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“Visited here Saturday 18th September 2021, we walked 18-20kms today and this was near the end of our wanderings and is about 35mins or 3km out of town along the river or road in the Regensburg direction. Btw you can ignore Google Maps and walk along the central island strip out of town as there is a pedestrian staircase up to the new'ish' looking Europa Brücke. The building is on the left as you head out of town, it's a reasonable sized place, pale yellow in colour. We sat outside, there were about 10-12 folk here some locals I guess. Service was a little slow, the female waitress was also serving everyone inside and so was only checking outside sporadically. We had a Weissbier and a Dunkel, both were fine without ever really exciting. The food menu looked good and very reasonably priced and I suspect that this was what was keeping the aforementioned waitress busy as when I nipped inside to use the facilities (the toilets were downstairs and immaculate, looked newly refurbished) the place seemed to have a number of folk sat in eating. I paid and asked if I could buy a bottle of Helles to take away, however we left without it as we were waiting for a very long time for it to turn up.“
Fin 378 days ago
78 /100
Edeka (Grocery Store)
“We visited here Saturday 10th October 2020, it is located across the bridge from the old town, Maximilians Bridge so about 1km but it's easy to find, just off of the roundabout and sits behind the Edeka supermarket. This really is one of the largest and most impressive supermarket Getränkemarkts that I have ever been to. The selection is really impressive, as well as the usual suspects and larger brewery offerings I was really impressed to see that pretty much all of the really small breweries that we'd cycled to along the Donau were also in stock, there was an awful lot of smaller, harder to find breweies and were it not for the fact that my bag limited me to 5-6 bottles I seriously could have had a field day here and got a crate or two of new beers. I was also impressed that they carried the same selection as Schneider Weisse only omitting the Tap X Barrique, but having a paper wrapped special 5 year old Aventinus that the brewery didn't have. Prices were very good, it's logically laid out with the cashier in front as you enter and even a cold room in the corner. Very good and worth popping into if in the vicinity.“
Fin 722 days ago
88 /100 EMIL-OTT-STRAßE 1-5
“We visited here Friday 9th and Saturday 10th October 2020, on the Friday sitting outside in the attractive courtyard biergarten at the rear and on Saturday inside in what is a familiar traditional bavarian bierhalle. The brewery, shop and this restaurant are all next to each other in the centre of town, just on the eastern edge. It's easy to find as it stsnds out and is close to one of the bridges across the Danube. We were stopping in the campervan parking area which was just 500metres away. I found the shop a little bit small and a touch disappointing, however you can get all the core range of beers here plus a plethora of merchandise, however this was one of the few negatives. Staff here were really friendly, really good with COVID-19 rules, regulations and procedures and really good at their job. We never ate here but the menu looked good. Beers were as expected top notch, every beer we had really was great, I love the fact that you can drink the Eisbock and it's only €4.30 for the pleasure of drinking in. The establishment was really lovely, we particularly liked the courtyard biergarten, it was really lovely, mostly paved with a statue or two and beyond the wall a stream. Inside as already described it was really traditional, lot's of wood and plenty of locals. We will definitely return here it's one of the best of the bigger brewery taprooms I've been to in Germany and much better than the one on Tal in München.“
Fin 723 days ago
68 /100 ASAMSTRAßE 32
“We visited here Saturday 10th October 2020, we did a 20km circular walk through woodland either side of the Danube to get here and back to Kelheim. However other options would obviously include driving, though I understand that you have to park 800 metres away, or nicer still would be to catch a boat from Kelheim, though I think that this option is only available from April - October. Just to also point out that if you are walking from Kelheim then the Hall of Liberation is well worth a visit, it's wonderful, in fact putting the beer to one side the Hall of Liberation is a much better place to visit. Regarding the monastery, be aware that if you arrive on the opposite bank to the monastery then you will need to walk a further 800metres to catch the cable ferry across which was really nice and just €1.50. The Kloster occupies a beautiful location on a bend in the Danube with stunning towering rock cliffs and woodland, it's really beautiful. I understand that at this time the church is closed to visitors owing to COVID-19 and so we just had a beer and some soup at the restaurant and bar within the courtyard. Despite the incessant rain today the seating area was mostly covered and overhead heaters provided some warmth. The beer (we had an Asam Bock and a Hefe-Weisse) was excellent, the potato soup was very nice but served in a tiny bowl which really was a little insulating, we had to request for bread to go with it which was an extra and was served, one slice each, with no butter or margarine. The shop across the courtyard and the kiosk to the side of this outside area were both really tacky, however you could pick up beers, glassware and other beer related merchandise from the latter. In conclusion, fabulous beer and location but let down badly with miniscule food portions and tacky money making opportunities elsewhere.“
Fin 724 days ago
82 /100 ASAMSTRAßE 32
“As the previous reviews say the monastery is right on the bank of the Danube. The spacious courtyard has an exit where the ships stop so you can even arrive with a boat. The monastery has a restaurant that has 4 beers (plus they offer 2 radlers) on tap. The food is delicious so as the beers especially the bock. The service is kind and helpful. You can by beers for take away both from the restaurant and the gift shop across the courtyard from the restaurant. Amazing atmosphere, highly recommended, just keep in mind that it closes at 19:00 so make sure you arrive early.“
kapusil 1988 days ago
72 /100 EMIL-OTT-STRAßE 1-5
“En attendant le bateau pour Weltendurger. C’est une brasserie légendaire c’est certain mais je m’explique mal pourquoi aucune des bières étaient en fût la Original.“
Marheb 2905 days ago
72 /100 EMIL-OTT-STRAßE 1-5
“Great restaurant at the brewery with all the beers available. Great food. Brewery tour is nice you get to tab yout oen bottle to age for a couple of monts. Tasting after the tour is ace! Taste al the standard schneider beers.“
SimplySike 3349 days ago
78 /100 ASAMSTRAßE 32
“Perhaps the most memorable and impressive of the many breweries I have visited. This brewery has a fantastic location/setting, cathedral, and chapel. It is also, by some accounts, the world’s oldest monastic brewery. Visited in 2007 and again in 2012. The location is directly on the Danube, in a more rugged area with some cliffs. My visit brought me there by car and a short hike, but there is a passenger ferry from Kelheim that follows the river through a gorge that folks really like. Also, a small cable ferry just upriver. The baroque cathedral is dedicated to St. Michael, and there is an awesome, large, semi-surreal centerpiece on the altar featuring St. Michael slaying a dragon. A short hike up hill takes you to a small but very unusual chapel. These are worth a trip even if there was no brewery or restaurant. Bottles to go are available at the gift shops. The venue has a large shaded courtyard in which the biergarten is located, as well as a number of inside dining/drinking areas. I had an excellent schwarzbier my first visit. Some of the beers and foods (cheeses and meats) are still made on premises or nearby by Benedictine monks. Fabulous!“
chinchill 3625 days ago
78 /100 ASAMSTRAßE 32
“Visited in 2006, but never put in a rating. This is a lovely, historical place, and the beer is very good so it is well worth a trip if you are in the area and have an afternoon to spare. You ride down the Donau in a boat, getting thirstier all the way. I suggest avoiding the boat beers, so you’ll really be knocked out at the abbey. It’s absolutely beautiful and in nice weather, the beer garden is great. Of course the number of beers is limited, but they are darn good.“
KyotoLefty 3775 days ago
“Simple suburban hotel, brewery and Gasthof on the road to Regensburg; one quite cozy and dim taproom, several beers of quite mediocre quality. Pay a visit there, don’t spend Your holidays....“
pivnizub 4343 days ago
82 /100 ASAMSTRAßE 32
“A gem of a site with rich brewing history. There is a lot to do here and my family stayed here for longer than we expected. We coupled this trip with a visit across the Danube to the Hall of Liberation. The view is beautiful, the Danube shows its power flowing around the bend the Kloster sits on. The museum has an English DVD on request and there was a discount when we went (4 Euro for a family of 4). The chapel is beautiful! There is a nature park around back as well. I really enjoyed the meal. My 8 year old who hates traditional German food finished an adult portion of spaghetti too. The place got really crowded around 14:00 with tourists.“
zonmei 4728 days ago
64 /100 ASAMSTRAßE 32
“Scenic location, indeed - beautiful nature and beautiful architecture (Asam Brothers). All in all a must when You are in the Regensburg-Kelheim area. But be careful: it often becomes very noisy and touristy, especially on holidays...........“
pivnizub 4923 days ago
72 /100 ASAMSTRAßE 32
“Scenic location: a brewery in a monastery next to the Danube river - a superb and picturesque location. Next to the brewery and its visitor centre is the Klosterschenke, the official brewery restaurant ( Here you can sit within the walls of this old monastery in the shadow under large trees enjoying the beer brewed just a few steps away. The prices are all right for such a location, the food is well-prepared. I particularly enjoyed the Weltenburger Klosterwurst (sausage made according to an ancient recipe of the monastery). The car park is about 800metres from the monastery, there is a souvenir shop nearby where you can buy the full range of Weltenburg beers, including the ones brewed by Bischofshof in Regensburg.“
Quack-Duck 4923 days ago
“Brewery and restaurant in the suburbs of Kelheim on the through road. Cosy place with friendly staff. However, the prices they charge for single bottles was the highest I’ve ever encountered at a German berwery. One single bottle cost 2€, so I ended up paying 10€ for 5 bottles of beer. Had I bought a full crate of 20 bottles I would have paid the same. A stark contrast to other breweries in the region who charged around 0,39 - 1,00€ per bottle. Anyway, compared to beer prices in other countries this is still acceptable. Worth a visit if you want to try their beer (which I do).“
Quack-Duck 4923 days ago
66 /100 EMIL-OTT-STRAßE 1-5
“Impressive brewery and a fun tour. Before the end we got to bottle our own weisse beers as souvenirs, with instructions to keep them at room temp for a week, then in the fridge for three more. Looking forward to trying that when it’s done. Excellent beers available in the brauhaus included the Aventinus and Eisbock.“
JoeinDahlem 5476 days ago
70 /100 EMIL-OTT-STRAßE 1-5
“Large tradtional bavarian brewery- tavern with several rooms and "halls", reminding You a bit of the Hofbräuhaus of Munich. All in all not so noisy and so touristy; the main attraction is the not too large beer-garden next to a little creek. Friendly service and basic, well prepared typical bavarian food. Worth a detour, when You want to attend the lovely Altmühltal !“
pivnizub 5630 days ago
76 /100 EMIL-OTT-STRAßE 1-5
“This is well worth checking out as the brewery, brauhaus and gift shop are all right next to each other and the small town is a very nice place to walk. The Brauhaus has excellent if simple food and serves not only the Schneider biers which are all fabulous, but a few others as well. Highly recommended.“
fly 6593 days ago
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