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74 /100 AM MAHLBERG 1
“Visited July 2019 with my parents. Placed north of Bamberg. Half an hours drive. Parking just outside the brauhaus. Lots of seatings, friendly service. We had 3 beers on tap. And they had a bock on bottle. Very busy for Sunday lunch. Worth visiting if it's possible..“
Brugmansia 599 days ago
“Restaurant just outside Bad Staffelstein. We stopped at the brewery location first, but there's no taproom there. The Stublanger Lagerbier is on the sticky sweet side, not my favourite. Food seemed nice, but we didn't have any, which was frowned upon by the waitress. An okay place, but hardly our favourite.“
tricksta_p 1047 days ago
76 /100 AM MAHLBERG 1
“Cozy and friendly. Great dunkles lager and a fine heller bock on my visit. You can do this place when you do Hellmuth in Wiesen and or Metzgerbrau in Uetzing. Great experience.“
Dedollewaitor 1138 days ago
“Amazing experience. Butcher shop with a brewery upstairs. Quality beer, lagerbeer and lucky me Heller Bock. World class.“
Dedollewaitor 1138 days ago
“Visited 5.10.17. What a miss! A beautiful setting on top of the hill, magnificent view, right by the Basilica, and there we were, stuck inside the almost bare, small, simple restaurant due to the strong, violent wind. We usually prefer to sit inside, but that's a perfect biergarten/ terrace setting. The beer's really good and we did not have to leave any deposit for the glasses - either because the policy has changed since 3fourths visited there or because we were off-season.“
kerenmk 1220 days ago
68 /100 AM MÜHLTEICH 4
“Visited 5.10.17. Nice place in a small village right by a hiking trail. We arrived there just before lunch and after a few minutes it was filled with senior citizens and day trippers. Beautiful ceramic fireplace. Stayed for one round, beer was good. Service was slow.“
kerenmk 1220 days ago
66 /100 WIESEN 14
“A nicely proportioned pretty typical brewery taphouse with no sense of its place in history, still baffled by the idea that people may come here for something other than sustenance.“
Tim Webb 1396 days ago
“Unique in my lengthy experience. A pork butcher’s that has a brewery upstairs. You drink on the terrace or in the brewhouse, collecting your beer from the basement, along with a plate of whatever pork product takes your fancy - there are about 15 and the Brotzeitl features nine of them. Veggies get cheese.“
Tim Webb 1396 days ago
“Perfectly decent front of house brewpub except that I doubt very much the beer is actually brewed here or that it comes from small kit. Dinkel’s taphouse, 500 metres away on the main highway, is much better.“
Tim Webb 1396 days ago
72 /100 AM MAHLBERG 1
“Just another brewery in Oberfranken, where they have one per 5,000 or so inhabitants. This one is 210 years old so predates the glut that came after affordable refrigeration arrived in the 1860s. If you don’t get the subtlety of its near-perfect session beers, which do not adhere to any particular style or styles, the place may be wasted on you. It treats its guests most politely. Three beers and authentic for its times.“
Tim Webb 1398 days ago
“A posh bistro-restaurant that is effectively the tap for the brewery, which is down in the village. Absurdly inexpensive amber beer that could have been accompanied by decent-looking food. On the Bad-Staffelstein 10brewery hike.“
Tim Webb 1398 days ago
“Four or so beers in a very sleazy place. Nothing to complain about.“
Ritzn 1550 days ago
“Normal restaurant with traditional food and friendly service (made a vegeterian meal, just for me!).“
Ritzn 1550 days ago
“A butcher with homemade everything. Funny Apres Ski music and entertaining pictures and slogans hanging around. A must see!“
Ritzn 1550 days ago
“This place is one of the most memorable places I’ve ever visited, mainly because it really is a butcher shop that brews and sells beers. You go into the butcher shop downstairs, get your beer, and then stand outside or go upstairs where there are some tables between steel tanks. Sadly, we didn’t try any of the great-smelling and great-looking sausages. We were there during Bock time, and both the Bock and the Lager were really good. The whole experience is accompanied by ridiculously stereotypical Après-Ski music. A place you must have seen to believe it, it’s unique!“
SinH4 1557 days ago
“A clean modern place built inside a 60s house (you will see the older design when going to the restrooms). A few of their own beers on tap. We ate there, and the food was quite good as well. However, there was no vegetarian option on the menu - but the staff was nice and gave some options when asked about it. Had a nice time there.“
SinH4 1557 days ago
“Classic Franconian brewpub a bit of a nostalgic interieur. The service is nice and fast. As usual for this area, their beers are quite cheap and the quality is good. A nice place to visit if you have some time off from Bamberg, and there is another brewery with Dinkel just around the corner.“
SinH4 1557 days ago
60 /100 AM MAHLBERG 1
“Quite modern, not really old-fashioned franconian brewery-tap not far from (Bad) Staffelstein; worth a try, but nothing very special.“
pivnizub 1607 days ago
70 /100 AM MAHLBERG 1
“3 drafts. Tasting set 3x0,15cl for just 3 €. New on tap the great session IPA, just 3,7%.“
lberges 1752 days ago
“Score system does not do this place justice. Excellent spot but self service at shop counter queueing with the endless flow of customers for the butchers products detracts from otherwise excellent drinking experience.“
rickyholden 1838 days ago
“Helles & Weizen. Both ok. As additional bonus you have small grocery shop specializing in smoked meats (house made). Great combination)))“
Sokolov 2163 days ago
“2 taps at the time of my visit. Nothing really special, yet on typically high local level of quality.“
Sokolov 2163 days ago
“3 taps in a beautiful place.“
Sokolov 2163 days ago
70 /100 AM MÜHLTEICH 4
“Very nice place - good looking, with small biergarten, great food & tasty beers (4). “
Sokolov 2163 days ago
56 /100 WIESEN 14
“3 dull drafts. Nothing special. Thomann, located in the same village, is far more better.“
Sokolov 2163 days ago
“2 real good drafts in a nice setting. “
Sokolov 2163 days ago
64 /100 AM MAHLBERG 1
“3 drafts. Quite nice.“
Sokolov 2163 days ago
60 /100 AM MÜHLTEICH 4
“At first sight a typical franconian idyll at the foot of the famous Staffelberg: close to the village creek a half-timbered Gasthaus with a patio and a brewhouse next door… Unfortunately the pub is quite an average german Landgasthof, more touristy than cozy and the concrete-dominated patio is pretty shadowless! And the beers? Often good, but not exciting and surely not among the best franconian brews. Nevertheless surely worth a visit!“
pivnizub 2194 days ago
70 /100 WIESEN 14
“Charming place for locals, offering a slightly more modern kitchen than most places (rice and turkey and actual green vegetables on the menu, which is a rarity). While the Marzen was respectable, the Urstoff Hell was one of the better hoppy Kellerbiers around, good enough to warrant a return.“
3fourths 2316 days ago
“Not more than a few doors from Brauerei Hellmuth, it’s kind of remarkable that a town as small as Wiesen offers two breweries, and both of them seem to know what they are doing. The interior was not well lit and seemed dreary but by Franconian standards that’s nothing to mind. Their Lagerbier is lightly amber, malty and dusty and lightly hoppy with fine texture (3.4). It’s not a beer to bring me back, in fact I probably won’t ever visit Thomann again unless I’m in town to drink the wonderful Hellmuth Urstoff Hell available just around the corner.“
3fourths 2316 days ago
70 /100 AM MAHLBERG 1
“One of the brighter places to stop near Bad Staffelstein, the kitchen seems quality, the space is comfortable and open, and the brewer is now experimenting with more western ideas. The Dunkles Landbier was a tad underwhelming, the American Pale Ale astringent and off-balance (which can be excused since it’s really not their thing), though the Heller Bock was a thing of beauty back in 2012. If ever they put on the Räucherla or Weizenbock then I’ll be back for another visit.“
3fourths 2316 days ago
60 /100 AM MÜHLTEICH 4
“We stopped in for a late lunch and found the place busy. Food was traditional Bavarian meat and potatoes and fish, decent but not anything outstanding. Beer quality was lacking, both the Sommer Bier and the Pilsner had problems. The service was slow by Franconian standards and the staff seemed generally disinterested.“
3fourths 2320 days ago
“Stublang definitely has the charm of small town Franconia, but both Hennemann and Dinkel (next door) make faulty beer. On this visit (August 2014) the Hennemann Lagerbier and Dunkles were two of the worst of the entire trip. Sadly there’s no reason for a revisit with so many better options nearby (such as Reichert Metzgerbrau).“
3fourths 2320 days ago
“Located just up the hill from the stunning Basilika Vierzehnheiligen, which dominates the landscape on the drive up, Brauerei Trunk is an underwhelming and somewhat decrepit brewery that struggles to produce clean beer. After having a bad bottle and two equally poor drafts at the source, I have given up hope of finding anything drinkable. Given the location, the taproom receives a lot of tourist visitors and so they charge slightly more for a mug of beer than most Franconian breweries, which is insulting given the poor quality. Lastly, prepare to pay a deposit for your glass, another consequence of the tourist draw.“
3fourths 2320 days ago
“Visited in mai 2014 with my parents. Nice place this one. You order your beers in a little shop, and this place also makes their own sausages and smoked salamies / hams. You can either have your beer in the yard where there are some seatings or you can go upstairs in the brewery, which we did :-). Had 3 of their beers, including the maibock, all in good condition :-). Great place to visit, they do some sandwiches as well. We bought some of their smoked ham to away - very tasty :-). For sure worth a visit when going in this area..“
Brugmansia 2437 days ago
“Big building on the main road through Stublang. Frost on the steps out front that could break your neck. The old locals didn’t care, why should you? Bock, landbier and roggenbier on tap, none of them anything to get excited about or recommend. So it was a quick stop in for a taste and then on to the better option down the street, Metzgerbräu.“
3fourths 2630 days ago
60 /100 FRAUENDORF 11
“Walked around the grounds when they weren’t open, or whatever gasthof they run wasn’t open. The brewer was welcoming and insisted on showing us around and tried his best to communicate in English. Sampling bottles taken from the visit didn’t show any winners, sad to say.“
3fourths 2630 days ago
“A little meat shop in a quaint small town outside of Bad Staffelstein which makes there beers (dunkles lagerbier, heller bock, weissbier). The lager and bock are outstanding, very clean and malt-driven. There’s a small upstairs seating area but otherwise it seems beer is mostly bought for take-away. 1 liter bottles are the norm, they are 2 euro with a 2 euro deposit. Highly recommended if you are a fan of clean melanoidin-rich bockbier and Munich malt-focused Altfrankisch landbier. 4.0-level lager.“
3fourths 2649 days ago
64 /100 WIESEN 14
“Basic franconian pub with quite a large patio in front of the Gasthaus; friendly and attentive service; not so busy as Thomann - which is located very close to the Mainradweg - , but still worth a little detour.“
pivnizub 2676 days ago
“Visited the tiny shop. Friendly butcher/brewer sold me a swing top bottle and some fine sausages. Ideal for a quick stop on a cycling tour around Bad Staffelstein“
bierkoning 2676 days ago
“Around ten years ago the village butcher had the crazy idea, to sell not only ham and sausages in his butcher’s and grocery store, but also to offer his own - brewed in sausage kettles - home-made beer… The beer became rather quickly so popular, that recently a "real" brewhouse had to be erected on the first floor. But - fortunately - the cozy and tiny basement shop is still in function; You can get a good beer there and sample the ham and the home-made sausages ( no good place for vegetarians…). Some tables in the narrow yard underneath the brewery and in front of the Metzgerei serve as "beergarden". An unique place…“
pivnizub 2677 days ago
“We visited this strange place on Thursday 24 of October.. It’s basically a butcher shop with a small brewery upstairs and they are getting a bit bigger .. When we were there they were building up some improvement of the place .. We had 2 lager/Keller beers each .. On tap !! So they have beer on tap !!!!! And a plate of ham salami and cheese ..very cosy and friendly locals people ..!! Worth a visit“
jorge76 2679 days ago
78 /100 AM MÜHLTEICH 4
“Visited this place several times - and love this brauhaus. Always friendly, smiling staff, the food is lovely and the beers are in good condition. The ( retired ) landlord is often around, and always great to have a chat with him :-). The place is always very crowded, think people like to come and have a lovely franconian meal. There is a little beer garden at this brauhaus as well. It´s possible to buy some of their beers in bottles to take away..“
Brugmansia 2936 days ago
“The little shop where they sell the beer (the Dorfladen) is in the basement of a house at the village entry, on the left side. Look out for the bus stop. Very cosy atmosphere, in the late afternoon, the locals come together. and you can try a beer. The brewer is a butcher too, so you get excellent Wurst at the place. “
lberges 2942 days ago
“In front of the village at the road, you cannot miss it. Crowded place, locals and tourists. The make just one beer, that is excellent. Bottles to take out. New design of labels and coaters in 2012.“
lberges 3240 days ago
60 /100 WIESEN 14
“Ordinary village stubl up the hill from Thomann in Wiesen with a few decent beers on offer.“
Beershine 4223 days ago
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