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74 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Fine Schnitzel and very good Zwickl. True the dunkel and Weizen were infected when we visited. Very friendly service. Very local yet warming atmosphere. The Zwickl is well worth the visit alone...“
Dedollewaitor 1814 days ago
72 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“Both Bock and Dunkles lager on tap. Good condition. Friendly service. Sat outdoors. Would def. go for those 2 beers alone. And visit Reichhold along the way..“
Dedollewaitor 1814 days ago
70 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“Nice and big beer garten. Excellent Dunkel. Since we had the first proper, sunny, t-shirt-worthy outdoors beer of 2018 here, I'll always have fond memories“
Christian 1815 days ago
60 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Nice place, though nothing special. Had a couple of good beers, but also beers badly tainted by diacetyl.“
Christian 1815 days ago
64 /100 IM TAL 70
“Brauhaus mit recht nüchternem Biergarten hinter dem Haus und Kinderspielplatz. Vesper und Hausmannskost.“
DrNosha 2466 days ago
50 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“Brauhaus mit großem Biergarten. 1 Bier vom Fass.“
DrNosha 2466 days ago
78 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Klassisches fränkisches Brauhaus mit Biergarten. Sehr leckere fränkische frische Hausmannskost!“
DrNosha 2466 days ago
“Netter kleiner Braugasthof mit Biergarten. Puristisch nur ein Bier!“
DrNosha 2466 days ago
70 /100 IM TAL 70
“I finally stopped in here this year while exploring the region with JoeinDahlem, for short glasses of a few lagers and a cappuccino. It operates like many other medium-to-large Franconian brewery-restaurant-hotels, polished old world, sterile in character but serving a good 10 different beers. I’ve never found anything remarkable about Aufsesser beer in the bottle, and draft tastes were better than the bottle but still unremarkable.“
3fourths 2711 days ago
60 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“3 light ones. Typical great Franconian quality.“
Sokolov 2922 days ago
70 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“Just 1 dark, but still very good. Place is extremely nice in summer.“
Sokolov 2922 days ago
60 /100 IM TAL 70
“Light & dark. Both are a bit non-standard tasting - typical for local area. Good, but not something special.“
Sokolov 2922 days ago
“Just 1 brew. Very non-standard tasting for this area, yet not bad.“
Sokolov 2922 days ago
“Basic brewery near Aufsess serving a single Landbier, a rather dull malty beer with subtle dustiness (a generous 3.3 from me). After two trips to Aufsess the only brewery that makes anything worthwhile is Reichold.“
3fourths 3069 days ago
78 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“The Zwickl at Reichold’s brewery was the best tapped beer we had on our tour (out of 8). We visited on Sunday afternoon, the service was very friendly and quick.“
lberges 3134 days ago
60 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“A winter visit at night, it was difficult to find given the dot on my phone map. It’s tucked back behind town where the area seems dead other than the parking lot full of cars. Near the front door there is more activity and inside it could be considered bustling. The look and feel of Grandma’s log cabin with preserved animal carcasses and hunting cartoons and ancient photographs hanging from the wall. I crossed my fingers that the beer would be good, alas it was an undrinkable yogurt bomb of yeast and cola malt. I have to go outside and dump most of my glass. This right after a local of course has to say that Kathi-Bräu dunkles landbier is the best in the region as he pounded a seidla down. It would be a favorite, a warm and fun place to visit, if the beer were 3.5 level instead of 1.5 level.“
3fourths 3389 days ago
70 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Main road center of Hochstahl is the brewery, hotel and restaurant. Only passing through the try the beers at the source, and without eating or staying over, it seems like a charming space to stay if you were in love with their beer, though the stag party beer tourism aspects of the Aufsess area doesn’t appeal to me. The service was okay but the staff seemed disinterested and busy. While I don’t love their beer, and found the dunkel and zwickel and little dull at the time (2.8-3.2), a bottle of the zwickel I found earlier in the year I thought was better (3.5), so they may be inconsistent but capable of making decent Franconian landbier.“
3fourths 3390 days ago
“Simple franconian Gasthof, well hidden in one corner of the "Franconian Switzerland"(Fränkische Schweiz).Typical rural Gaststube, smaller , shadowless patio on the left side of the building; one house-beer, only available here, and the inevitable Schnitzel is served. Part of the "Aufsesser Bierwanderweg", that leads You to the four Aufsess breweries; the Kathi-Bräu for example can be reached from Sachsendorf by bike in 20 minutes. “
pivnizub 3465 days ago
68 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“Visited a couple of times. Lovely, tradionel, small brewpub, placed in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest and fields, this is a place, difficult to reach if not by car. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and the beer were served in good condition and with a smile. They do traditionel german pub food as well.. In the summertime a lot of motorbikers come along on a sunday trip..“
Brugmansia 3618 days ago
66 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“Cozy terrace with lots of walkers and bikers, having a pint and a solid meal. Lovely dunkel (the leicht wasn’t available during our visit), friendly service and a very nice place to spend an hour or so.“
bierkoning 4222 days ago
72 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“The biergarten out front in the summer is quite pleasant with its view on the sleepy intersection in the "center" of Hochstahl. Fresh manure wafts go by when the wind is in the right direction... Goes well with the barn views. I found the house brews to be quite good, even if they weren’t too distinctive. Their Lagerbier was excellent in its subtleties and the seasonal Weizen was well balanced and quenching. All in all, yet another very agreeable brewery stop in the brewery-rich region.“
MartinT 4244 days ago
70 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“The ambiance is a huge part of the experience here; the summer terrace teems with, uh, tattooed wildlife, and the unkempt house façade with red flowers on every windowsill is gorgeous. The house brew is a hoppy dark lager, very popular with hard-nosed bikers, for some reason. Distinctive for Franconia too. All in all, a wonderful stopover for a brew, even if the beer itself is not süffig like some of its competitors in the area.“
MartinT 4244 days ago
72 /100 IM TAL 70
“Nice brewery in the pretty town of Aufsess. Food is good (it was pfifferlinge season!) and the beers too, with plenty of distinctive character even though they are super clean and obviously geared to please a large number of people. Their Zwickl, Festbier and Dunkel all looked and tasted very similar, so even though the beer menu seems large compared to other countryside breweries, variety is not that important. All in all, a pleasant brewery restaurant to have lunch at; but not one of the best breweries in the area, imho.“
MartinT 4244 days ago
58 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Modern - or modernized - brewery tap in the heart of Franconia. quite O.K., but neither is the Gasthaus very cozy nor are the beers worth a journey..... Good for a short break when You are exploring Sachsendorf, Aufsess or Heckenhof.“
pivnizub 4516 days ago
48 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Station of the Aufsesserbrewery circular path. The service was quite lame and the beers of the associated brewery quite common. The have a big beer garden, but it was not too cosy.“
Geiserich 4675 days ago
88 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“Another contender for the best-in-Franconia title. Huge patio area under massive trees absolutely packed with bikies in full leather gear. Only one beer and it’s an amazing dunkel. The cheese platter intended as a snack was big enough for dinner for two. A real hidden gem.“
mullet 4829 days ago
72 /100 IM TAL 70
“Had a great time here on a Saturday evening. Full of hen’s and buck’s day groups getting their certificate for visiting the four local breweries. We made friends with some chicks and kept the guys away for them. Aren’t we nice. Didn’t eat but the beers were good without being standouts, certainly not the best in the area. Lovely beer garden out the back, and nice folks. The area is definitely worth visiting, plenty of breweries about.“
mullet 4829 days ago
62 /100 HECKENHOF 1
“Legendary place in the heart of Franconia once famous as the smallest brewery in Germany (50 hl), led by an old lady called Kathi Meyer nowadays a busy place, popular with bikers, hikers and cyclists, who travel the Fränkische Schweiz (lit. Franconian Switzerland). Two smaller rooms inside, but the main attraction is the patio during the warm season. Can get crowded.......... The only place to sample the superb Kathi-Bier ! P.S. When You are lucky, the owner, Mr. Schmitt, will show You his real ancient brewery (1933), located in a barn-like building next door: brick-covered kettle, open fire, wooden lauter-tun, leather transmission-belts............“
pivnizub 5425 days ago
58 /100 IM TAL 70
“Modern and ample brewpub and hotel in the heart of franconia. There is also a nice patio on the banks of a little creek. Typical franconian dishes can be ordered. Not worth a journey, but all in all quite nice. easily to be combined with a visit of the watering holes in Heckenhof, Sachsendorf, Hochstahl and Breitenlesau !“
pivnizub 5429 days ago
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