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84 /100 SCHARFSTRAßE 22
“We visited here Tuesday 22nd September 2020 it was about 2/3rds of the way into a 72km cycle ride. I have passed by this place a couple of times before and at the front of the brewery there is a restaurant which has always appeared to be closed, until today I hadn't realised the bar and biergarten were at the rear behind the brewery, there is a road that you can access it from along the side that goes up a slight incline. Also the opening hours might be different, we noticed that it opens 16:00-22:00 Mon to Fri and earlier Sat and Sun from 14:00. It's a nice little find, there is a wooden building on a raised area where you buy your beer and food, there is some seating here and a small biergarten across the yard with a few tables and chairs. We got here shortly after opening and the place started to fill with a few older folk (mostly male) but then a few cyclists and a couple of families also arrived. Beer choice was Kellerbier, Pils and Hefe-Weisse along with Radler and Alcohol Free options of a couple of their beers. I thought that the Kellerbier and Hefe-Weisse were very good and had two of the former. I really like this place, staff were friendly, very understand and patient with my limited German, everybody was really adhering to COVID-19 rules and regulations and it's well located as it's really a town centre biergarten location (albeit a small biergarten). The toilets were on the left side of the bar on the raised section, unfortunately those less physically able may struggle with the steps but other than the odd niggles a really good find and somewhere we will return to frequently I guess.“
Fin 227 days ago
68 /100
REWE Mainburg (Grocery Store)
“We tend to visit here quite frequently, most recently Wednesday 24th March 2020. It is one of the bigger REWE shops near us and has a larger variety of food and drink. It doesn't have a separate Getränkemarkt like some, but the beer section (just off to the right of the tills as you enter) is pretty good. There are the usual suspects but then there is a good focus on regional & local producers so Ziegler from Mainburg have about 5-6 beers in store, Nordbräu from Ingolstadt etc., I picked up their Eisbock from here last weekend. They have a huge selection from Riedenburger, they also have a few craft offerings on a dedicated shelf area and a few Belgian beers are always welcome, Rodenbach Grand Cru is always found here. Okay it's a supermarket so I am not going to suggest that it's amazing, but much like REWE at Zolling I get quite a few rates here. Prices reasonable and for someone not from the area a good chance that you are going to pick up something new.“
Fin 407 days ago
66 /100 SCHARFSTRAßE 22
“Nice & comfy beergarten. 4 local drafts won’t disappoint you either. Helles & Weizen are clear highlights.“
Sokolov 1745 days ago
62 /100 SCHARFSTRAßE 22
“Traditional brewery in Mainburg in the Hallertau, hop-growing area no. 1. There is a little shop on site that offers cold food, all their beers on tap and bottled beers. If you are in the area an want to try their beers this is the place to go to.“
Quack-Duck 4411 days ago
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