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66 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Visited on a very hot day late May. Had the Bernstein bier vom Fass, and a baked potato with salad, sat outside in the shade of the trees at the front of the building.“
moleha4 1315 days ago
80 /100 HOFER STRASSE 20
“Visited September 15, 2016 - The Mönchshof Kellerbier (€3.20 for a 0.5l of 5.4%) is a lovely dark gold unfiltered brew, sweet and malty. Well-accompanied by a salad on a hot sunny September Bavarian afternoon. Next up was the Mönchshof Original, a 4.9% Pilsner that tastes more like a regular Munich helles to me, not a bad thing at all. I have to research the word "Stammwürze", the Kellerbier is listed as 12.4% and the Original 11.6%. Not now, though, I’m too busy with my Cordon Bleu Schnitzel, a thick slab of whatever with an over-toasted battered outside and a super cheesy-tasting inside. I took a pass on the 4.9%/12.4% Stammwürze Schwartzbier this time around. If you are ever in Kulmback, this is a super place to visit. Prost!“
Mooncattie 1929 days ago
72 /100 AM GRÜNDLEIN 5
“Einfache Dorfgaststätte in einem Vorort von Kulmbach, 15 Minuten Fußweg vom Bahnhof. Man sitzt im Hof zwischen Gaststätte, Scheune und Kegelbahn. Auch unter der Woche sehr gut besucht, fast ausschließlich von Einheimischen. Einfaches Publikum, unkomplizierte Bedienung. Sonnenschirme von Kulmbacher, aber keine Sorge: hier gibt es Selbstgebrautes, und zwar weit besseres als nach Lage und Ambiente zu vermuten war. Unbedingt einen Abstecher wert.“
Moravius 1955 days ago
60 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Very nice place with 2 good beers.“
Sokolov 2497 days ago
64 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Visited August 2014. Sat in the biergarten, where a leafy tree shielded me from the rain. The beers were ok, but the schnitzel was very tasty. Waitress did her job well. Fine.“
downender 2571 days ago
60 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Very large, very beautiful building catering to beer tourists, offering a poorly-made Dunkles and an awful Helles. At least the kitchen is open in the early afternoon, where you can find actual salads with fresh vegetables.“
3fourths 2618 days ago
68 /100 HOFER STRASSE 20
“Visited it after our Zoigl Tour 2012, but didn´t go into the museum though :-).. Large brewpub, traditionel deco and very cosy atmosphere, very friendly staff and the beers were well served and in a good condition. They do food as well, traditionel german food, but we only had bretzels ( and they were lovely ) to go with the beer. Outside a large beergarden, and parking very close..“
Brugmansia 3205 days ago
70 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Visited together with my parents, on our Zoigl Tour... The brewpub is a large building, with parking nearby, cosy atmosphere and friendly staff. They do both regular and seasonal beers. There is a beergarden out in the front, they do food as well, tradiionel german dishes, and I would like to go back for that ( and another seasonal beer :-) )“
Brugmansia 3206 days ago
74 /100 HOFER STRASSE 20
“Large Museum on brewing and baking. Contains a glass brewery, which normally brews on wednesday (and sometimes also on friday). The brewmaster will gladly tell you all about it. There are occasional seasonal beers. A glass of Museumsbier and some bread is included in the fee. The museum is in the building of the former Mönchshof brewery, you can take a look at the beautiful old brewing kettles. Next door is the Mönchshof Brauhaus, where you can also drink the museumsbier plus a lot of the Kulmbacher beers. Full restaurant menu. Third is a large Biergarten, no Museumsbier there. My rating is for the museum.“
TreinJan 3698 days ago
74 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Large building, formerly a mill over a branch of the Weisser Main. A lot of people have bought shares, hence the name. Good food and service. Nice outside seating as well. Two good standard beers and monthly seasonals; they start tapping these on the first wednesday of the month and will give every visitor that day a free sample.“
TreinJan 3701 days ago
50 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Not really recommended. Maybe when they have something interesting seasonal beer. (they have a speciality for each month)“
Mantlesorrow 3868 days ago
74 /100 HOFER STRASSE 20
“Fine dishes with the most excellent Kulmbacher beers. Beautiful ambiance, and view to the castle. The museum shows everything you need about beers (history, occupations), and the fresh but unfiltered Museumsbier is a real instant get for once in a lifetime.“
Mantlesorrow 3868 days ago
68 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Not actually a kommunbrau of course but a very nice spot to sit in the afternoon. Right below the castle, with lots of flowers and very pretty. The beers are quite nice and have a lovely unfiltered haze which makes them visually appealing. Had a very nice Mediterranean salad too.“
Beershine 4526 days ago
72 /100 HOFER STRASSE 20
“The garden seems too big for its needs, but I have a feeling they get the occasional tour bus. The food at the cafe was barely passable cafeteria/Syscoesque fare. The service at the cafe was a bit too slick, if you know what I mean. However, the brewer in the museum was genuinely friendly. They have what they claim to be the world’s only glass brewing kettle--which is a delight to see when they are brewing. We were lucky, they were brewing and by the time we walked through the museum the wort was being transferred to the fermentation vessel. Although lonely when we were there it was nice walking around the museum without any crowds. The museum is large and brand new, and absolutely the best brewery museum I have ever been to. What I appreciated most about the museum was the care taken to discuss brewing from a cross-cultural perspective. Also, beer and brewing are discussed within a broader cultural context, which I also appreciate. For example, there were exhibits on bakery and metzgerei which shows how central beer and brewing has been to German history and culture. The carved stammtisch table on display is beaituful. There were excellent exhibits on ancient brewing traditions, several of which detailed Egypt but also showed African sorghum beer brewing and the South American beer fermented by saliva. Excellent displays and exhibits, an extensive collection.“
Beershine 4526 days ago
62 /100 GRÜNWEHR 17
“Obviously a converted mill on the banks of the Weißer Main in Kulmbach. Bare stone walls, rustic furniture and copper kettles in the tap room create a quite cozy atmosphere in this larger two-room Gasthaus. Two rgular beers plus one monthly seasonal are available from the tap. An oasis in the "Kulmbacher" dominated town of - You guessed it - Kulmbach, even though the Kommunbräu brews are only mediocre by franconian standards.“
pivnizub 4641 days ago
76 /100 HOFER STRASSE 20
“The old Moncshof Brewery houses the Bavarian Brauerei Museum (In 1998 Moncshof was sent to be made cross-twon at the EKU brewery). Complete with a bier garten and bier stube, the musum is full of histoirc memorabilia as well as a decent little gift shop. Tours of the musuem run 4.5 euros. The best component of the BBM is the 8hl all glass brewhouse..Both mash tun and brewkettle are built with all glass sides allowing you to witness the processes going on (they typically brew 3 days a week so call ahead if you want to see this process first hand). Fermentation takes place in a glass topped room which also allows you to view the open fermentors below. The bier garten has a view of the beautiful Schloss Plassberg on the hill overlooking town. The museum have plans to add sections for the baking, metzgerei (butcher) and distilling trades. A complete package that would be.“
malzmiller 5322 days ago
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