7€ for some experimental stuff from foreign breweries. Tasting flight with 4 tap beers for 11€ which is quite pricey in my opinion. Nice settign, good atmosphere.“
rhoihessegold 1461 days ago
34 /100 S1, 15
“Beerlist according to the website: Hacker-Pschorr - Münchner Gold (Export) // Anno 1417 (naturtrübes Kellerbier) // Weizenbier (Hefe hell u. dunkel) // Beck´s Pils // Rothaus Tannenzäpfle Pils // Astra Rotlicht --- In my opinion not worth a visit for beer purposes.“
rhoihessegold 1462 days ago
88 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“Visited 2018-3. - Opens 18:00 in winter time, 17:00 summer. - A revelation on the edge of Baden-Württemberg as far as taprooms go: for a city like Mannheim which does not even have a craft or gypsy brewer to draw on and has to endure Eichbaum's rule, I imagine it takes double amounts of entrepreneurial courage and passion to pull off, push through & maintain a "purist", untied craft taphouse like this. - - Set in an interestingly mixed quarter of town, with a booming burger bar across the street and nightshops that stock a few surprises around the corner. - Solid, well-curated selection on 12 taps, 3-4 of which house beers (Pils, APA, IPA, Weizen) brewed at Haardt and a good, US-leaning ale mix of up&coming DE craft (Emma Kuckucksrot Freiburg, American All-Stars Bamberg, ÜberQuell HH). Larger seating area than expected, fun locals, allround relaxed owner fun to strike up a conversation with. Did not try the Gulaschsuppe due to tight schedule, but I love a taproom that does a good tasting sampler and invests in baby Rastals to do all beers (& their foam) justice, not simple cylinders. - - At my visit, I found the US-styles a bit heavy on the tap & bottle menu, but delving into the archives they seem to also invest in Belgian, sour ales and UK craft, so I'll be back to revisit. - - Please franchise to Südbaden & Freiburg, where there are good new beers, but no free-range reserve where they all can play together without being bullied by the big players and high rents, or downgraded by cripplingly low-student expectations, lethargic Badian nightlife or alternative/90s style smoking policies. - - Recent developments: Bottle shop Upperglass moved from Heidelberg to MA as well, which now makes for a fun combined beer trip in the combined Rhein-Neckar area.“
bartlebier 1677 days ago
84 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“Nice little craft beer bar in Mannheim. 12 beers on tap, almost evenly distributed between German and foreign. Several others - about 30 - in bottle. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and accommodating owner. Hope to be back.“
rumore 2018 days ago
98 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“Set in an interesting part of town, this bar has a great ambiance and an impressive choice of beers on tap, among them the Kernel or Wild Beer! Superfriendly and knowledgeable owner and staff, good music, delicious burgers from a venue next door.“
bastarda 2037 days ago
90 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“Sehr schöne Craftbeer Bar mit 12 Taps und interessanten Flaschenbieren. Nette Betreiber mit Sinn und Interesse für gutes Bier. Viele kleine deutsche Brauereien, dazu in Deutschland rare Englische und USA Spezialitäten. In Mannheim ein Pflichtbesuch!“
DrNosha 2182 days ago
“6 Biere vom Fass, sowie diverse eigene Flaschen. Keckeres frisches Essen.“
DrNosha 2315 days ago
100 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“Without a doublt the best place for beer in Mannheim and - as others pointed out - in a large area around. 12 rotating taps - so every week there are plenty of new beers to try. And then there is also the bottle list with a good selection (the bottles don’t change that often, but sometimes there are new ones) And maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago they put up tables outside which is just great. The 9/10 for food are just because the kitches isn’t open for that long and they "only" serve vegetarian Chilli and Pulled Pork (or a mix of both). Both are great but with only 2 choices a 10/10 just it didn’t felt right ;)“
Noskro 2363 days ago
92 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“I really like this place. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Very good selection of beers on tap from Europe and the USA, and reasonably priced given the additional costs involved with importing. You also get free snacks with your drinks.“
Perkeosrevenge 2440 days ago
84 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“Can’t say enough good things about this place. I went for the first time on a visit to Mannheim (about an hour’s journey for me) and loved it so much I came all the way back to Mannheim the following weekend specifically to go back to Jungbusch. If you love craft beer (particularly North American, Belgian, and a few things in between), then this is by far the best place to go. The two guys (Brandon and Ben) that run the place are fantastic and super knowledgeable about beer. I highly recommend sitting up at the bar and talking to them. The taproom opened up in December 2015 and as it is fairly new, they are still working on getting the best beers possible onto their tap and bottle list. However, the selection they already have is already far superior to anywhere else In Baden-Württemberg and I can’t wait to see what arrives in the future! They are opening up their kitchen in a couple of weeks as well, which should be great. Needless to say, I will be making many more trips to this place! Logistically: A 25 minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof, just west of the grid.“
stephenxmurphy 2441 days ago
96 /100 BEILSTR. 4
“Wow, 12 craft beers on tap, that’s more than anywhere else in Germany except for Berlin, Hamburg and of course Taphouse Munich (according to the ratebeer map). Plus lots of bottles. Great choice, also, including West-coast US breweries like Ballast Point and Coronado. And an interesting one: there are some exotic beer styles like Gose, Berliner Weisse and Brett-only in addition to the wide range of IPAs and other popular styles. So the selection is nothing short of superb. And the prices are very reasonable: in bottle shops in Heidelberg and Karlsruhe I paid almost the same for an old bottle of Ballast Point IPA as here for a fresh glass from tap! Definitely great value. The interior is nicely modern, but still comfortable. Reminded me of the Mikkeler Bar in San Francisco - just less bricks. :-) Not really crammed with tables. A bit loud when it’s really crowded. Very competent and friendly crew behind the bar! You will notice they truly love beer. And they have been brewing themselves a lot, so they know what they are talking about. They did not offer any food yet in the opening night (except for some complimentary peanuts etc.), but this may change and there are plenty of options very close-by - the taproom is in the middle of the bustling nightlife area "Jungbusch". Quite some distance from the train station, but easy to reach by bus and tram. Not sure about parking options, though. So if you are into craft beer, this is the place to be, like no other within 300 km in any direction. “
durbacher 2480 days ago
“Good brew house for the most part, Service was great, as Mannheim is not a huge tourist destination. Nevertheless, the wait staff could converse in English (so i could ditch my really broken German). I don’t know about the rest of the food, but their hamburgers were pretty awesome. The beer sampler allowed of you to try a variety of things that they had to offer. Not a big fan of their pils or kolsch. Their hefe was decent. Their dunkel was pretty good, too. So good in fact that i had a second.“
dirtyrat 2877 days ago
78 /100
Alter Simpl (Restaurant)
P4, 8
“A bar restaurant where you do not have to eat, drinkers most welcome! An excellent selection albeit of just Eichbaum (local big brewery). All on tap plus they also had Bock Dunkel on tap! All in good condition. Outside on the pavement are tables and chairs under large umbrellas. Inside is like a traditional tavern, lots of dark wood with nooks and crannies. Good traditional German food including a Spargel menu during the asparragus season. Friendly and efficient staff.“
b727trijet 3044 days ago
58 /100
Bistro Binokel (Restaurant)
O7, 1
“A bistro/cafe/bar in the middle of town. Has a patio with large umbrellas outside and is nicely decorated inside. A good place to try beers from Welde. A little upmarket but after a while the place grew on me. You do not have to eat, drinkers are welcome.“
b727trijet 3044 days ago
42 /100 S1, 15
“Crowded early evening (glad I wasn’t there later!) Nowhere to sit and the tiny bar area was also full. Managed to get served eventually, drank from the bottle as I couldn’t be bothered to wait to ask for a glass. Beer wise I was disappointed at lack of choice. Only 1 beer on tap (from one of the "big boys") and all else was bottles of Hacker-Pschorr regulars. As the place was busy I suppose management do not have make much effort!“
b727trijet 3044 days ago
80 /100 S1, 15
“Actually it’s kind of my favorite bar in Mannheim. It has a nice alternative vibe and the beer selection is not too bad for Mannheim. Especially the price value is great (for drinks and food) - just don’t expect the best food you ever had. But it will get you full. The service is usually good but during peak (usually every night) you might have to wait for a table and the service is a little slower (sometimes you can even wait up to 45 minutes for you food).“
Noskro 3168 days ago
“Been there on a busy Friday afternoon. It was a hot day so the garden was packed. It was very hot inside so air-conditioning wouldn’t hurt for next year! Selected the "Bierprobe" which gives you the opportunity to sample 6 small biers from the Eichbaum brewery served on a nice wooden tray. The place itself is large with 3 or 4 big rooms including a closed off one for smokers. You can also sit on the bar. There is a shop where you can buy glasses, beers and other merchandise. The Eichbaum festival was that weekend so they were warming up inside with a live covers singer. The place is about a half hour pleasant walk from the centre or on a tram line. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.“
nocheinbier 3311 days ago
“If you like Eichbaum, this is your place in Mannheim. This nice restaurant/biergarten gives you the opportunity to eat and drink at the shadow of the actual brewery! Ideal if you want to sample some Eichbaum... not so if you prefer some other brand. The food is amazingly good and not at all expensive!“
Nachovega 3700 days ago