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66 /100
Bootshaus Marbach (Restaurant)
“A shady, small-town biergarten on the Neckar river, just down the hill from Marbach and Schiller Museum, and across the water from Benningen. Somehow connected to the local rowing club, who you can see cruising by in certain months. The beers are from Kaiser of Geislingen, including an unfiltered Keller Pils fresh from keg. A lot of Weinbergs in this region so Trollinger and Riesling are here too, all part of the local flavor. The food is a mix of local and Greek grilled fare, nothing special but fine with a half-liter. Would be an obligatory stop if cycling along the Neckar.“
JoeinDahlem 2862 days ago
“It was a few years ago that we called ahead and paid a visit. The brewer is a retired engineer who does this for fun. The beers, if I recall, were in 33cl flip-tops and a little pricey for Swabia, but nice enough. I distinctly recall a Schwarz named for Obama, but other than that his jokes were pretty clever. Has a cozy room that can be booked ahead for meals and parties too.“
JoeinDahlem 2862 days ago
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