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“My favourite stop on my 6 country trip of 2017, I stayed in the nicely beer orientated rooms upstairs. A busy pub on a summer weeknight popular with the older locals. Just about managed to find a space inside, no chance on the patio. The Krone beers were very good, however the Hopfengut ones were outstanding. The food was tasty traditional local fare.“
Jerseyislandbeer 746 days ago
“Visited about every 2yrs since 2012, most recently post-Hopfenwandertag 2018 in record heat. - - Traditional Braugasthaus that for all of their HQ brews incl. the SeeWeisse splendidly features the local Tettnang hop, from the hoppy Helles Kronenbier to the delicate prime pilsner Hopfenkrone that would be worth sampling blind next to Prima Pils and Tipopils. Traditional still-Swabian classics served and a hotel/guesthouse featured in the Braugasthäuser folder and updated for a slightly up-market local patronage with disposable income sets this apart from many Bavarian Brauhäuser a few KMs further East, while beer prices remain fair (€3,60/0,5L). - - Reliable beer pairing menus, still not a given in DE, offered in Autumn/Winter including their tasty, original Dopplebock Coronator. - related to the Hopfengut No20 Craftbier line whose elegant brews in fancier bottles are also sold on-site.“
bartlebier 1006 days ago
“Finally visited pre-Hopfenwandertag 2018, never making it past their Wandertag booth previous editions. - - Lovely oldschool Gasthaus & Brewery estate idyllically nested in the hopfields. Visited on a busy Brauhausgaudi Saturday, hybrid Bavarian-style with a clean BW-touch. Great original food, prime Käsespätzle and Braten. - Odd: the servers/Bedienung are told to sell their dark amber IPL as "Pils" and arrives in 0,3L tulips. Better order the delicate Tettnang-hopped Helles in 0,50L instead to get going. Hopfenweizen was interesting as well, another showcasing of fine Tettnanger. Noticed that all beers including the ones poured at Hopfenwandertag were a touch sour and buttery though... - Ideal stop in combination with Zur Krone and Hopfengut No20/Hopfenmuseum to get a feel for the Tettnang terroir.“
bartlebier 1006 days ago
“Visited during Hopfenwandertag 2018, which means a shortened menu, but cuisine throughout the day. A classic German place in terms of interieur, this place has everything you need - a range of 5 classic very hoppy beers, some craft beers sold for high prices over the counter to take home (but they are cold), and very down-to-earth Swabian cuisine that is prepared well. Prices are good, the service is very nice (though you might have some problems with their dialect if you're not used to it). Recommended.“
SinH4 1015 days ago
“Very comfy place. Was packed with elderly locals on Thursday evening. Beerwise - 4 very nice brews. Tettnang aroma-hops are real deal and clearly present in each of them.“
Sokolov 1246 days ago
“Loved this place. Traditional German interiors come with good food & nice service. But what's more important - it's a home for 2 breweries. Krone, the "house-brewery" has 5 excellent brews with strong hops presence. You are in Tettnang after all :-) The other brewery is Hopfengut - though it's a sort of a gypsy brewery, but they brew here in Krone and the brewing team is the same. So the place is kind of 2-in-1. As the name suggests they make even more hoppier beers - APA, Black APA & IPA at the time of my visit (all available only in bottles). Needless to say - great stuff - one of the best I tried in Germany for these kind of beers.“
Sokolov 1246 days ago
“This brewery tucked among Tettnang hop fields is located in the Tettnang countryside. The restaurant is the first building you see approaching the driveway and then the Brauerei appears to the left. The service was hospitable and gratuitous German from both waitresses and the bare foot owner/chef. The dining area is cozy and quaint, filled with Brauerei familiars. The hearty Swabian cuisine is some of the best I have enjoyed in the region. The owner’s son brews traditional German beers featuring the Tettnang hops from their 50-acre farm. Some of these hops make it to the US as the owner’s daughter is working/interning at Victory. I highly recommend this place and will myself return.“
BeerandBlues2 1982 days ago
“Located in cozy and picturesque Tettnang, this Gasthof and Brauerei is an inviting place. Inside to the left is a traditional German dining hall and to the right is a slightly more contemporary setting. The house beers are wonderfully hopped with Tettnang hops and the accompanying Swabian cuisine pairs well. I enjoyed the typical hospitable German service.“
BeerandBlues2 1982 days ago
“Ambiance was alright, the interior was more like a modern restaurant than a traditional German Gasthof. Very friendly service, albeit not overwhelmingly knowledgeable A nice selection of seliciously tettnang hopped pilsners from the brewery. The food was very good and prices where more than reasonable. Do visit if you are in the area.“
Dr_Zeppelin 4169 days ago
“Located in a rural village in the hopfields of the Tettnang region. Lovely Wirtshaus, nicely decorated with very friendly staff. I didn’t eat there, but the menu looked good - full of regional specialities and meals made using meat from their own cows. 4 beers and 1 cider on tap when I visited, seasonal beers are also available sometimes. Well worth a visit, perhaps in combination with Brauerei Krone in Tettnang’s historic centre.“
Quack-Duck 4603 days ago
“Excellent place! The most beautiful location in the middle of the hop fields of Tettnang with the Alps in the background: The service is fantastic, the food is too (of German standards of cause) and the beer is the most interesting I have had in Germany. They have a small shop that sells snaps, most, beer (in growlers) etc. Surely worth a visit! And for desert 2 scoops of beer ice cream with milled malt as garnish!!“
henrikb 4641 days ago
“Brewery and restaurant in the historic town of Tettnang, where the famous Tettnang hops come from. When driving to Tettnang by car you can see hop fields all over the place. There are only a few parking spaces in front of the brewery restaurant but parking is available in the centre. I didn’t try the restaurant although the menu looks good - hearty Swabian cuisine. The whole range of their beers - all brewed with 100% Tettnang hops - is available here, including seasonal specials. They also have a small shop with glasses and coasters etc. If you’re in the area do visit - their beers are outstanding.“
Quack-Duck 4862 days ago
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