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“Visited Friday morning 24th April .. Well someone else defined this place " spartan " .. Yes the word reflects as the place actually is .. But don’t get wrong this place is spartan, old even dirty but in a good way if you understand what I mean ..we stayed outside in the rear " beer garden " and we really enjoyed their dark land bier which is a nutty , caramel roasted beer .. Come here for the beer and the old fashioned ambience ..“
jorge76 2627 days ago
“1 fantastic draft. Place itself is also a stand-out. Highest recommendations.“
Sokolov 2658 days ago
“Fun countryside place with some legit weirdo cred. Redneck truck stop feel, the inside walls completely covered in brick-a-brack. Plates and post cards and plaques and shit. The locals were fantastic to meet, all spoke English well, many had families in the states that they visited often. They seems to know someone in whatever town we mentioned from back home. Heck of a fun experience. Unfortunately, the beer is an absolute horror! Might be just above a 2.0 for me - completely dirty with everything out of balance. Rough carbonation, acidic malt, jelly and apple juice malt, cleaning solution, flabby texture. You name it. The braumeister is a good dude but I don’t think he can handle the brewhouse anymore. He was friendly on our first try before opening hours, running across the street to grab a bottle for us to take. Fun place. I hope the beer gets better some day.“
3fourths 3314 days ago
“Quite the opposite of typical or spartan; and absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word. Has more of a hippie farmhouse vibe than anything else. The grassy backyard is sprawling, has numerous tables scattered about, some near a creek, others under trees. Has an ancient fussball table and other fun distractions. Highly photogenic. Outdoor seating arrangements mean you can be private or sociable as you please. Even has one table built right into a giant wooden barrel. The interior of the place is in many respects an ordinary stubl, except for the massive instrument collection! It’s a veritable museum of folk instruments and have dozens of accordions and vintage horns. They have exotic instruments like lyres and Asian stringed instruments. They also have electric guitars, stand-up and electric basses. on Friday nights the bar transforms into a lively jam, in which anyone who wants to can join in. An adjoining meeting hall has a stage set up with amps for electric jams. Incredible, like a piece of Ireland in Franconia. They have rooms in case you want to spend the night.“
Beershine 4705 days ago
“Very spartan countryside pub with a large patio; looks a bit like a place in the third world........Not the most beautiful brewpub in Franconia !“
pivnizub 5912 days ago
“Got a free sample of their beer. Hefe weizen from the bottle from Wagner Kemmern also available. Typical Franconia countryside brewpub. It is amazing that these kinds of brewpubs still exist. For how long?? Time will tell.“
bierkoning 5934 days ago
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