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66 /100 KREUZBERG 2
“Landschaftlich wie kulturgeschichtlich äußerst sehenswert, aber an Feiertagen wie dem 1. Mai hoffnungslos überlaufen mit motorisierten Touristen, die nicht daran denken, für den einzelnen Wanderer zusammenzurücken. (Bei gutem Wetter ist allerdings draußen Platz ohne Ende.) Die Klosterwirtschaft - mit Selbstbedienung - hat den Charme einer Großkantine, die Fleischportionen sind riesig aber schmackhaft (besonders die Ripple), das Bier schwankt in der Qualität - heute fand ich das Dunkle etwas dünn. Trotzdem ein Muß.“
Moravius 1522 days ago
66 /100 KREUZBERG 2
“Touristy place located up in the hills with a great view. I loved their dunkel, to bad they only sell it in the expensive souvenir bottles. I would have bought a couple of cases otherwise. Worth a visit just for the dunkel.“
olsvammel 2505 days ago
70 /100 KREUZBERG 2
“Visited may 2014 with my parents. Huge place, with lots of rooms. Very scenery drive to the place, great beergarden outside, but since it was a rainy day we decided to sit inside :-) . Had 3 of their beers, servd in good condition and with a smile. This place is a bit turisted but still worth going for. Parking close by, and on a sunny day lots of walking areas around. It´s possible both to eat and sleep here, but didn´t do either... Said hallo to their lovely sct. bernard on our way out.. :-) “
Brugmansia 2956 days ago
84 /100 KREUZBERG 2
“The Kloster is beautifully placed at the top of a mountain. Very good beers and an excellent place to go for a walk afterwards. Had it not been a rainy day, I am sure the view from the top of the mountain would have been astonishing.“
MiP 4802 days ago
74 /100 KREUZBERG 2
“This first time I was here was in the end of the 80s. We were on an Army exercise and walked up here. Found this place and got very drunk. I have been here a few times over the years and it is a great place. Best of course in the summer.“
Bierkrug 4906 days ago
58 /100 KREUZBERG 2
“The most north-western corner of franconia hides a well known genuine surviving monastery brewery and presumable the highest beer-garden in Franconia. The Kloster Kreuzberg, below the peak of the 3000foot mountain Kreuzberg, presents the monastery’s stone vaulted inn and a delightful chestnut tree beergarden; a favourite resting place for hikers and beer-lovers. Three beers (Dunkel, Pils, Weizen) are available, plus a Bock in winter. Worth a detour !“
pivnizub 5866 days ago
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