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76 /100 AM BACH 3
“We didn't get to check out the interior, but this brewpub located in the town center has a nice patio inside. The beers are very good, 4 of them on tap. Good service. Certainly worth stopping if you find yourself nearby.“
Iznogud 217 days ago
“Beautiful view out over the town and the surrounding country side. Nice little place. Friedmann's Kellerbier is only available here, on tap, and their pils and weiss in bottles. Worth it for the view.“
KyotoLefty 622 days ago
76 /100 AM BACH 3
“Nice pub with a good garden outside. Beers are excellent, foo also good, service leaves nothing to complain about. Come for the great beer.“
KyotoLefty 635 days ago
58 /100 JAEGERSBERG 16
“Sat in the small roadside garden in the restaurant. HJelles was decent, pils not so great. Service was some young guys who were friendely. Their beer doesn’t touch Lindenbrau, but worth a stop if you have time.“
KyotoLefty 997 days ago
64 /100 JAEGERSBERG 16
“3 taps, with good pils, nice dunkel & fantastic helles.“
Sokolov 1749 days ago
72 /100 AM BACH 3
“Very nice Gasthof. Both inside & outside are comfy. Of 4 their beers on tap 3 were good regional fare, but pils... was something I haven’t tried in a long time - just fantastic! Really that good!“
Sokolov 1749 days ago
“LIght & Dark on tap. Dark is one of the best in entire area. Crowded but nice place.“
Sokolov 1749 days ago
70 /100 JAEGERSBERG 16
“Visited thursday 23rd April .. We arrived here around 9pm And the place was empty so we have been lucky to get our dinner here because for the Franconia standard that’s a very " late dinner " .. Anyway the place is very nice more than the average in my opinion ..even our dishes were delicious but the beer was just ok ..“
jorge76 2208 days ago
80 /100 AM BACH 3
“Gräfenberg, home to Brauerei Gasthof Lindenbräu as well as a few others within walking distance, is reached either by an hour-long train ride or a 30-minute drive north from Nuremberg. The Lindenbräu brewery is one of the few left in Franconia still operating their own malt-house, complete with threshing floor, and they also run their own distillery and bake their own bread. Self-made malt, beer, spirits, and food seem to be the focus at Lindenbräu, and the care put into the production of their beer can be instantly tasted and felt.
The dark Lindenbräu Vollbier is a wondrous graham cracker and honey malt showcase, and the texture is near-perfect: full, frothy, creamy carbonation supported by a filling and thick malt structure.
The Festbier is an equally-stunning Munich malt experience: toasty cereals, rich toffee, chestnut oil and baked pastry lushness with an exceptionally clean character.
The Pils is lean, minerallic, spicy and zesty, with fluffy and pillowy carbonation and a softness that’s rare to find, even in the heartland of soft, creamy lagers.“
3fourths 3070 days ago
74 /100 AM BACH 3
“Very nice traditional Brauereigaststätte in the centre of town. Good simple food, not a full menu except at certain times. Great beers. There is also a small museum. It is quite a climb from Gràfenberg station.“
TreinJan 3436 days ago
68 /100 AM BACH 3
“Modernized brewery-tap in the suburbs of Gräfenberg with a good selection of Lindenbräu-beers. Attractive, but small beergarden next to the tavern, solid food. Worth a visit...........“
pivnizub 5119 days ago
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