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“Loved this place. Both outdoors & indoors were stylish & comfy. All local 7 taps were great. Would be returning if in the area again.“
Sokolov 1977 days ago
“A quite large brewpub with decent service. Food was ok. Beers better than i expected.“
fugitive 2577 days ago
“Ok place, but nothing special. Service was terrible. It was incredibly hard to get the waiter’s attention, every time we wanted to order something. There was no mentioning of the "Bier Probe" (sample flight) on the menu, so by the time I had discovered this possibility, I had already tried one beer. It did not occur to the waiter, that if you want to try something, that you don’t want to try the same thing you just had. So another Helles was included in the sample flight, instead of the Tequila beer. (In retrospect, that might have been a good thing afterall :p ). The place is presenting itself as a "Tex/Mex restaurant" after 6PM. Like, WTF? We didn’t even bother to order burrito’s and the like, just got the hell out. I’ll give’m extra points though for having 4 different tasting glasses for the sample flight, that looked pretty neat. Oh, also: I don’t get it why they ever put a roof of clear corrugated plates over the Biergarten. First of all: it looks very cheap. Second of all: it was a hot summer day, and it created a green house effect, making it almost unbearable to sit there. But I guess extra tables, even when it rains, or something like that. Lame.“
tderoeck 3572 days ago
“Fairly good size brewpub not far off the A6, near Mannheim. They had more that the usual selection of helles, dunkel and weizen, a rare find in Germany! Large outdoor brauhaus style bench seating, with parts in the sun and parts completely shaded. Several large indoor areas as well. Food was good and not expensive. Beer range changes seasonally. Nice place.“
Travlr 4342 days ago
“Small brauhaus with real good beers, even a stout, wich was not that good. Beers can be bought out of the house and are also real good on bottle. Looking to go back next time I´m in Heidelberg.“
Emil 5915 days ago
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