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66 /100
Tölzer Kasladen (Grocery Store)
“I visited Tölzer Kasladen, Friday 16th May 2019. I have to confess whilst I love cheese shops this was not on my itinerary for the day. However whilst looking up details of a Landshut place (that isn't on here) namely Bierschau Uwe Janssen, they mentioned that if their place was closed then to go to Tölzer Kasladen on Steckengasse as their beers can be found here. *Btw briefly regarding Bierschau Uwe Janssen (Bierschau Brewery) it is only open on selected sales days and if you click on their website it does have their opening hours which amusingly suggests that it is closed every day of the week. Why you would have a shop in town when it is almost always closed is baffling? Tölzer Kasladen as already mentioned is on Steckengasse which is pretty central in town and is one of the link streets that connect the two main shopping thoroughfares 'Aldstadt and Neustadt' (it is closer to the latter btw). The beer selection is not going to be a 'wow' moment, in fact there are probably only twenty or so beers here, however along with about 4 of the Bierschau beers there were 2-3 other smaller producers that I was unfamiliar with as well as a tiny selection of Belgian beers that included St Bernadus 12, Chimay Red, Tripel Karmelite and possibly one or two others that I forget, this I found most interesting as thus far outside of specialist beer shops I had not seen any Belgian Beers in Germany apart from Grimbergen and Leffe. I am not going to suggest that this is a fabulous beery heaven as it isn't, and I wouldn't want other beer nerds to get too excited. However as it stocks one of the towns smaller breweries (and maybe one or two other smaller ones from nearby?) and because it has tiny section of respected Belgian beers then it might be worth sticking your head around the door. Btw the cheese selection was great and the two late middle aged ladies who served me were lovely and with their limited English and my even more limited German we had a good laugh.“
Fin 718 days ago
70 /100
Zollhaus (Bar)
“I visited here Thursday 16th May 2019. As Colin in his review indicates this is very probably acting as the main tap house for the Wittman Brewery which is located smack opposite, less than 200 meters away. This place is to the south west of the centre and sits in the shadow of the railway viaducts.

Its a sort of miss-mash of traditional meets contemporary, plenty of wooden panelling inside, the outside looks quite traditional, it is yellow in colour to the rear there appears to be a Biergarten, though I never explored further. Back to the inside, there appear to be two rooms. you sort of enter by the corner/side of the pub there is a small corridor that leads you into a room with the bar straight ahead, behind you and sort of off to the left is another room. Toilets are beyond the bar down a further corridor.

It was quiet when I arrived, the two barwomen understood my attempts at german and I was served a very nice Weisse. I think that they have just the Wheat and the Helles on tap. The music was traditional Bavarian folk style music. I liked it here, beer good, staff were very pleasant, ok it was quiet but then it was 3.30pm. I would certainly return here again. Btw I think though not 100% sure that it was step free access.“

Fin 723 days ago
72 /100 NEUSTADT 446
“I visited here Thursday 16th May 2019. It is located quite centrally on Neustatdt which is one of the main shopping streets by the look of things. It is in an attractive part of the town with houses around and about in various pastel coloured hues. This place is a earthy brown colour, plenty of windows (I guess the name suggests that it is a hotel as well).

Inside there is a wide corridor, there is some seating in this area, a reception type area is on the left past the first door and some stairs leading upstairs are off to the right hand side. It was fairly quiet on my visit a chap with his young son and a late middle aged lady with her elderly mother were the only others in here. Having queried where I could have just a beer rather than eat I was pointed towards the first room on the left, however these is another room off of here. I looked around and there were huge solid dark beams holding up the ceiling, a coupe of traditional murals adorned the walls, along with the obligatory deers head and plenty of other antlers of smaller deer. One of the murals was of a large jolly type fellow with his dachshund looking up to him. I had the Landshuter Hochzeits Weisse, there was a reasonable section of beers here. Staff were friendly, dressed in traditional clothing, service was quick and prices were reasonable, I liked this place.“

Fin 723 days ago
52 /100
Zollhaus (Bar)
“Visited on 14/07/12. Tap for the Wittman brewery which is just under the railway bridge and towards Landshut Sud DB Station (5 minutes walk from Zollhaus). 2 roomed pub/restaurant with a decent sized beer garde. Was a dull July Saturday afternoon so we opted to stay inside. One other drinker in there and the 50 - something waitress was a bit miserable, almost like the 6 of us were interrupting her readers digest session or the likes! We ordered food, which she also rustled up and I think she warmed to us a little, decent enough bavarian pub fayre. We grabbed a few bottles to take with us on the train. Ok place I guess, we obviously called at a quiet time, hence low ambiance. Not worthy of a trip in it’s own right but if you’re passing and want to hit on your Wittman rates, then a good place to drop by.“
Theydon_Bois 3150 days ago
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