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86 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“We visited here Saturday 31st July 2021, this was our first stop of a 35km loop cycle ride that was also taking in Goss Brau at Deuerling, Eichhofen at Eichfhofen and Prosselbrau at Adlersberg. This came after a short 8km cycle from our campsite which was in the other river valley over the hill, however whilst a short ride to here it did have a killer hill that went up 111 metres in less than a km, it was brutal. Anyway back to the brewery, getting here is either by car, cycle or kayak/canoe if you are so inclined, but actually there is a railway station so from Regensburg it is possible to do this by public transport, I am not sure of the frequency so it is worth checking out via DB. Laaber is quite an attractive town, some of it is on the hillside other parts by the river. The brewery occupies a part of the town that seems quite central, there is a square nearby, and the brewery has a nice Biergarten which is well shaded and very popular with hikers and cyclists. It seemed that all of the core beers were available. They have rooms available and the main building itself, which I only accessed for the toilet was a nice old building. The food looked really good and many folk were tucking in. I had ordered the beers online recently so I knew that they were good, I had a Pilsner and Loz had a Hefe Weisse, both really good. I really liked this place, it seems like a family run business, the staff really care about everything, prices are great and it is in a really nice area, I would definitely suggest hiking or cycling here, the scenery is lovely.“
Fin 170 days ago
72 /100
Brauerei Plank (Webshop) (Internet-based)
“I have ordered from here quite recently, a week or two ago. I ordered a mixed case with a glass. The website is a little oldschool, quite funny and quaint, there are continual references to World Beer Awards they've won, btw this is all over the packaging on the box as well, but hey why not celebrate your achievements đź‘Ť. Back to the website, once you realise how to click through to the online shop section it's a little bit better. As well as beers they sell mustard and cycling apparel. Prices are good, packaging very decent, I think that they use DHL so delivery was good. Not had them all yet but the beers I've had have been very good.“
Fin 174 days ago
68 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“Visited 3.10.17 in search of their Weizenbock. The restaurant was closed when we got there but there were a few workers around that in my pidgin German I convinced to sell me a few bottles. Place does look really nice.“
kerenmk 1554 days ago
84 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“Numerous awards don’t lie - local beers are awesome! Check the Awards Wall inside. Definite place to go for perfect beer. Just one on draft (perfect Helles) + 8 in bottles.“
Sokolov 2001 days ago
74 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“Visited July 2013. Not easy to find from the rail station without a good map. I sat outside where the biergarten on the main square sits below a medieval castle. One of the brewery workers, when he discovered that I was a beer tourist, enthusiastically showed me their wall of fame, with all the awards they have won at the World Beer Cup, and encouraged me to take photo. I ate the ochsenfleishe, a mixture of ox meat and scrambled eggs that was pretty tasty and good value. You might as well skip the Helles, which isn’t up to much, and concentrate on their weizens. The Hefeweizen was good and the Heller Weizenbock even better.“
madthom8 3049 days ago
88 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“An outstanging little out of the way brewery. next to a castle ruins. Some great food and a must for those in the know in the Oberpfalz. Packed on the weekends. Enjoy. This little brew pub has some of the best beers in Germany and I would say one of the best kept secrets. There is a reason why thier beers are rated so high. More should visit here it is worth it considering the ratings of the beer.“
Bierkrug 3218 days ago
76 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“Traditional Brauereigaststätte in the center of the village. Very good beers, especially the Weizen-biere. Good food as well. The station is not far, but you have to take the ascent back to the station into account if you enjoyed some Weizenbocks!“
TreinJan 3688 days ago
80 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“It’s about the Gasthof, not the brauerei. The Hefeweizen and the Heller Weizenbock are fine, the Helles Lager not.“
Mantlesorrow 3960 days ago
90 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“Must visit place with a veryvery friendly stuff and brewmaster! He shows us everything none the less we had not any appointment fixed. Tasty beers, real bavarian ambience. Fantastic family owned brewery that works 300 years ago (in the property of one family!). Nice. nice, nice and nice! Pay attention on working hours!“
armando629 4086 days ago
76 /100 MARKTPLATZ 1
“Neat little town, neat little restaurant/brewery. Homey feel, relaxing and quiet. Had lunch here while the brewery crew were doing the same thing. Had smoked pork, boiled potatoes, and kraut. Slightly more spices used than your average Bavarian restaurant, and a very fatty/succulent piece of pork. I’m not that fond of Bavarian cuisine in general, but this was nice. And of course those tasty Plank wheat beers.“
Ernest 5112 days ago
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