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72 /100
Löwen-Laden (Grocery Store)
“grocery run by a local cooperative selling local food and drinks. Located in the heart of Tübingen's historic old town, it stocks hard to find local beers made by Sudwerk Mössingen, Freistil Tübingen, Doc's Beer from Rottenburg and some other Swabian brews from Berg-Brauerei and Blanks Zwiefaltendorf. Sensible prices, very friendly and knowledgeable staff.“
Quack-Duck 944 days ago
70 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“The place I goto when in Tübingen. Good choice of homemade beers plus specials from their sister brewery in Mössingen. Great location just above the Neckar river, a few steps from the lovely hisctoric old town of Tübingen. Parking is possible nearby in the Neckar-Parkhaus. Food is typical Swabian fare, wuite hearty, service is very friendly and helpful, the beer is good too. Don't miss if you're in the area.“
Quack-Duck 944 days ago
72 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“Usually I am here like 3 or 4 times a year. They have their three or fours on tap plus monthly 1 - 3 special likes the pale ale and rubin. Food classicly good but a bit pricey. Overall a must go if you are in town.“
MichaelAwesome 1172 days ago
58 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“Grote locatie aan de Neckar met zowel buiten als binnen voldoende plaatsen. Aanbod bieren is beperkt tot 3 eigen bieren en 1 van Fisher's. Heb er niet gegeten maar eten ziet er goed uit en er is ruime keuze op de kaart. Verreweg de leukste locatie die we hebben kunnen vinden in de stad waar verder weinig te vinden is.“
Icedwarf 1462 days ago
68 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“Massive place beside the river, 3 floors and a beer garden. 3 of their own beers on tap, 1 fischers, all decent German, nothing special but reasonable prices. Food is excellent, seems to be priced at the posher brauhaus rate. Lovely setting by the river, had a fork lightening storm in the background which was very cool. Definitely worth a visit as there doesn’t seem to be much else in town other than student bars.“
culchiem 1764 days ago
66 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“brauhaus along the river in Tübingen. nice location. typical swabian cuisine, pretty tasty. beer is ok....typical german beer.“
strap 1913 days ago
60 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“Crowded brewpub, situated beautifully along the big river. One special beer along with three other regular available. Food delicious but pricey. Worth a visit when you are nearby.“
McTapps 2075 days ago
50 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“A big place next to the river in a central location. Quite busy on a weekend with nice weather. Food is quite expensive, they have a some okay beers on tap. Not the most memorable experience, but the location makes up a bit.“
SinH4 2101 days ago
66 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“Visited on 14th July 2016. Large riverside venue less than 10 mins from the station. The venue is just off the main road through town. It has two floors with large single rooms plus extensive terraces on both floors. Only downstairs was open on our arrival which offers a view of the river. Beer range was 2 house beers, light and dark Wheat beers plus a Kellerbeer from another local brewery. Service and prices good. Place got busier and upstairs was open as we left. Really nice riverside venue.“
WingmanWillis 2132 days ago
84 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“Nice brewpub, with a great atmosphere, the two big copper kettles in the middle are a nice eyecatcher. Very nice waiters, fast service and very good food. Try their "Weißbier Grießküchle"! The beers are good drinkable, but not overwhelming, more down-to-earth style. The Kellerbier is brewed by their second brewery and not in the Stammhaus at Tübingen. Had a nice dinner here and wished that I could have stayed a little longer.“
Chopper925 2301 days ago
56 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
Visited July 2010
Spacious place on the side of the river (which is brown and doesn’t really provide an attractive sight); the two big copper kettles are on display; overall it seems more a commercial operation than a craft beer offer. I rarely have seen so many waiters in a German pub, the good thing is that they are all smiling; I asked to try all the beers, and the English speaker waiter provided me half glasses of them; thanks for the good service! They have 4 beers on draught, 3 are own Weizen (did the brewmaster finish all the barley malt and Hallertau hop???), one is a Kellerbier from another brewery (how strange, you make an investment for a brewery and you are not able to brew a Kellerbier); the strange thing is that the Kellerbier is even their best offer, but at least they chose one beer that is not so better than theirs.
I didn’t eat there; the menu is in line with most breweries, maybe just a couple of items are less common (e.g. gulash); I would expect it to be very standardized.“
fiulijn 3092 days ago
62 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“Great little place next to the Neckar river. Three beers on tap. Amazing food! Best beer spot in the city (that isn’t overpopulated with uni students)“
Blairgus 3297 days ago
86 /100 GARTENSTRAßE 4
“The best place in whole Tuebingen to have your beer near the river in a great beer-restaurant! Beers only from the brauerei! Nice prices ...!! Especially in the summer days this place is magic !!“
mixos 3376 days ago