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80 /100 PFARRPLATZ 14
“Visited on 7th oct 2014 .. The best Zoigl stube of the day and maybe our 2nd favourite beer in Zoigl area .. It’s very nice old building just a bit off from the Main Street with sittings outside under a shed .. The interior Looks nice too but I think has been refurbished recently .. Nice waitres and locals !!!“
jorge76 3572 days ago
72 /100 PFARRPLATZ 14
“As private as it gets. Without directions, you wouldn’t know that you can buy beer here. You sit down in someone’s backyard (with more seating than most backyards), and soon after a young man brings you beer. The wedding that took up all the rest of the place only added to the private feel. Good and quite malty zoigl.“
Christian 4028 days ago
66 /100 PFARRPLATZ 14
“There was a wedding here when we arrived saturday. Lots of kids playing around and overall a very happy like feel. Service and beer was good. A very nice place to enjoy a good beer!“
Dedollewaitor 4028 days ago
76 /100 PFARRPLATZ 14
“Just saw the outdoor area - several tables set up by a shed. Great place to enjoy a Zoigl on a sunny day.“
shrubber85 4462 days ago
74 /100 PFARRPLATZ 14
“Not to far from the railway stop, bus stop nearby. Run by the Loistl family from Windischeschenbach, with their Zoigl. Lot of outdoor seating. Old building, carefully renovated.“
TreinJan 4612 days ago
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