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64 /100
Getränke Altinger (Beer Store)
“We visited here November 2019, we'd done our usual one stopover in Frank at Garching Hochbrücke P&R or was it when we were visiting the place to insure the camper, I forget which, actually it was when stopping in Frank. We were en route to the reasonably sized REWE supermarket up the road, but having seen this I left Loz shopping and nipped back here. It was literally just about to close up (Saturday lunchtime?) but they were kind enough to let me come in and choose some beers. I felt a little bit guilty keeping them from closing so rushed around, I picked a few craftier selections, it was my first visit but as Jonas mentioned it seemed as though the place had recently been refurbished, it was a straightforward and tidy layout and staff were very helpful and willing to help load your vehicle, of course with me just getting 8-10 bottles this was not necessary. So all in all worth popping in, if passing.“
Fin 918 days ago
68 /100
Getränke Altinger (Beer Store)
“Recently refurbished. Good selection of mainly local upper bavarian brews, few seasonals and a handfull craft. Great service if you want crates directly to your car. I pop in from time to time since it is on the way from work, mostly to get daily drinkers.“
jonas 967 days ago
“We visited here Saturday 17th November 2018. We bumped into Stefan who recommended this place for a beer, however we were likely heading here anyhow as there wasn't much else in the town.

It's a nice place, plenty of wood, though where we sat (not far from the bar) was a little dark. There were a few others in here and the food that they had certainly looked good. Beer was good and service swift. Not much else to add other than it was quite easy to find.“
Fin 1195 days ago
68 /100 MÜHLGASSE 48
“My local Biergarten. Nestled away at the edge of town next to a lovely stream and under chestnut trees. You get Hacker beers and Biergarten fare here (they do usually have a lunch special though). Unpretentious, just a place to hang out with your friends in and enjoy the Munich summer.“
jonas 1616 days ago
“Cozy newly renovated Augustiner outlet. All their standard beers, solid food, nice little Biergarten for a quick Maß in the summer.“
jonas 1634 days ago
60 /100 MÜHLGASSE 48
“We came here on 27.5.2017 by bike. A very nice bike tour a long the Isar river, approximately 18 km from the Munich city center. Small but nice beer garden. This place was a water mill until 1970, you still can see the wheel close to the entrance. They have beers from Hacker Pschorr. Not a large selection of food, mainly sausages and 1-2 main meals. Very good quality for a great value.“
Schlenkerla 1860 days ago
“Pretty new standard Augustiner-style place in Garching. Busy with locals all the time. Lots of Augustiner beers, and after 6pm, there’s a wooden barrel. Value is standard for this area. If you happen to be in Garching (for whatever reason) and need a Holzfass fix, this is it. Besides that, it’s not really different from most other Augustiner places, except it’s maybe smaller.“
SinH4 1891 days ago
60 /100
Getränke Altinger (Beer Store)
“Classic German-style Getränkemarkt. Selection of standard Bavarian beer by the crate, but also a continuously changing "Craft" shelf which contains mostly Franconians. Great for me living next to it, not worth a detour for visitors.“
SinH4 2122 days ago