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“Visited 06.08.21. Only the biergarten was open. There is plenty of seating. They have several of their own brews on tap. They also do food. Close to the Hirschaid train station, which is less than ten minutes by train for Bamberg. Well worth the journey.“
Holmen2 164 days ago
“Hildegard die Chefin - eine Erlebnis“
LagerStein35 188 days ago
74 /100
Fränky (Beer Store)
“2011 visit. Large market. Pulled 3 plus crates of unrated beers. Cheap on top. Will visit in bock-zeit for another heist.“
Dedollewaitor 1486 days ago
“Spent the night here. Everything alright with the brewery, beers, room... Can’t complain.“
Ritzn 1876 days ago
“We spent a night here during a trip to Franconia. A classic Franconian brewpub. We also had their beers before going to bed on a Saturday night - their beers are, in my opinion, a bit underrated on ratebeer. The son of the owner, who is a brewer, identified us and came to sit and chat. We had a nice experience, and the overnight stay was very reasonably priced.“
SinH4 1883 days ago
66 /100 RINGSTRASSE 46
“Visited April 2016. Pleasant (gemuetlich) Gasthaus. About a dozen locals visitng for lunch and/or a couple of beers. I enjoyed the Hell vom Fass. Worth a visit i.m.o.“
moleha4 2085 days ago
“In the back of house #7, a place for young people - at first sight only. Huppi on tap (vollbier and weißbier), Fässla pils and Rossdfr Urbräu. Service quick and friendly. Prices moderate. We did not try the food.“
lberges 2200 days ago
64 /100 RINGSTRASSE 46
“Place went through some renovation and looks quite modern in comparison to other brewers in this region. Beers are nice.“
Sokolov 2489 days ago
“Nice place with good beers.“
Sokolov 2489 days ago
“We just came to get some beer and weren’t disappointed. One of the brewery workers, who was bottling came back with a sixpack filled with different Kraus beers. I’m sure I’ll be back to try the beers and the food again.“
bierkoning 2646 days ago
56 /100
Fränky (Beer Store)
“Well assorted Getränkemarkt south of the Hirschaid city centre, on a street leading You the next franconian beer paradise of Buttenheim; not mind-blowing, but solid and decent. Worth a visit when You are in the area.“
pivnizub 2807 days ago
“Visited around 6pm on the last Friday of April ’12. Kraus is an easy 5 minute walk from the Hbf. The brewery is on site and is located around the biergarten. The weather was good on our visit so biergarten it was and it quickly filled up with locals during our hour or so here. Beers are obtained, promptly, from a serving hatch on the pub side. All the usual styles on offer includingba decent rausch. One of the brewery workers who had just clocked off came and sat with us and talked beer. Well worth a stop off if youre taking the train between Nurenberg and Bamberg, good atmosphere, decent beer and friendly locals.“
Theydon_Bois 2901 days ago
60 /100
Fränky (Beer Store)
“Small shop typical for what you find in Oberfranken. A few local bottles, a few expired special releases, fresh Simon but not the Spalter I was looking for. If you have to stop at one store in Oberfranken it’s definitely Getränke Kistner in Forchheim.“
3fourths 2956 days ago
70 /100 RINGSTRASSE 46
“Medium-sized brewery in a perfectly cute little Franconian town. Has a gasthof for food and a small "shop" to buy bottles (it’s just the door to the brewhouse). The Hell and the Lagerbier we got in bottles to-go and both were quite good; clean, expressive, flavorful and balanced. Makes me want to re-visit for a longer session and find the Marzen and Rauchbier as well.“
3fourths 2973 days ago
“Visited July 2013. The bar/restaurant inside was closed and everyone was sitting outside in the very pleasant biergarten. The largish, coppery brewery is on show behind windows and it looked like they had brewed on the day as there was some spent grains outside near a tractor, probably waiting for the farmer to show up. While I was there the skies opened up mit donner und blitzen appearing forcing me to move under a marquee. Everything is great about this place except the beer. The Lager and the Hirschentrunk were a strange mixture of diacetyl and DMS that was fairly appalling. I passed on the Pils to try the Hefeweizen; a good choice no doubt as this was typical but quite good.There is a good selection of beer available for takeaway, if you dare.“
madthom8 3052 days ago
“Visited a couple of times with my parents. Large brauhaus, easy to get to and parking within walking distance. Beers served in god condition, friendly staff. They do food as well. We had sausages and apfelstrudel :-).. It is possible to buy bottles to take away.“
Brugmansia 3094 days ago
62 /100 RINGSTRASSE 46
“Visited easter 2010 with by parents. Cosy village brauhaus. Beers are served in good condition, think they do traditionel german food as well, but we didt´n have anything to eat. Friendly staff, a bit reserved, since it seems a very much place where mostly locals come. Parking close by. The lamps outside was made of old brewing stuff, very nice :-)“
Brugmansia 3114 days ago
“a sad place for beer in Franconia, and maybe the poorest beer from any brewery on this trip. the space is nice, very typical for the region. antlers and beer crocs and other masculine things, with lots of pork and potatoes on the menu. it was busy, too, but had a certain Bavaria-redneck feel to it (like an Upper Palpatine pub but without the "drol-lo-lo-lol" accent). I mean, I’m sure I saw a German in here wearing a track suit, and that’s usually only something you see within 20 miles of the Czech border. the beer was AWFUL too. diacetyl and DMS warning. ah, I’m sure they were just having an off-year.“
3fourths 3309 days ago
“We came here for lunchtime after several people met in bamberg suggested the place ... Very nice and traditional , with a true rustic feeling .. The food was very good served in huge portions .. The beers all above the average but not crazy ...“
jorge76 3430 days ago
64 /100
Fränky (Beer Store)
“A short walk from the town centre, past the Holocaust memorial and Schwarzer Bär pub. Decent sized getrankemarkt that offers wide range of national beer brands plus local brews from the likes of Rittmayer, Fischer of Greuth and Krug of Breitenslau. Not worth seeking out on its own, but if you are heading for the Kraus pub, it merits the short detour.“
downender 3459 days ago
“Traditional Brauereigasthof: pub, restaurant with big garden and hotel in the centre of Hirschaid, 5-10 min. walk from the station. Good food, decent beers, some very good.“
TreinJan 3692 days ago
“Big garten on the side of the building. Self serve. Gigantic leberkasebrotla for €1! The beer was great, especially the hopped up lager. Very friendly vibe to the place. Thumbs up. Self-serve, which I like because I waste less time waiting for service that way.“
Oakes 4558 days ago
62 /100 RINGSTRASSE 46
“Medium-sized ordinary casual place. Open courtyard area seems recently remodeled. Self-serve window. Was a bit tricky to find without the GPS because the town has no main street. It’s just downhill from the Rathaus fountain.“
Beershine 4564 days ago
“Large, comfortable, cheerful beer garden amid towering oak trees, right in the center of town. Very nice, could spend all day here. Food specials incredibly cheap like 1 euro lieberkase brotla. Great beers too. Self-serve. A place that deserves more than one visit.“
Beershine 4564 days ago
62 /100
Fränky (Beer Store)
“Solid shop with a solid portfolio, also with beers from the smaller breweries around Hirschaid. Normal German prices. Not worth a detour, but quite OK if you visit Hirschaid.“
bierkoning 4575 days ago
46 /100 RINGSTRASSE 46
“The kitchen closes at 2 pm for lunch service, so we didn’t eat here. 3 beers on tap. A very cozy place with lots of local in the bierstube - the accent of whom was hard to understand.“
Ungstrup 5270 days ago
“A pretty extensive beer menu was available when we visited, 8 house beers were available in all, which is rare in the region. We had the Lagerbier, a classic hoppy and well-built ungespundetes lager, and the Hirschentrunk, a lightly-smoked beer which was indeed very subtle, while still being an entertaining quaff. The white asparagus in hollandaise sauce turned out to be white asparagus with butter, and the accompanying potatoes were standard quality. We lunched and drank in the nicely shaded biergarten behind the Gaststätte. I’d go back if I were to pass through Hirschaid again.“
MartinT 5711 days ago
62 /100 RINGSTRASSE 46
“Quite modern, ample, light village pub in the faceless german "noble-pub"-style; friendly staff, all the beers of their little brewery are sold in bottles !“
pivnizub 5730 days ago
“Greater franconian Gasthof, Biergarten and Hotel. Medium sized, friendly brewery-tap (light wood on the walls, all in all quite modern) with, and that’s the main attraction, a greater beer-garden in the backyard of the brewery. Under a few not too shady trees the Kraus Lager is served in steins, together with some basic franconian food......Good for nice summer evenings!“
pivnizub 5744 days ago
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