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74 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Fine Schnitzel and very good Zwickl. True the dunkel and Weizen were infected when we visited. Very friendly service. Very local yet warming atmosphere. The Zwickl is well worth the visit alone...“
Dedollewaitor 1134 days ago
60 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Nice place, though nothing special. Had a couple of good beers, but also beers badly tainted by diacetyl.“
Christian 1135 days ago
78 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Klassisches fränkisches Brauhaus mit Biergarten. Sehr leckere fränkische frische Hausmannskost!“
DrNosha 1786 days ago
60 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“3 light ones. Typical great Franconian quality.“
Sokolov 2242 days ago
78 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“The Zwickl at Reichold’s brewery was the best tapped beer we had on our tour (out of 8). We visited on Sunday afternoon, the service was very friendly and quick.“
lberges 2454 days ago
70 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Main road center of Hochstahl is the brewery, hotel and restaurant. Only passing through the try the beers at the source, and without eating or staying over, it seems like a charming space to stay if you were in love with their beer, though the stag party beer tourism aspects of the Aufsess area doesn’t appeal to me. The service was okay but the staff seemed disinterested and busy. While I don’t love their beer, and found the dunkel and zwickel and little dull at the time (2.8-3.2), a bottle of the zwickel I found earlier in the year I thought was better (3.5), so they may be inconsistent but capable of making decent Franconian landbier.“
3fourths 2710 days ago
72 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“The biergarten out front in the summer is quite pleasant with its view on the sleepy intersection in the "center" of Hochstahl. Fresh manure wafts go by when the wind is in the right direction... Goes well with the barn views. I found the house brews to be quite good, even if they weren’t too distinctive. Their Lagerbier was excellent in its subtleties and the seasonal Weizen was well balanced and quenching. All in all, yet another very agreeable brewery stop in the brewery-rich region.“
MartinT 3564 days ago
58 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Modern - or modernized - brewery tap in the heart of Franconia. quite O.K., but neither is the Gasthaus very cozy nor are the beers worth a journey..... Good for a short break when You are exploring Sachsendorf, Aufsess or Heckenhof.“
pivnizub 3836 days ago
48 /100 HOCHSTAHL 24
“Station of the Aufsesserbrewery circular path. The service was quite lame and the beers of the associated brewery quite common. The have a big beer garden, but it was not too cosy.“
Geiserich 3995 days ago
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