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74 /100
Getränke Haussmann (Beer Store)
“We visited here Friday 27th December 2019 on our way back home after a few days away over Christmas in Lenggries, it was a very miserable rainy day. It's an easy place to find, located on one of the main streets in the town and just past a junction, there is parking outside, not a lot but it is fine enough. I rather liked the slightly ramshackle feel of the place, I don't know if anyone else had noticed but in one of the rooms which leads to the soft drink section there are literally loads of huge ancient radios up high on a shelf around the edge of the room. There is what I would loosely describe as a craft beer area in 2-3 lots of shelving near the cash desk, nothing particularly out of the ordinary and all German. We didn't find the Belgian beers which were listed on their website and we scoured the place looking for them so I suspect that they have fallen by the wayside. As Jonas mentioned there is a good Franconian selection and just a very decent selection really with plenty of smaller producers given shelf space. I liked this place, prices are very good, choice is 400+ according to a sign outside and whilst they didn't speak English (and why should they) the staff were very friendly. Will definitely return as it's on the correct/convenient side of the city for us.“
Fin 427 days ago
62 /100 SONNENSTR 2
“Cozy traditional place. Not much to tick here but I spent a nice evening here. Food seems a little expensive but the servings are large, so ok I guess. Why not?“
Ritzn 801 days ago
82 /100
Getränke Haussmann (Beer Store)
“Wellstocked Getränkemarkt in the eastern boonies of Munich. Three large shelves with craft beers and a large selection of crates from smaller breweries in Bavaria and Franconia. Very friendly owner who was both helpfull and effective.“
jonas 892 days ago
62 /100 SONNENSTR 2
“Fun place to swing by, especially in summer when the Biergarten is open. The availability of the local beer is very hit-and-miss, but they have the full complement of the standard Schönrammer lineup to complement. Ok food.“
jonas 1147 days ago
70 /100 SONNENSTR 2
“Old building that is just a couple of minutes by foot from the Feldkirchen station. They only have one of their own beers on tap (usually a Weizen), but also a nice selection of Schönramers that were served in excellent condition. Food is good and portions are huge. Nice prices as well. Fun place, packed with locals, but not necessarily a place for the ticker.“
SinH4 1282 days ago
58 /100 SONNENSTR 2
“Nice brewpub in Feldkirchen where we stayed for a night on our way south. Nice old building, raw brick walls, wood, copper kedles. Beer garden out back, but we choose to have our dinner inside due to the heavy smoking in the garden. Just 1 House beer on at our visit, a fairly average Weiss, but some beers from Schonramer both on tap and in bottles to make up for it. Our dinner was good, not great, very german and very filling. Service nice and helpfull, but also a bit rushed and slow. Good prices. Visit if in the area.“
Camons 1324 days ago
86 /100
Getränke Haussmann (Beer Store)
“Great craft beer selection and small brewery beer.“
massingasetta 2407 days ago
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