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“Świetne miejsce z wyjątkową atmosferą. Bardzo dobre piwo i jedzenie. Obowiązkowy punkt na frankońskim szlaku piwnym.“
beergeekmandes 479 days ago
“We were passing by outside of working hours, but luckily have noticed some cyclists enjoying some beer in their biergarten. Unfortunately the place was not opened as we hoped, however the owner directed us to a beer vending machine where one can get a 2 of their beers in a bottle. We got jugs and the opener from the staff, had our own pate and some bread so biergarten picnic was in order. I'd like to come back for a full experience, but even this was very nice.“
Iznogud 486 days ago
“Picturesque biergarten in a beatiful valley. Nice inside as well. Great service. Only one beer on tap, but a good one.“
ekstedt 868 days ago
“Hervorragendes Essen, geniale Biere, spitzenmäßiger Service und ein extrem gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Beste Gaststätte der Welt!“
bassd.scho 1050 days ago
“The décor in this place is straight out of the 1950s. Visited at noon on a Saturday, with only a couple of pensioners having lunch and some Hessian guys doing a Brauereiwanderung. The bock was on form and the service was welcoming despite admittedly nursing a substantial hangover. Cool time-warp, would have benefitted from a livelier atmosphere though.“
jfb 1165 days ago
36 /100 ELLERTALSTR. 36
“Only bottled beers at quite a substantial markup available. Can get everything at the EDEKA down the street for much less. No real reason to stop by here unless you're a local looking to buy crates of the stuff and support the brewery directly.“
jfb 1168 days ago
“Sat outside on the benches getting bombarded with falling chestnuts on a rather warm October's evening - many locals and cyclists were also enjoying the weather here. The beers (Ungespundet's, Märzen, Dunkles and Bock on tap during my visit) are well-hopped and more bitter than anything else in the area, though not quite as clean as I was expecting. The waitresses are friendly and the prices quite cheap. Not to be missed on a brewery tour of the villages this side of Bamberg.“
jfb 1190 days ago
“A big place - loads of people. We were settings outside in the sun - very good beers. Friendly staff - Quite a local place.“
MrOrla 1326 days ago
“Nice and very busy place, with simple outdoors seating and the usual cosy bierstube. Great schnitzel with potato salad. The beers are very good, the Ungespundet being an absolute favourite“
Christian 1393 days ago
“I have heard a lot about this place, so I had high expectations coming here. They were not disappointed. The beers from tap are in supreme condition, and as others have said, very clean and hoppy. Knoblach brews some of the driest, hoppiest, most mineralic examples of Lager out there. The selection is also comparably large and changes a lot - we were lucky, though, that they still had the Bock on when we were there, and had already bottled the Festbier, so we could try them both. I hear you can also reach it by bus, so if you are in Bamberg and want to visit a brewery in the outskirts, this is the place to aim for!“
SinH4 1525 days ago
60 /100 ELLERTALSTR. 36
“Was lucky to be passing by when they had some kind of local holiday. So instead of buying their stuff in bottles was lucky to have it on tap. All good.“
Sokolov 1649 days ago
“Had a very nice lunch here. Sashliyk was fantastic. Very friendly owner. 2 local brews were in great form.“
Sokolov 1649 days ago
“One pils from gravity barrel + 4 other beers in bottles (tried only weizen, which was decent). Because of rain had to sit inside, which is a pity as local beergarten is quite spacious and looked very comfy & inviting.“
Sokolov 2010 days ago
“One of our favorite place in Franconia and for sure one of the top 3 beers ( U lager ) in the area .. Came here several times already and all the time it’s a must for us .. Plenty of seats outside when good weather you can share the long tables and have a seat on the benches .. Their Ungespundete is simply one of the best lager ever !! This year it’s 500th anniversary of the beer purity law and they will brew a new beer every month .. We had many times our diner here and all is very good with some different choice from the usual pork !!! Great place with great beers !!“
jorge76 2054 days ago
“Very friendly and relaxed Biergarten, with lot of locals, but still welcoming to outsiders. Excellent beers, swift service.“
ekstedt 2382 days ago
“Cozy and very friendly owners and waitors. The beers were good - I had expectations. Easy to reach from Bamberg. One of the better ones in the area!“
Dedollewaitor 2394 days ago
“Nice atmosphere, friendlier than average for here, with good service and four beers on tap, two of which are stellar. Loved it. Good food too. Use bus 907 from Bamberg, then 927 from Memmelsdorf. Easier than it seems.“
KyotoLefty 2499 days ago
“5 excellent brews. Very nice.“
Sokolov 2500 days ago
“Visited in August 2014 after walking from Merkendorf, via Drosendorf. I arrived 10 minutes after opening time, but the garden was already starting to fill up with local pensioners. Service was efficient and the three beers sampled (Dunkel, Lagerbier and Räuschla ) were on good, bitter, form and cheap. Well worth making the effort to visit.“
downender 2574 days ago
“2 different visits in this place , first time November ( or October ) 2013 for the bock event and so just stayed outside with all the rest of the village .. Nice bock and good time .. 2nd time on 9th oct 2014 ... Diner together with Andreas ganstaller and his wife .. I had a pils and 3 Keller ? Which were good both but I went on drinking what Andreas was drinking :)) even the food was good and my friend had a spicy hot chicken that looked very tasty .. Good experience in a typical franconia brewery / restaurant ... 1 big extra are the 2 waitress that they are very good looking .. REVISITED 22nd April .. Just to confirm our feeling ( and Micheal too ) about the ridiculous amount of diacetyl in the beer .. I had already noticed it last year but this time was really too much !“
jorge76 2660 days ago
“Have been here 6+ times because the beer is as clean and hoppy as you will find in Franconia, and the atmosphere a shade or two more convivial than most brewpubs in the region. The supremely quaffable, golden-orange Ungspunds Lagerbier, chock full of glorious Hallertau Tradition, has commendably been found in tip-top shape each time we have visited, which keeps us coming back as it exceeds the bitterness of the world-class Witzgall Landbier and Roppelt Kellerbier. So damn clean and flawlessly brewed! Michael, owner and master brewer in his sixties, can always be found behind the bar in the evening, contently pouring beer for his patrons. He even indulges me when I hand him my stemmed glassware, which I like to bring inside with me when beer hunting in Franconia, instead of using the ubiquitous steinkrugs (nice to see the beer). With a lagerbier being so eminently chuggable (the Dunkler Landbier is also delightful), you tend to find yourself wanting another and another, which has us faithfully clamoring for "one last schnitt" up at the bar after we have been informed of last call. During our last visit, Michael’s wife extended maximum leniency and hospitality toward us after overhearing our server deny us. She not only poured a couple of half-liter glasses for us free of charge, but she also took us outside to the biergarten and lit a candle for us (keep in mind, the brewpub is now closed) and a few minutes later went back inside and brought out one of those ginormous one-liter dimpled mugs to top things off while she retreated to her home on premise. Needles to say, we couldn’t have left happier (or more jacked-up on hops!).“
TAR 2719 days ago
“Visited with my parents. A typicle village brauhaus, not far from Bamberg. Easy to park close by, if in car. Traditionel deco, rather local, but also friendly staff that served the beer with a smile. Beers served in OK condition. They do traditionel franconian food as well. Worth a visit if in the area...“
Brugmansia 2849 days ago
“Visited easter 2012, with my parents. Traditionel franconian brauhaus, very cosy atmosphere, nice deco and friendly staff. We had 4 of their beers, served with a smile and well coditioned. They do traditionel franconian food, cheep and looking good, but we did´t eat at this time.. Very nice, clean and rather spacy brauhaus.“
Brugmansia 2865 days ago
“It wasn’t until my third visit to Knoblach that something special happened. The first time in 2008 I only was able to buy bottles, Dunkles Landbier and the Ungspunds Lagerbier. Neither were very good. The Dunkles I thought malt-forward and bock-like, while the Lagerbier seemed dull. On my second visit I only tried the Räuschla (which is a marzen and not a smoked beer), and that too was underwhelming. So in 2013 after having some favorites show poorly we expanded our options for a few days and happened into Knoblach again. This was the first time having beer from tap and nearly every one of them shined. Both the Dunkles and Ungspunds were hoppy all heck, about as hoppy as you’ll ever find in Franconia. Juicy 4.0+ Bockbier and a solid hefeweizen as well. Friendly family and staff, open late, pfefferhachnen on the menu, killer ceiling art and some of the best beer around. Knoblach is a regular visit from now on.“
3fourths 2967 days ago
70 /100 ELLERTALSTR. 36
“Production facility without a tasting room so they allow you to buy bottles and stand in front of the doorway in a large garage. That’s an okay setup in the summer but on a cold November afternoon it was almost too cold to stand. Reh Pils has caught my attention this trip, I wish I had more time with the most recent batch, or bought more. The extra I brought home was superb.“
3fourths 2967 days ago
“Around noon we come in to try what they have... the Pilsner was on tap while the rest are in the bottle. Friendly and talkative locals at the Stammtisch and an easy going publican, no surly attitudes in attendance. Beer quality decent to good, above average for the region, especially on this trip. The Pilsner is clean, juicy and quaffable (3.5), the smoky and meaty Posthörnla Spezial from the bottle I later opened was amazing (4.0) and the lagerbier at the brewery from bottles was quite good as well (probably 3.5-3.7). Hönig doesn’t seem to make beer that changes your world, but in a region of surprising variability, they may now be a standby for me along with Reh just down the road in Lohndorf.“
3fourths 2969 days ago
“One of the best places we went on this trip, and I think we ended up coming here 3 times in total...twice just for beer and once for dinner as well. Just lovely...the lager and dunkel are stunningly clean and hoppy. Probably the hoppiest (certainly the bitterest) beers in all of Germany. Delightful, smiling waitstaff and the brewer himself poured the beer every night we were there. This is an absolute must-visit, especially if you want eye-opening hop bitterness and clean brews.“
Ernest 2979 days ago
“A bit sweetish Vollbier in a nice Gaststätte. Charming place.“
Bjarte1 2991 days ago
62 /100 ELLERTALSTR. 36
“No pub in action, but they sell beers. We had their excellent bockbier while chatting with customers and employes. Welcoming place!“
Bjarte1 2991 days ago
“"Last pub" in the Ellertal (Schammelsdorf, Lohndorf, Tiefenellern) before You a have to use a road that winds its way up to Huppendorf; simple village Gasthaus, very simple and not too tasty meals, but decent beers. Worth a stop…“
pivnizub 3473 days ago
“Visited March 2012. Mixed feelings here as the food and atmosphere were very good while the beer fell short of expectations. There was a main room with tan wood paneling and furniture, and another smaller room off of it. The service was good as I tasted my way through some of their range. The Ungespundet Lager was metallic, the Dunkles bland, the Fastentrunk Bock sweet, and the Rauschla confusingly (for me anyway) was not a smoke beer but the filtered version of the Lager, and astringent. The best beer was probably the bottled Weis. Worth a visit I guess, not least for the food. The rather infrequent Bus 927 runs from Bamberg and stops across from the brewery in this pretty village.“
madthom8 3595 days ago
“Crowded and busy at night, the whole town seemed to be there for dinner. Only the Vollbier available as that’s the only beer they make. The brewer trained under Andreas when he was at Beck-Brau. Beer quality fairly good. Some english spoken by the welcoming family who runs the place.
November 2013: Decent place with a creamy, yeasty lagerbier. The beer still isn’t "stellar" but it’s not lousy either. Some grumpy stares inside, and an attitude from the server when we only ordered small glasses :) Hölzlein is one of the few Oberfranken breweries with a coolship, but I can’t say I notice any benefit in the beer, maybe its softness, I’m not sure.
November 2014: the vollbier was a diacetyl bomb!“
3fourths 3703 days ago
70 /100
Gasthof Krapp (Restaurant)
“Typical German gasthof setup, community style seating. A few drafts and bottles including beer from the nearby Brauerei Hönig in Tiefenellern. November visit so they had their wonderful bockbier available. “
3fourths 3703 days ago
“Have only 1 beer that is not unpleasant, but missing the "wow!" factor in my opinion. Shnitzel plate is delicious, filling and cheap. Gets really crowded for dinner so arrive sooner or later than rush hour.“
YULbier 3724 days ago
“Amazing family atmosphere at this small countryside brewpub; you feel like you’re walking into a well-worn living room, with kids ordering juice, locals playing cards, and the owner cheerfully making sure everyone is happy. The house beer was quite good, but nothing special for the region the day I visited. The bratkartoffeln with sulze dish more than made up for it though, as did the ambiance. Ah, Franconia...“
MartinT 3822 days ago
“Smashing little countryside brewery not too far from Bamberg by bus (or bike). Very friendly waitress, beautiful setting under huge chestnut trees, overlooking a barn, a tiny church and a few houses. Old locals were slowly walking from every direction as they starting serving people on a weekday afternoon. Their Ungespundetes is a fantastic hoppy quencher and their Dunkel Landbier gorgeous too. One of my favorite Franconian countryside brewery experiences.“
MartinT 3822 days ago
“Visited June 2010. Small, friendly and cozy. 1 beer only which was very good. Didnt try the food! Close to Bamberg. Cheers“
Dedollewaitor 3879 days ago
“We hired pushies in Bamberg and rode out here - wholeheartedly recommended. You can do a bunch of other nearby towns easily too, notably Holzlein just down the road. It isn’t obvious when you’re riding but it’s actually subtly uphill the entire way from Bamberg, but you only realise it when you head back and realise it’s 10x easier. Lagerbier barrel sits on the bar, dispensed by the suitably gruff but efficient landlord. For some reason there’s a bottle of Kaggen Stormaktsporter behind the bar and the guy didn’t know too much about it so if you feel like trying it it might be worth making a trip to sunny Tiefenellern. Anyway the beer’s really good, the beer garden out the back is really lovely and there’s absolutely nothing happening in the entire town. Lovely. Good food. Not sure I’d have liked it quite so much if we were stuck inside with the couple of regulars.“
mullet 4391 days ago
“Typical Frankonian brewpub. Nice place, friendly proprietor. The beer was pretty good, and it was a quiet, pleasant establishment. Cheers!“
Oakes 4569 days ago
“Last stop on our brewery bicycle tour from Bamberg and might have been my favorite. It was Saturday and there was an octogenarian playing in a one-man-band (had guitar, harmonica, and sang through karaoke machine with synth drum tracks) working his way through old favorites like "Take Me Home, Country Roads." The service was very good and I liked the beers. Big biergarten.“
Beershine 4596 days ago
“Small, old-fashioned place in a bit of a run-down town. Service was serious but good. Not exactly a place I’d linger but on the bicycle circuit from Bamberg and worth the stop for the rauchbier from the barrel, it’s a very nice one.“
Beershine 4602 days ago
“Tiny brewery that makes one beer and it’s good. Very friendly. We rode our bikes from Bamberg. It was an amazing ride along the hillside with stunning countryside views and public art installations all along the way. Totally cool, a bike ride I would like to do again and again...“
Beershine 4602 days ago
“Tiny , oldfashioned brewpub in the heart of Franconia with a shdy beer-garden in the backyard. The owner and landlord is very friendly and helpful. If You are lucky, You are allowed to sit at the regular’s table (Stammtisch): the best opportunity for a cheery evening....... Don’t miss it, when travelling Franconia!“
pivnizub 4622 days ago
“Bigger village-pub next door to the "Knoblach-Brauerei" in the tiny village of Schammelsdorf. The nice beer-garden and the good food attract many visitors. A good place to sample the Reh beers from the nearby Ellertal.“
pivnizub 5626 days ago
“A fine, typical franconian Brauerei-Gasthof with a shady (or sunny) beer-garden in front of the whole complex in the center of that tiny village of Schammelsdorf (not Schlammersdorf !!!). The friendly owner will answer Your questions about his excellent Bier. Worth a visit !“
pivnizub 5713 days ago
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