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“Probably the top place in Stuttgart. Staff was friendly, taplist had variety of different beers, ambience easy. They do tasters, so we ended up drinking all beers from tap. Must visit.“
Marduk 267 days ago
34 /100 BOLZSTR.10
“Horrible place. Why? Service! We were ignored by 3 different waiters for about 30 minutes. To get served we physically stopped 1 waiter and put an order to him in hope to get beers. And after 15 minutes we got our beers. I wouldn't mind in normal conditions, but it was damn hot inside and outside. Plus people coming later than us got served before us. Shame.“
Marduk 267 days ago
“More of a restaurant than a bar or taproom. Quite poor selection of local macro. They do food, but we were already full. Polite service.“
Marduk 267 days ago
72 /100 KÖNIGSTRAßE 26
“A very good craft beer shop in the centre of the city with great service, the only issue I had was some beers were a bit overpriced compare to other places.“
Leeale 274 days ago
“First place we hit in town. Food was good, English was spoken, but their beers were all bit off except Pale ale. And it was hot, no conditioner, opening windows when it's 30C outside and no wind doesn't help. Mixed feelings.“
Marduk 305 days ago
100 /100 KÖNIGSTRAßE 26
“Español En el centro de la ciudad, facilmente accesible, con seleccion de cervezas nacionales e internacionales que se renueva cada 10-14 dias. Seleccion de los mejores exponente de cada estilo (especialmente importante en las cervezas alemanas) y del mundo. Sebastian (el jefe) siempre esta feliz de hablar con la gente, mostrar sus conocimientos y escuchar las necesidades del cliente. Se realizas catas de cervezas (Sujetas a leyes del Covid) y participan activamente en la comunidad y cultura de la cerveza craft a nivel local, regional y nacional. English In the city center, easily accessible, with a selection of national and international beers that is renewed every 10-14 days. Selection of the best exponents of each style (especially important in German beers) and the world. Sebastian (the boss) is always happy to talk to people, show his knowledge and listen to the customer's needs. Beer tastings are held (Subject to Covid laws) and actively participate in the craft beer community and culture at the local, regional and national levels.“
Altoguacho 552 days ago
“Brewpub with Biergarten, good ambience, nice (and relatively fast) service. About 3 beers on Tap. Good food.“
efeesse 570 days ago
86 /100 KÖNIGSTRAßE 26
“A friendly employee who helped us in need of a beer. He did a good job in helping us with our beer decision. Numerous German and local beer where available as well as international beers. Overall a good visit for everyone!“
DraftMaestro62 923 days ago
“Nice friendly place it had 3 of theres on and 13 guests...“
Wirralbeerveg 973 days ago
68 /100 BOLZSTR.10
“Probably the best spot in Stuttgart, well worth a visit.“
Leeale 1117 days ago
“Better the Sophie's in Marienstrasse, but still that's not saying much.“
Leeale 1117 days ago
“Nice location and the place itself looked rather pleasant but that's about it. Not worth it.“
Leeale 1117 days ago
“Good place with a very good atmosphere and good service.“
Leeale 1117 days ago
“Right on the main square, an absolutely massive place and rather sterile feeling. 5 taps, with 0.3L and 0.5L pours for €3.50 and €4.50. Beers are Dinkelacker, so pretty much useless. All three I tried were uninspired and boring. Not recommended.“
mcberko 1175 days ago
54 /100 BOLZSTR.10
“Very close to the centre, though somehow rather hidden. Massive place, with a semi-upscale feeling. 4 taps, with only 0.3L and 0.5L available for €3.20-3.30 for the small size. Average beer, friendly service. Fun spot, but the beer isn’t anything special.“
mcberko 1175 days ago
70 /100 KÖNIGSTRAßE 26
“Right in the centre of town, close to Schloßplatz. Not the largest selection, but well-laid-out, sorted by style. I found some German imperial stouts and eisbocks that looked interesting. Friendly, fluent English-speaking guy working. As good a bottle shop you’ll find in Stuttgart.“
mcberko 1175 days ago
“This is easily the best bar in town, eclipsing Mon Petit Cafe for sure. 12 taps, 11 of which were German craft, including 3 of their own house beers. Taster trays available (!), the only place in town I found that did these: 6 x 0.1L for €13.50 or 12 x 0.1L for €24, not a bad deal. Otherwise, their house beers are relatively cheap but the other craft is generally €5-7+ for a 0.3L. I wasn’t really enthralled by any of the beers on tap, but that’s more a reflection of Germany’s scene than the place, I think. Decent bottle selection in easily accessible fridges. Perfect English-speaking bartenders and extremely friendly. Small food menu of snacks and appetizers, including a nice-looking vegan option - awesome. Mandatory visit when in Stuttgart. “
mcberko 1175 days ago
“Maybe this place is more impressive when you go for an event, but on a regular day, it’s a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill beer cafe that is above average only because Stuttgart sucks for craft beer. 10 taps, with a nice selection of largely German craft, but also some American stuff when I visited. Fairly pricey, at €5-7 for most things, and no smaller pours, but they will give samples. Only a few select bottles available each week, which were uninteresting and very pricey (€14 for each of the Põhjala bottles they offered on my visit). Cash only. It’s a must-visit when in Stuttgart, but don’t expect much if you’re visiting on a normal day. I was underwhelmed.“
mcberko 1175 days ago
“A little outside the centre, but easily reachable with transit. Large place over two floors, with an open concept. Just 3 taps, only 2 of which were on when I visited. 0.3L or 0.5L pours available for €3.30 or €4. Beers were decent. Just another standard, competent German brewpub. Not worth going out of your way for, but if you’re nearby or are a completionist, it’s a comfortable spot.“
mcberko 1175 days ago
“Very large, tired old traditional German brewpub on the second floor. Just three beers, with 0.2L and 0.4L pours available for €2.50 or €4.10. Beer is mediocre. Service is alright. Totally nothing special about this place, but if you’re pressed for time, it’s not a terrible place and is conveniently located.“
mcberko 1176 days ago
100 /100 KUBLERGASSE 3
“Tolles Erlebnis in dieser Stuttgarter Bar. Atemberaubende Biere aus Brauereien, die ich nicht über Newyork und Russland kannte. Eine schöne Atmosphäre als Besitzer. Entschuldigung für die Übersetzung ...“
Mtbiker54 1204 days ago
100 /100 KUBLERGASSE 3
“Mon Petit Cafe was an amazing place to experience Zwanze Day 2019. I was visiting Germany from Chicago and found that there was a Zwanze host only 1.5 hours from my original trip. I hoped the detour would be worth it, and it most definitely was. Exceeded my expectations by far! The walls are decorated in empty bottles/cans from some of the best beers ever created. The selection was superb. The owner (Mike) was a fantastic host. If you're in Germany and looking for craft beer, then get yourself to Stuttgart and visit Mon Petit Cafe. Cheers!“
TheBrad3 1263 days ago
100 /100 KUBLERGASSE 3
“Visited on Zwanze Day 2019. Place is very cosy, nice interior with crazy (empty) bottles and cans on all the walls. The owner is VERY knowledgeable about beers (even the rarest ones), generous and a little bit crazy (in a positive way! ;)). Bottle/Cellar selection is insane - just have a chat with the owner, he will find something to your taste and budget - 100% guaranteed. Easily one of the best beer bars in Germany. Happy to revisit again in the future.“
Zwiebel88 1269 days ago
“Kleiner, sehr hübscher Laden mit einer tollen Bierauswahl und obendrein noch unmengen an Gin. So ist für alle was dabei.“
rader 1271 days ago
“It is a small place in Stuttgart, but definitely the best in town for craft beer. The owner is really passionate about it and the shelves full of lines above lines of rare empty bottles is a strong demonstration. Beers on tap rotate constantly and the selection is focused on the European and US best. Ask for bottles because they don't have a complete bottle list maybe, but you can be sure there will be surprises in the fridge. Always check on their Facebook page for special events, tastings and meetings. The bar is a regular spot for the local beer geek community, so don't be afraid to enjoy good people there.“
PatBateman81 1363 days ago
80 /100 KÖNIGSTRAßE 26
“Central location. Quite a small room, but nevertheless a very decent selection of German and foreign beers. Some breweries I haven't seen before. Fridge with cold beers as well. Very helpful and friendly service, even gave me a discount. As someone else mentioned, not much else around beer-shop-wise.“
CH-303 1370 days ago
74 /100 BOLZSTR.10
“Good, central location. Bigger venue than expected. Had a tasting tray, 4 * 100 ml, and they were all more than decent. Also had some food, which came quickly and was surprisingly nice. Good, friendly service.“
CH-303 1373 days ago
“Klasse kleiner Craftbeer Laden mitten in Bad Cannstatt. Am Geburtstag 12 taps und irre Flaschen. Der Chef ist ein Kenner! Beste bar in Stuttgart. Beim Tasting wird es crazy... Auch an „normalen“ Abenden kann man hier den Bierhimmel erleben. Rareste Flaschen! Die Wände zeugen von epischen Tastings.“
DrNosha 1425 days ago
“This is a gypsy brewery. They do Helles, Weizen, IPA & Schwabian Imperial Stout. Apart from that it's a craft beer pub with 12 taps.“
Sokolov 1444 days ago
“Moderne Craftbier Bar nahe der UBahn. 12 Taps. Alle als Flight Erhältlich. Dazu 4 Kühlschränke mit Flaschen Vesper Brote sehen gut aus. In Stuttgart wohl noch ohne Konkurenz.“
DrNosha 1481 days ago
“Reopened nore as a bar/tasting room than the now seperate bottle shop. Friendly bar staff. This was a soft opening with only one of their beers, Helles, on draft. Other beers from their range were available in bottles. A good overall selection, some small plates of food available and a nice airy and open atmosphere.“
1980olympics 1529 days ago
100 /100 KUBLERGASSE 3
“Very charming place, cosy...the owner is very kind and know everything about craft beer! If you want serious beers with some hype you can ask him and for sure he is able to satisfy every request!! It's not a classic beershop, it's an amazing place to take a coffee or a glass of wine but for sure they know what good beer can be, they also organize great tastings and for special occasions the owner searches around the world very rare beers to tap...anyway i hope to come back soon!!“
L_Lovecraft 1558 days ago
“Great atmosphere overlooking the Stuttgart Platz. The food was good with ample servings. Also food for all ages. The beer on draft was cold and typical of a German beer hall. It was convenient to offer handicap restroom. The access to the platz makes for a welcome place to rest your feet and enjoy good German beer.“
Foxbush 1615 days ago
“Small bar in the pedestrian zone. Looking at the menu can be a little confusing as you see only Gin. Beers listed are local but unspecial. "Ask the waiter for craft beer". So that's what you should do. 4-8 bottled beers and 2 (or 3?) tapped beers are listed on a menu above the bar, well selected, prices are average. So, that's not really a reason for going there if you are not in the area. The selection is great if you talk to the owner and he get's to know what you are looking for, the selection will increase a lot. Same for events happening there. It's a pitty if you don't know that and stay with the stuff listed on the menu. Should be pointed out more.“
Koelschtrinker 1627 days ago
“Can't for the life of me understand why this place has so many high reviews, also don't understand why someone thinks that there are over 300 bottles here. The ambiance is nice enough, the place has a cosy cafe-ish feel. Service was OK. Selection consisted of three taps and three bottles. Prices were slightly on the high side. Not bad but in no way a must visit. The gin list by the way was huge, so if you like gin. It could be another story.“
UKBeerGeek 1642 days ago
70 /100 KÖNIGSTRAßE 26
“Typical store of the Bierothek chain. Located inside Königspassage across from the Schloss. First floor seems to have a tasting room for events. Basement is the shop. Solid selection of locals, germans and aswell some interesting international ones. Many bottles in fridges aswell. Prices are a bit higher as in every Bierothek, but well you pay the location aswell. Quite worth if in Stuttgart as there arent any other Bootleshops to my knowledge this big.“
rhoihessegold 1701 days ago
82 /100 KÖNIGSTRAßE 26
“Netter kleiner Craftbeer Shop direkt in der Innenstadt. Interessante Biere aus dem Ländle und Europa. Da lohnt sich ein Besuch. Toll dass es auch vier Kühlschränke gibt!“
DrNosha 1772 days ago
“Brewpub/restaurant in the very centre of Stuttgart. Nicely decorated, pleasant seating. Even before getting the menu we got some soup of the day as a starters and welcome gift. Had the Braumeisterschnitzel with Dunkelbiersauce which was excellent. Four beers on tap, all of which were quite convincing and rather nice! Good place to have lunch or dinner and a few beers.“
Quack-Duck 1786 days ago
“Typisches Touri Brauhaus. Personal hat leider keine Ahnung was gerade ausgeschenkt wird. 5 Taps, davon 2 Saisonbiere. Dazu schwäbisches Essen. Muss man nicht gewesen sein.“
DrNosha 1935 days ago
“Upstairs bar in the city centre one of the better places to drink...“
Wirralbeerveg 1944 days ago
100 /100 KUBLERGASSE 3
“Revisit for Zwanze Day to fully appreciate this place. Awesome place for sharing beers, the Quality of beers served was just insane, so make sure to come here when there are bottle Shares, or bring good bottles of beer and share with owner! He loves his beers and is happy to Chat with you. Visited around lunchtime for a quick beer and an espresso, so not really beer time. Thats why I couldnt dive deeper into experiencing this place. Lovely setting in a small alley, nice interiro. Walls decorated with loads of rare empty bottles. 2 beers on tap, I went with a Founders All Day IPA. Sandwich was good but was served with crisps, not my style. Espresso was perfect. I need to revisit to place to get to know it better and for having a chat with the owner.“
rhoihessegold 1967 days ago
“Large woody hall with lots of tables. The service is fast and efficient. The interior is quite touristic and crowded, but still sufficiently comfortable. The food is good and stuffs pretty good and the selection even includes beer-cocktails (which I didn't try). Nice place close to the train station.“
King_Alex_II 1972 days ago
“Nice large halls upstairs from the street. Lots of old times decoration which creates a comfortable atmosphere. The service is fast and effective and their beer is nothing spectacular, but very solid and easy to drink. Good place to have a beer (or a few more).“
King_Alex_II 1972 days ago
100 /100 KUBLERGASSE 3
“No need 27 taps and 2000 bottles when you bring the best and rarest beers in the world! Especially on NEIPA's! The owner is passionate and make his job as no other. Cheers!“
Beergium 1974 days ago
100 /100 KUBLERGASSE 3
“The selection is amazing, the owner is really helpful and knowledgeable. I guess it's the only place in continental Europe when you can get Tree House, Cycle Brewing and others...“
Kamol 2005 days ago