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“Drank their beers and stayed for the night. Solid hotel room, cheap. Good beers, including the Zwickl. Had a quick lunch before taking the bus to Bamberg. Friendly service, not expensive. Good basis for a visit to Bamberg, just 5 kilometers away.“
bierkoning 14 days ago
“Just at the edge of the village. Simple but solid Keller with the local Sonnen beer, poured by Bayerische Anstich in a Steinkrug. Not much choice but the food is good and not too expensive.“
bierkoning 14 days ago
“Two-roomed Gaststube with a very traditional and cozy interior - low ceiling, dark wooden beams, the works. Visited many times this month due to wifi being readily available here, mostly just pensioners and brewery-workers enjoying a quiet beer or two in the afternoons. The Bockbier is on form, very chewy and süffig, at least four other beers (Hell, Pils, Dunkel and Weizen) on tap as well. Just a 10-minute cycle from Bamberg, worth the visit for sure.“
jfb 1379 days ago
“Quaint little place with little outdoor seating. Several locals inside ignored me while I drank my beers. The lady pouring was very kind. You can get 250ml pours. Pilswas superb, dunkel very good. Forget about the legendary zwickl—she told me that it hasn’t been made in years. Orth the short trip from Bamberg, bus 906.“
KyotoLefty 1454 days ago
“Good classics here. All very nice.“
Sokolov 2694 days ago
“Visited december 2009 with my parents. Traditionel german / bavarian brauhaus, not far from Bamberg. Beers served in a ok condition. Seems like a very local pub, but worth visiting if in the area. “
Brugmansia 2776 days ago
“Visited July 2013. Completely different experience to my first visit. The corpulent, disinterested waitperson gave me a bottled beer when I asked for a draught and then overcharged me. She couldn’t have been any more lazy, unhelpful, or inattentive. There were some strange locals in. First visited March 2012. Was here about lunchtime and huge plates of food were being served that looked good. The place was nearly full and the service was a bit slow because of it but still friendly. There are two dining rooms, one with the taps. Not really a beery place but pleasant. The beer was quite good, I had the Lager Hell and Zwickel on tap and Sonnenbock and Dunkel in bottle. The 906 bus runs from the center by way of the Markusplatz and stops across the street.“
madthom8 3259 days ago
“A short visit, very easily done by bus from the Bamberg central bus station. Local and authentic, unlike the more tourist-y places in Bamberg, but friendly and smiling service didn’t follow from that. Disinterested and indeed grumpy. Pretty good, crisp hellesontap.“
Christian 3302 days ago
“A few locals and a really grumpy waitress. No Zwickl.. again :-/. We had a Pils, Weizen and their Jubilaum beer and took the 10 minutes bus ride back to Bamberg.“
Dedollewaitor 3309 days ago
“Simple and archetypal franconian Keller; large trees make You feel sitting in the middle of a deep forest. Friendly franconian service…“
pivnizub 3426 days ago
“Cozy and friendly (read: getting a little shabby, but quite unpretentious), really noticed the ’village’ qualities despite this being a close suburb. Very friendly service and loud patronage (though I didn’t much appreciate the informality of a refused menu and the waitress yelling back into the kitchen to see what was available), to say nothing of the board games. Beers have been hit or miss for me, haven’t had much luck with bottles but the two different times I’ve had them draught, they were superb. Heady compliment: in my ten years of experience in Germany, the most delicious Sauerbraten/Klöße/Rotkohl was eaten here in May 2011.“
ganache 3711 days ago
“Family run Gasthof, with restaurant and rooms, some in the Gasthof, some 200 m away in the Gästehaus, very quiet. Normally two beers on tap (Helles & Zwickl), plus bottled Dunkel (Zunft Trunk), Pils and Weizen. The parents run the Gaststätte and hotel, oldest son is the brewer, younger son is the cook. Both beers and food are consistently of a high quality and very good value for their money. Easily reached by bus or bike from Bamberg.“
TreinJan 3900 days ago
“This is a Zur Sonne Keller with 2-3 draughtbeer and some bottles. Beer is served to 22.00 and is closed if rain. It is a small and simple keller below large trees. Food is served. (Visited June 28th 2011)“
Bryne 4019 days ago
“A nice brewpub and "Gästehaus" in the centre of Bischberg. Mostly local patrons drinking the awesome Hell, Pils or Zwickelbier. Good food and friendly service, but it is an advantage to understand and speak a little German. Limited outdoor seating. (Visited June 27th 2011)“
Bryne 4019 days ago
“amazing family-owned and operated brewery. cozy, warm and sunny interior. draft pils and kellerbier were some of the finest-made franconian lagers I’ve ever had. super-friendly family members were engaging and jovial during our three visits over the course of two days. extremely cheap bottles to-go of amazingly fresh and well-made lager. I need to come back here.“
3fourths 4605 days ago
“Good spot, mostly because I like the beers. Typical Frankenpub vibe, old men in the corner sort of thing. Nice blaue zipfel. The beers are damn fine, though, which is the main attraction for me. They have a couple of accounts in Bamberg’s Innenstadt district if you’re too lazy to pedal the 20 minutes to Bischberg.“
Oakes 4766 days ago
“Nice small, quiet family-run establishment with good service and fun sun-themed swag. Had my first "blaue zipfel" there and liked it a lot. Ate dinner there another time and loved it, they actually serve a nice assortment of vegetables. The homemade cheese spatzl is delicious.“
Beershine 4796 days ago
“Typical franconian village tavern........“
pivnizub 5896 days ago
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