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“Restaurant for the Martinsbrau brewery. All 7 their beers were in good form. Decent food & service.“
Sokolov 1362 days ago
“Das Bräustüble ist direkt in der Altstadt. Gemütliches Brauhaus auf 2 Ebenen. 3-4 Fassbiere und 10-12 eigene Flaschenbiere. Tolle günstige fränkische Küche. Da lohnt der Besuch.“
DrNosha 1408 days ago
“This is a review of the Bräustüble, which can be found in M’feld under the adress indicated above (Mitteltorstrasse). Quite cozy, quite "modern" brewery-tap in the centre of Marktheidenfeld with a small patio in front of it. Limited selection, but if You are lucky, some seasonals are available. Friendly service, very tasty food. Worth a try...“
pivnizub 1947 days ago
50 /100
toom-Getränkemarkt (Beer Store)
“Just up the road from Martinsbrau is this getränkemarkt which carries a limited regional and local selection. I was seeing a lot of pilsner, helles, dunkel and weisse and not really any landbier, kellerbier, zwickel or other naturtrüb beers. No surprise, this isn’t Franconia, but I guess I expected something more. I can’t remember with certainty, but I think we walked in, checked everything, then walked out without making a purchase.
3fourths 3150 days ago
“We arrived at the brewery in the middle of a Thursday to find it open but unoccupied. No surprise. Usually at these large breweries you can find a front door and someone willing to sell you a couple of bottles. No doors seemed open, so we walked the grounds and only said hello to a few people sitting around. Bottles were around, sure, but we decided to go next door to the Antik Cafe (unaffiliated) for two of their draft beers and lunch. From these tastes it seems Martinsbrau is not anything to seek out. We only visited because it was along the way, along a traffic detour, and once you’ve arrived, you may as well try something. The dunkel and pils were simple and rough with some off-notes. Bottles can be found just north of the brewery at the Toom Getränkemarkt. So, there’s not really any pub or interior for which I can assign ambiance and selection scores (though I don’t rate with much care for the individual categories here), but you can see their brewery page for what they make, and you can probably buy bottles if you want to, just walk into some of the doors and look for a human being. My score is a quick overview of how much I enjoyed my visit and what the brewery has to offer in some vague judgement of quality and quantity. 60 = don’t expect much, but by all means visit if you are nearby. There’s always something to learn from a brewery visit. But this isn’t a special place where you will want to spend more than 30 minutes (1h 30m if you eat at the cafe nextdoor).“
3fourths 3150 days ago
60 /100
toom-Getränkemarkt (Beer Store)
“Larger drinks-market almost on the banks of the Main river, close to the local Martinsbräu; good selection of local brews ( the whole range of Martinsbräu plus other local " heroes" plus the usual suspects like Würzburger and so on). Recommended!“
pivnizub 3382 days ago
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